Friday, October 1, 2010

Hi! :)

Hey everyone! :) its more or less the same story about how i got introduced to blogging a while back and took a while to know what i actually going to do here. :P so here i am.. finally facing the world, not alone, my canine brother Zorro is going to be with me through this!

        I'm just so excited about starting finally and i can already see so much makeup and whole lot of accessories that i want and i'm going to talk about. :D there will be a whole lot of make up, loads of tips- i never knew any of my nani ma ka & dadi ma ka tips.. so i'll post about what me and my mum have actually learnt through trial and error!! :P, some accessory talks.. fashion and style.. addressing ahem women/ men issues.. :P and lots and pots of random nonsense! :)

        I pledge my commitment to my blog!:P and hope you all stay with me for a good splash of colour and a high dose of drama! :)

        I have got to thank my friend Radhika (of My Weekend Ramblings) who finally got me to do this! i mean I ate her head over this for so long and she just seasoned it for me! and for everything you did. :P Rati & Sanjeev (of IMBB), thank you for letting me write for your blog and gaining confidence in my writing. and Rati, thanks being there throughout!:* in fact, I've found a whole lot of friends on IMBB (Jomol:*:* HD, Deb, Cali, Rima, Poornima, Sree..) and i love you all to bits!! and all of you all.. and i'm sorry if i'm forgetting anyone.. :(

he is the only one who was okay with making an appearance here!:)
          Oh! and most importantly, thank you mumma for helping me pick the name and everything :) and thank you Hursh for only giggling and not throwing snide remarks in my face. :P and also for saying nice things:D and thank you papa for believing in me more than what i do! :)and Zorro, for loving me!!!:*:* and being my blog partner!:D
its like i won an award!:P I said *high dose of Drama*!!!no really?!  what did you expect?!
lastly, i'd really like to hear from all or you.. whatever it is.. suggestions queries or just drop by to say hi. :) it'll make my day!                                                                           


  1. I would buy anything louuuu him :D :D Have been waiting waiting waittttttttinggggg and finalllleeeeeee the ogre has started blogging..loads of hugs hugs hugs and wish you all the very best (yipppeee one more place to throw yellow cans) Andddddddd plllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez...would you take off my name from there or call me Greenie or something..I seem like this ancient aunty :-(( :-(( and ohhh could you pls put Rati didi hehehehheeee

  2. hehehe yeah.. i'll do Rati did and sanjeev bhaiyya! :D:D hehe and thank youuuuu!!!:*:*:* and i wont ever remove the name!!:D:D >:D< i'm so happy!! thank you! essay part 2. :D

  3. don't have to call didi and bhaiyya.And errr. my lovely darling cute friend radhiks... *blink blink"would be nice . :d :d

    I just wish you safe and happy blogging. *giggles* and may you find some big ogre for yourself soon.

    And huggggguuuu rightt....*steals cake from her pocket while hugging ***

  4. Give me some of that cake, Rati..nibble nibble on cake. This ogre no good. She making us seem so old and ancient, and she fraaands with Jolmol too, me no liking. She does bake good cakes though...nibbles on some more cake

  5. :D yay Rai!!:*:* i wont!! i was doing it for Rads! hehe

    i don want ogre anymore Rati!!:( hehe

    no no please stay in my pocket!!! i will feed you more cake! nice ones!

  6. noooooo Rads!!! dont leave!!:(:( i'll feed you more cake! you have a very special place on my pocket, you know na? :D:D

  7. Hmmm... Can you take the pic of the doggy with lipstick, eyeliner and blush? I always wanted to do that to my doggie if I had one :P (sorry Menka Gandhi ji)

  8. hehe the next post actually has it!:P poor thing.. he was irritated to the core!!:P

  9. Gr8!!!!!!! Sooo happy you started your blog!!!!!! ALL THE BEST!!! Will go and read the other posts now

  10. :D awwwwwww HD!!!! :* :*:* thank you!!

  11. Hey Ik aka Ikku,

    Till yesterday, I didn't know you had a blog..well thats me :-(
    So...though late, congrats on the blog and your doggie is adorable..Even I have one(a german shepherd). He loves makeup and sniffs around ma stuff always and is a hardcore fan of TBS..For the smell of course :-P

    Keep up the lovely bubbly blogging and me louuuu you too.

  12. :D:D yayyyy Pornima!! i was about to run behind you with yellow cans for ignoring me!!!:P:P:P hehehe
    zorro doesnt like makeup!:( he hates pictures too!:( such a pain trying to click pictures of his, he knows hes being photographed and he pretends to sleep!:P jerk! hahaha
    what is your german shepherd called??:D:D:D
    :D:D:D:D:D i willll!!! all thanks to Rads!! she made sure i started blogging!:P caus i ate her head with it for looooonnn!!:P hahaha
    >:D<>:D< i am sooo happpyyy yayy!! and you love me!!:D:D:D *loudspeaker*

  13. mastiff or great dane? can`t tell!
    I have a great dane:)

  14. Mastiff!:D Great dane?? whats his/her name??:D


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