Friday, August 5, 2011


Haha you saw my title rhymed? :P

MAC MINERALIZE SKINFINISH NATURAL (MSF Natural in short) is a dome of happiness! Dome flattens, happiness goes down! (Its called being directly proportional).
Its not just a compact. It bends compact rules anyway! 

Being a dry skinned girl naturally (Its been odd lately, Yes, I know I ranted enough and you know, But trust me, its dry mainly), I never got to use powders. You know when all my classmates would takeout their compacts and *touch up* their makeup, wear gloss looking into the mirror and apply kajal, I'd stare here and there and just assume the position of my lips and put on gloss! :/
Its like the makeup God heard my silent plea and took me to a beautiful world of mineral makeup. Non-drying powders. :D I'd like to believe that MSF Naturals were created just for me. No, really!
Makeup God said: lets make a non drying, yummy looking powder for the little girl and since she is so used to applying gloss minus the mirror, lets NOT put a mirror in it!

Thank you Makeup God! You truly are the best! But I wish you'd add a mirror to this! Not for me, nooo, no. For the millions of other pretty ladies who find it painful to 'assume' the position of their lips. You've truly blessed me. :D
MSF Natural has no mirror (refer rant above) no puff & THAT is where it stops annoying you! MSF Natural is a cult favourite and there are secrets why. Its a secret dodo. No one knows! It is ~*Magic Dust*~ (*all starry eyed*)
This actually looks so yummy Z wanted to eat it!:P

MAC Cosmetics describes it asA luxurious domed face powder with minerals, slowly baked to provide a dimensional yet natural-matte finish. Provides perfect low coverage. Use to set and fix foundation or as a touch-up throughout the day.

Price: Rs 1480 for 10g.

Shade: I use a Medium Plus which is darker than Medium & lighter than Medium Dark.
All shades go like this: Light<Light Plus<Medium<Medium Plus<Medium Dark<Medium Deep<Dark<Deep Dark.
Coverage: This provides sheer to medium coverage. But more than the coverage, Its this dimension it adds to your skin. It makes skin look healthier. Much better. It wont cover blemishes or other imperfections. I use this on a daily basis. 
My makeup is Concealer<MSF<Kajal<Mascara<Chapstick & sometimes Blush.

I cant tell the difference when I wear this powder. Does my face look different (minus imperfections)? No. But it does something. Like magic dust!It does something. Adds a subtle glow to my face.

  • This gives into my skin-mood swings! Behaves accordingly! :)
  • This DOESN'T break me out.
  • This is EXACTLY the colour of my skin 
  • & thank you God it DOESN'T oxidize on me!
  • EVERY other powder I used made my face flat and dull. Not this.
  • This sets makeup beautifully! It gives it the airbrushed finish that loose powders usually do!
  • Doesn't look powdery at all. (Duh!)
  • Its very light weight in texture.
  • MAC is cruelty free. :D

 I use it with my TBS Nature's Minerals Kabuki brush.
It It picks up enough product in 2 swirls for my entire face!
Texture wise, this is the softest powder I have ever used. I'm talking  about compacts here. Not loose powders. Just look at that! Magic Dust, it is!!
 Can you tell its on my hand? I applied it heavily so something would be seen! But no! This lives up to its name and the finish is extremely natural. This just gives you a 'good skin day' always!
That being said, people with oily skin might not like it as much since it does make skin oily after a few hours (Like 4-5 hours for me). It has been doing that to me lately (with the rain and all). However, It never broke me out!
I don't have the heart to carry it in my bag because I'm scared it'll break and mess my bad up! Mineral makeup is fragile like that! Plus I'll have to take my kabuki brush along. Thankfully for me, I never touch up my makeup!:P 
Only gloss/chapstick/lipstick. But that doesn't count. No?

I think I'll but one before I run out of this! I love it too much!! :D Whats your favourite powder?


  1. Haha fun review !! Iv been dying to get my hands on one of these...!

  2. :D Thank youu! you should get it. You're skin is dry na?

  3. Is this what you used yesterday? I initially wanted to say MSF, but i didn't think you had it so I didn't mention it.

  4. haha I use this everyday.. But yesterdays was blush. I shall post that in the evening!!:D:D

  5. me oily..wen u totally convinced me in2 buying ths u said "not for oilies" bad bad bad :P

  6. haha noo don't give up just yet! Try it out at the store and see for a day. Because its actually nice. But wont work like blot powder and all. :(

  7. I love this. I was actually sold Medium Deep (I'm NC 35-40) and it looked like i had mud on my face. I didn't actually mind it, but my mom would get so upset looking at me {stop using this thing, she would beg} I had to give in and back2mac it. I need one in my life. I love this as a setting powder. Its just perfect. I <3 your watermarks.

  8. Oh I knoww that! I bought the Mineralize foundation in NC42. The kind MUA asked me to get NC 40. But me being me, I got 42 because I wasn't used to having foundation on me anyway. Turns out it is darker than my face and looks like mud. I dint Back to mac it:P
    Get this Shivani. Life is so fuss free and easy with it!!:D
    & Thank youuu!!!:*:* takes a while but is fun to do!:D

  9. Yeah, it oxidized on you, that's why. Most foundations go darker after 10 minutes and stupid MAC MUA's always sell you at least 3 shades darker. I need to buy one soon. I think I'll get your shade, we look about the same coloring {most Indians do, don't they?} :P

  10. haha poor thing was trying to sell me the right one.. This looks darker than my face as it is. And after it oxidizes... OMG! Like I realized that after I got into the car. :P Then laziness took over!:P
    I have a feeling you're lighter. Do try this and Light plus. :D

  11. I like the maaybelline dream matte one, although that is more of a finishing powder!

  12. Never tried that, (I've just seen the mousse from that range here) and now, I wont!:P

  13. Makeup god, pls do something magical for the oily skinned ppl too. In fact some oily skinned gals (read Maha) are well behaved than some dry skinned gals (read Ikky)..

  14. haha what lies! I am nicely behaved and hence he made this for me WITHOUT having to ask!:P HA! In your face Maha!!:P

  15. people with oily skin like mine have to touch up like a maniac any way. this is going on my to buy list now. ur taking pics from ur new cam nowadays? the pics are great!

  16. :D:D Try it for a day before buying!!! :D Yesssshhh... helps that some supersweet people(read you) say nice things about pictures & encourage!!:*:*

  17. HAHA this is such a fun post! I always wanted to try MSFN, but when I'm in the mac store I get distracted by the new collections :( that comes out like every other week. I should really try this out since it sounds promising :D Thanks for sharing! xx

  18. :D Thank you Amy!! :) So true! Happens to all of us! Do give this a swirl. :)

  19.'re totally totally in love with this, and probably making a few others feel the same :)

    I just wrote a post (blogger not showing it yet :( about suggestions for foundations.. this one's a compact though but I already include in my suggestion list :)

    btw, I wrote a loooong reply to your comment on my shopper's stop post :)

  20. haha yesss!!! So in love! Its true lovvveee!!:D
    Ohh will see.... yeah blogger dint show.. Your page is still open! Let me refresh!!:P

  21. Makeup god, see Ikky has proved me right. So now pls send me my gift soon.
    Ikky, wait till god hears me out :P

  22. :S Whhhaaattttt noooo!!!! Hmph! Arey on a serious note, Do try it out at the store. But specifically try studio fix (powder foundation) & blot powder. Heard great things about it. :D

  23. Sure thing. I am happy that my face is clear now and will be trying new things :D Will keep you posted on how it goes :)

  24. I'm so excited! Maha you must get a blush!! I'm telling you. Get just one, You wont ever finish it! I'm already so excited!!:D:D eeeeeeeeeeeeekkk

  25. :D awesomeness. We'll start when you say go!

  26. Your reviews are always so much fun :D I am kind of wary of the MSF tendency to make skin oily, so I've never tried these.

  27. Thank you!!! You totally made my day! :D Do give it a try once at the store.. :)

  28. I had always thot this wud be my 1st MAC purchase..hope it happens soon..!!
    waiting to get a job for my shopping list ;)
    fab review !

  29. I know yaar.. I want a proper paying job too.. But the comfort of freelancing is just not there!!!:/ WhatdoIdooo???

  30. *sob* I tend to get oilier than a frying pan. Really wanted to try this because of all the raves. Now I gotta sit on my hands and wait for the makeup Gods to listen to my plea for a non oxidizing, oily-acne prone skin friendly mineral product!

  31. haha yesss!! Did you try the blot powder & studio fix?

  32. I have the studio fix one, but wanted to try out a mineral product. Havn't tried out the blot powder yet!

  33. I used to think most of these make skin oily. Try this then and see. Try TBS also. Very big on mineral makeup they are na. :)

  34. I've been wanting to try this powder forever! This review makes me want to even more!>_<

  35. You totally should!!:) Its brilliant! :D

  36. I got it in light plus p! Can't blame the salesgirl (whatever she's called), the lighting was soooo bright!!! Love it though. Will use it up, it's quit sheer and blends well. The next time I repurchase, I'm gonna get medium plus. GREAT REVIEW! Thanks! <3


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