Wednesday, March 2, 2011


While shopping at the Inorbit mall, Hyerabad.. I came across the only NewU store in my city..(Okay, apparently there are more, and I haven't seen them).Needless to say I was intrigued....

I ran to check out the *new* and *different* brands it had to offer.

When I saw the much talked about Flormar cosmetics, I was completely disappointed. It looked cheap and old and neglected and dirty.. In some corner..  I really couldn't afford to risk putting something like that on my face..
Now, I'm not saying that the there is something wrong with the brand.. but the state the products were in.. was sad especially since the rest of the store was neat and clean and organized!

Oh and I remember when I inquired about the availability of Flormar, The SA promptly said No. Like she had no clue they were selling this brand at all!!

I dint feel like staying in the store as the SA's weren't well informed, had no clue about a thing- about the products, the prices. zilch nada~!!
I had to do most of the things on my own without any assistance!
Our health and Glow SA's seemed like rocket scientists to me in front of these guys!

Anyway.. I dint get long to brood over it cause my attention was immediately diverted towards the makeup accessories. Here, I was pleasantly surprised. Oh and I got a decent SA to assist me here. who got me a basket and carried it for me. She dint have answers to my questions.. especially since this is a new brand I had a lot of questions. All she kept repeating was "Imported hai ma'am"[This is imported, maám] But she was the most decent SA in the store. Non pushy and not ready to fight!

The brand that dominated the accessories was QVS.. never really heard about it.. but it looked good, with nice packaging and how much damage could a dual (magnifying /normal) mirror, tweezers and concealer brush do?  I picked those up! Quite inexpensive, really! Check ém out below!

Orange- TBS (belong to mum) Brown- QVS (mine)

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the normal mirror

the magnifying mirror

I for got to photograph the tweezer.. which bdw is nice! I had picked up more brushes but decided to just try this for now; since this was my first 'brush with the brand' (lol).
This particular brush doesn't do much for me.

The Cover-up brush I dont remember the price but it was somewhere around Rs 200/ 300. This dint work for me. Only, maybe to apply concealer in the inner corner of my eyes, where it's difficult to go in with my podgy finger and for spot concealing. Can use just the smaller end. The other one is absolutely useless.

The bath gloves I distinctly remember were for Rs 165. and they do a brilliant job. I haven't used my TBS gloves yet, just this for a month now and I love these. they came in 2 colours this and white.

The Mirror Its a hand held mirror. I just love it. Perfect for tweezing my brows and putting makeup.
But I need one of those lit up table ones!
this I got for Rs 350.

The tweezers for around  Rs 200. I will Update the prices soon.

And i'm definitely going to get more tools from QVS.

Their website is a little odd.. dint find much information.. and Their availability is limited to NewU stores..

Now the phone numbers for New U are not even rightly listed with JustDial some strange phone numbers on the website too..!!... Some responsibility guys!!
This is not a rant against JustDial people... I love you guys!:P !!! Oh but considering we're on that topic, Please call me Ikya! like  *EYEKYA*. They call me all different names!

After some research I found out that QVS is a UK drugstore brand and has a pretty good reputation!
I will definitely update this space later for more from the brand.


  1. i saw sooooooo much QVS saaman at hyd airport .... i didnt pick cos i was unsure.. ikkkkkkuu, u shud done this earlier :spankkkk:
    :D :D :D

  2. hawwww!! I dint know till yesterday ki new U is in shamshabad! I'm so sorry! arey come back soonn and we;ll get loads of QVS samaan!!:D:D Just get through Hyd okay??? you applied at Pune also na?

  3. pune is not so hopeful.. hyd am pretty sure :)

  4. Oh I hope you come here soon then!!:D cause I dont really know how long I am here for!:P

  5. I haven't explored QVS at fact I haven't seen it at all here in Mumbai! Ik..I got Siahi !! You were the first person I wanted to tell.
    And I checked out the pencil liner...its Auto-de bleu not Out door blue :) Its a little darker than Siahi and the MUA was wearing Siahi set with this pencil(cos she said she has super oily lids).

  6. Ohhh Godd!!! I think i dint get it on phone!:P:P accent! hehe sorryyyy but YAAAYYYYY I'm so haappy.. today, I wanted to wear siahi and i was thinking of you only!!! HOWWW DID YOU GET IT!?:p its out of stock in hyd! can you believe it?! people dont even wear makeup here and its out of stock here!:P

  7. hawww !!! whyyy... u getting married n running away somewhere ?? :P :P :P

  8. Oh about QVS.. I think you'll only have to go to a New U store and face the torture before you find any QVS!:p

  9. nooooooo I might just runaway without getting married!:P

  10. @Ik- It was pure chance. I happened to go to Andheri Shoppers' Stop to pass time as I had some other work in that area and I spotted a small MAC counter there. Just out of curiosity I asked the MUA if anything was left from Mickey Contractor particular Siahi..and she said a few pieces were left!! I guess the bigger MAC stores in other parts of Mumbai must be sold out but this was a small one in Shoppers' Stop and didn't appear to have a lot of customers. I still wasn't convinced if I should get it or not cos I got a Bourjois pencil in a similar shade. I asked her to keep one for me for a day and today I went with my Bourjois pencil and it was quite a different shade! :) I tried Ivy also but the formula is quite sheer. Siahi looked way better on my eyes!!

  11. OMG!!!!! I'm superr happy for you! hehe quite a story this was.. you know I was very sure that I wanted Ive! By now, you know that my favourite colour!:P but then like you said.. Siahi looked way better.. opaque and not overpowering yet had an edge.. after I Built up the colour oF Ivy, it stood out like no ones business!! like full jhatak! so I gave up on that and got Siahi! I'm waiting for your new looks with siahi!!:*:*

  12. Hi Ikya, thanks a lot buddy, I was searching for QVS everywhere in Hyd, You won't believe when I went to Inorbit, I checked H&G Lifestyle & Shoppers stop, but the only store I skipped was NewU, I thought it was all suna suna sa isliye, I'm glad I read your post :-)

  13. Heyyy Uzma!! you are mossttt welcome! arey since you are from Hyd too.. why dont you just ask me if you have a doubt now on and I'll ask you cause I dont know half the stuff!:P just send me a mail or something.. and I'll do the same.. :)
    lol.. all the unknown stuff you'll find at New U only but then the staff ... :|:|

  14. Oh and accrding to the info I got today, QVS is also the Ashoka Metropolitan, Banjara Hills and the airport at Shamshabad..

  15. :) I'll be doing looks soon. And thanks for getting me all excited about it ;) Wouldn't have bought it otherwise.

  16. I have heard so much abt this QVS brand. But sadly there is no NewU store here in Chennai and it is not even in their upcoming list :(

  17. @ Ankita!! Iam waiting! I was wishing just today that you should've had it.. you would've done some awesome look that I'd try to copy!:P:P
    but yayyy now! I am almost dancing! I mean I know how happy you must be now!:*:*enjoy your siahi and comeup with awesome looks!:D:*

  18. @Maha, really? you heard a lot about this? looks like I was the last to know!:P.. when I go next.. and get more stuff.. I'll try to show you what all the brand has.. if you know anything you want in particular you can let me know and the next time I go, I can pick up something for you? Do you have faces cosmetics in Chennai? cause if ou do.. I love those brushes and the other (makeup) accessories too! loveeee!!!:D you should check that out! is brilliant!

  19. You're so sweet Ik! I'll be doing looks soon :)

  20. hehe thanksss!! you are sweet! and I love your looks! :*:*

  21. Yeah Anamika of wise she had recommended these brushes in the economical range. And that was so sweet of you Ikky thanks a lot :) I'll let you know for sure if I need something :) And yeah we do have faces here. I'll check them for sure :) I was actually planning to get their eyeliner pencil after reading Rati's review. Me super lazy to go all the way to the mall :( So might take some time ;)

  22. Hehe thanks!!! :D I'm getting this a lot today!lol.. feels good. :) If you have faces, I recommend trying it out.. its really nice IMO.
    I'll do a proper review on the QVS brush that I own soon.. its not that this has no flaws whatsoever. its nice.. but it comes with its share of troubles:)
    I have not tried any makeup from faces.. I just have the clips.. the magnifying mirror.. loads of eyeshadow brushes and sharpener and eye mask and stuff:P and I lovee everything from faces!an eyeshadow brush is for Rs 70/80.. so you see its damn nice especially for te price!
    *phew* mini review just happened!:P

  23. And the mini review just added abt 5 things in my to buy list! But considering the price I think it is ok :P *grin*

  24. hehe yess! I totally recommend faces accessories..:) but the brushes shed a little. but supersoft superawesome!:)

  25. hey ikky..QVS is quite famous n a very gud brand for many thgs..all d accesories r quite gud..

  26. you tried stuff from QVS bhumika? you live in mumbai na.. where o you get QVS there?

  27. Ik! I did a look with Siahi. Have a look sometime.

  28. hey Ik... u hv put up really nice piccys.. :)
    i think i shud myself a magnifying mirror too.. !!

  29. Thank you Nupur!!! :*:* get it.. but I haven't been able to use it right!:P just that I like the magnifying mirrors and looking at flaws!:P sadness!:P have a tiny one from faces in my bag always! is awesome!:P:D

  30. Great haul!!! :D
    and i loooovee the new look for the blog :)

  31. heyy.. it was loooonnggg time back!:P thanksss and the blog look..?? its been months since I did this!:P:P

  32. Hey EYEKYA!! :))
    your name i can imagine but keerthi? really? they call me kreethi most of the time!! :/
    annnyway thanks so much for the new U locations, Ive been itching to try flormar(totally know what you mean, it looked so chillar type at the inorbit store! no expiry nothing! other brands were also pretty poorly stocked when i went) anyway, Il check the ashoka mall one out n hope for the best!! the bath gloves look great too, what dyu suggest? me gof ro this one ya tbs? my bath cylinder(im calling it that, its an exfoliating cylindrical loofah) is almost worn out, read doesnt scratch like it used temmee! :)

  33. hehe Kreethi!:P Arey I forgot to update this! Stupid Ashoka metropolitan just had one Subway 3 months ago.. Just a NewU banner!:P I'll update. You know there was one at Tirumalgiri.. But they plucked it off!:P So its just Inorbit mall now! :(

    I say got for TBS. New U is good too.. But TBS is scratchy-er! Gluves are almost always better than the wash clothes? the TBS ones? Look like napkins to me!:P and loofas, IMO!

  34. You too? ok fine, enjoy! ;)
    Whaaat?? seriously sad, dude! i think H&Gs are dominating the hyd beauty scene and kathiawars mustve dhamkaoed them too! annyhu, il peep into ashoka anyway, nothing to lose na, only to gain, a sub minimum(the latest sauces are so deelish na??) but if you go anytime soon lemme know!
    Okk, the scratchier the better na so then TBS it is, price mei there's not much diff the pink one available?? :) :)
    The cylinder was pretty darn good, even for my feet but gloves seem infinitely more comfortable! n change toh banta hai na! :)

  35. haha just pulling your leg!! :P I know right? or was that "seriously sad dude! update your blog!":P?
    I don't like kathiawar much cause its too crowded and parking is a pain!!! H&G SAs are reallly bad! except for very few ones! I haven't eaten out in 3 months!:P Im kind of doing the 'underground' thing these days! :P But I loveee subway!:P If I go, I'll tell you pakka! Might be going to college one of these days to get my certificates!
    Yes get TBS.. No hardly any.. thats for 225 rs or something some 50 rs here there..
    LOL Should be.. they always have pink. I have orange and green!:D hehe absolutely. use the gloves once & you'll be hooked!

  36. Lol noo, neither! it was a "seriously sad" about the new Us being wiped out!! :))
    true, now a few of them know me so they dont pester me like they used to n kathiawar I go more frequently to the Abids one so parking s easy too! crowded yes, but they have everything everytime! n upstairs again everything available so its so convenient! just waiting for them to open up a chocolate counter n i can spend an entire day there!! :))
    aww why underground?? Piiza hut new menu is droolicious dija try?? I cheesed out last weekend, still drooling at the thought!!
    ooh ok temme whats going on with that dumb "mall" now! :)
    Wow! thats great, Il go get..the inorbit one didnt have any bath gloves last time i went! Il try the gvk one first this time :) Even though inorbit is so far I love driving so I love that got so crowded now but earlier it was so awesome I hit my first 100 on that road! *sigh*

  37. haha true, that! :( Kill me, I don't know anything in Abids!:P I just cant go there. Don't know any rasta any galli there!:P I just go to the karkhana h&gs cause they are very near my place! I knowww kathiawar has everything na.. I like to go there when its not as crowded and someone is driving me there!:P Doesn't happen often!
    No I dint! :(:( Lets not talk about food.:( I am fasting today!:P Are Ashoka metropolitan is at such a nice location! wonder why that mall bombed! My office was there.. near the Sakshi tv office.
    Yeah try gvk.. :) I love to drive too! actually I have a phobia and cant stand anyone else driving so I have to drive!:P
    Call them and go na.. You wont have to battle traffic!:D I went to inorbit before it was open to public!!:D:D cause I was doing a case study on space frames that they used there! was such fun! My college is in madhapur so I loveddd going there back then! was so awesome! these days there is no place to move! :( first 100 there ha? I did on some highway.. God knows when!:P

  38. Hahaa dont worry bout it, abids has nothing of interest except kathiawar n a bunch of footwear stores..."good if you know it doesnt matter if you dont" type ;)
    Ooh how come fasting?? I fast on thursdays! :)
    Ya seriously, looked great when it started out but dunno what happened! lets hope they salvage it though! Where did ya work? Rofl!! me too!!! my dad calls me a control freak all the time! :))
    Wow that sounds great, im totally fascinated by architecture, a friend of mine is studying lighing design and its all so interesting! He was all praise for inorbit too :)

  39. aannnddd they have stationary stores! and all the architecture supply stuff! Abids& Narayanguda! thats all I know like go straight from Paradise!:P
    Just like that!:D Felt like it. My mum said it'd be tough cause your not supposed to eat khatta or anything on Friday.. and I eat it alike all the time aavakaya!:P So felt like it!:D
    You fast every Thursday? :O
    This was my first proper fast! :D
    haha na? I worked for this form called Murty&Manyam.. that was training.. :)
    OMG My dad too!!! I dug my nails in his hand!:(:P
    Really? :D its fun!:D:D

  40. Haha that's a good thing to know, just what you'd tell anyone whos asking for directions...straight from paradise! :))
    ooh avakaya yummm! I hope you eat it with pickled onions, thats a combination to die for! *drool*
    yeah, I started fasting 2months ago, its part of a mannat so you gotta do what you gotta do right :)
    Lol! I just smiled and ate my chocolate, which I made him buy me! >:D

  41. haha I don't give directions!!:P:P Wonder where people will reach following my directions!:P
    Eh I never ate avakaya with pickled onions! I want to try! I'm very funny like like I like the plain yellow dal. No tadka, rice and avakaya! Ikya is in heaven!:P

  42. hahaa I went to school by school bus so i know most of the lanes in hyd, secbad however, Im lost without directions! :(
    tryyy the pickled onions thing, you'll be hooked! We have this onion shaped cut onion container so I always stock it in there so I have some when I have the pickle craving! :D
    oooh yumm I havent eaten that combo since I was a tiny tot!!

  43. haha which school? I went to army school rk puram in 11th & 12th.. :D Oh BTW I went to St Francis jr coll for 3 days before that!:P I knew NO Telugu had come from Udhampur and owned no salwar kameez. everyone called me ma and I was getting culture shock! I moved to army school!:P
    I am so giving that a try now you make me want to have it even though I'm not a fan of onions!:P

  44. Its like a gully school Oxfor Grammar School, yeah the name itself is cheesy but they did so much for us, delegates at the childrens film festival and what not! :)
    everyone called you what??
    Haha you'll love me for it im sure :) :)

  45. Oh I know. I read it somewhere. I am pathetic with directions!:P
    ma.. Like the teaches.. will you do this ma..? kinds :P hehe I do alreadddyyy!!!:D

  46. Lol I wish, our teachers were nothing like that, when we were little they'd beat others up and i'd be in a corner somewhere, scared! i hate teachers like that, venting their frustration on little kids :(
    awww see, you ARE the sweetest!! >>:)<<

  47. :D:D Thankkyyyouuuuu!!!!!!mmmwwaaahhh!
    I knoww! I was petrified of teachers even though my mum taught at the same school. There were these teachers that would slap kids.. mainly when I lived in Bathinda and Udhampur.. OM.. They were scary! But they got thrown out of the school. Our schools were against all that.. :D

  48. thats the best thing schools can do really! such teachers are pure torture! :(

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