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Yesterday I asked you all to guess what was wearing in the FOTD, remember? Well heres the scoop.

I started off with obsessing over Aria Montgomery's (Lucy Hale's) makeup in Pretty Little Liars. I like the subtle smokey eyes, the strong eyebrows and a berry lip she dons!
I've been trying to do something like that for sometime now! But it always looks odd because I have very scanty eyebrows otherwise:P
Plus my hair is VERY straight. I tried curling it and it fell flat in 5 minutes! :/
This was the third time I tried this look and I still think it is nowhere similar. This is my version of it. I'm definitely more comfortable this way and I'll go all out next time and try to do this exactly!
Ugghhh i just watched the new episode of PLL... What did I do?!!! I have half a mind to delete this but I'll just put it up anyway! OK No jokes at my expense!:P Please!!!

This is my coloured version of it-
I dint have another picture with my eyes open!:P

See, Anshita, My lips are flaky!:P
So for the winners, *drum rolls*
[You were all partially correct BTW :P I'm good! I'll do this every week!! :D Like Guess Wednesday!~ Fun for people undergoing midweek crisis! =P or something:P]

Poohkie (You are so darn LUCKY!)\
Ankita (You were the closest) :)
Appu (Its good to follow me on twitter. :P Learn from her people who don't)!
Shivani (Helps having all the blushes MAC manufactures:P)
Laiqah (You're wild guess was bang on!) :D

So the blush is MAC Melba (With a teeeny tiny help from MAC Frankly Scarlet)
Lipsticks were MAC Cosmo + MAC Brick-O-La (mixed them together)
Brick-O-La & Cosmo
& The eyeshadows were totally wild! I don't own any proper eyehadow. So this was all created/mismatched. :P
I dusted my eyelids with MAC MSF Natural after priming them with MAC Rubenesque Paintpot (Click for Review)
I used the darkest brown from the Maybelline Chai Latte Quad in the outer corner and brought it i the crease.
Clinique Mascara
Tight-lined with Revlon Kohl & Dust the same dark brown on the lower lash line. In the inner corners I used the highlight shade from the Chai Latte quad.
Filled in my brows with the dark brown.

You Like?

Disclosure: I DO NOT recommend you buy anything from any company that tests on animals. I know Maybelline does. Not being a hypocrite here. I have had the quad for a long time and will use it at my will. I wont however buy from them till go cruelty free. Please read the full disclosure if you must.



  1. Your face is glowing! And those lips!!
    Ikky ji (note the respect), can you pls tell me your beauty ecret so that i can look half as pretty as you..

  2. hahah yes love, I will. Its called highlighter.

  3. I know Ikky is never modest, so this has to be a lie :P Seriously, you look like a doll! touchwood.

  4. hahaha nooooo!!! don't saayy that!:P:S:S I get uneasy when complimented. I should put more dorky pictures:P and YOUUU are verryyyy sweeet!!!mmmwah!

  5. OMG!!! u r so prettyyy likes!! a lot!i ahuled yesterday btw....mac all the way..:D :D

  6. haha.. I will put up dorky comments then :P

  7. OMGGGG Shivanniiiii NOOOO!!! You did not just say thattt!!! I want to tooo now!!!:P
    and Thankiiieeee!!:D mwah!

    Maha.. yes.. it'll be our story after that!:P

  8. First of all..ur so damn pretty!
    secondly from one animal lover to another-have u seen this?

  9. First of all..ur so damn sweet!! &Thank youu!!
    secondly from one animal lover to another- yes! I posted this link in my Splurge vs Save post and its there to the left of this page with the bunny on it.. :)

  10. the list is so frustrating, and the sadder part is-most of the companies that dont test on animals are NOT available here!!

  11. I know ya,, that is true!
    Concentrate on MAC, The Body Shop, Revlon, Avon & Oriflame. These DON'T AT ALL and are easily available here. :) I wish there was more drugstore too.. Revlon with everything over Rs700 isn't exactly drugstore-ly priced!

  12. again, you got me less hooked on to the post and more on the photos :) (nope, i m not a bi :) but i think one should always admire beauty )

  13. hahah youu are not bi! You are extremely sweet!!! :D Thank you soooooo muchh!! Mwah!

  14. You look so cute! I'm loving the blush as well as the lips :D.. Gorg :D

  15. :D Thank you so much Tanveer!!! You're too sweet! :)

  16. ooo...U look awesomee ikky...!! d 2nd pic is like a newly wed bride..all shy..! nazre jukake sharmake :D :D

  17. haha like the first picture is awkward smile!:P Thankkk you Bhumika!!!:D:D
    Not bride, No,nno. :P

  18. u make me smile ALWAYS!
    and no ur lips r verry prettty yaar. cosmo haan..may be dat wud b my first ever mac lippie. whr r u from btw?

  19. OMG!!! That is the best thing I heard today!:D
    Cosmo was my first MAC lipstick too! Looks fab on everybody!!:)
    Dad is Telugu, Mum is Marathi.. I was born and brought up all over the country being an Army kid.. Lately, Hyderabadi! :)

  20. hehe this look suits you so much girly! xx

  21. I can't get over how gorgeous you look here- all glowing and radiant!!! I wanted to guess Cosmo but didn't somehow :( You know I told u all the time Cosmo *might* be my first lippie from MAC, last 2 trips I've been so drawn to Brick-o-la :P :P

  22. Gorgeous! You look flawless:-) xoxo

  23. u r so pretty. :* :*

  24. Hmmm.....that was quite a break down of your look...but whatever it is, your skin is fab sweetie..Which is why it rflects in the pics:-))

  25. I would've been terrible at guessing, thats why didnt try. You look gorgeous Ikky! I love that lipcolor on you :)

  26. What glowy skin you have!! Stunning!!

    And yes, what luck. But I bet that it won't last & I'll get it wrong on your next edition.

  27. Such diversity... you are Cosmo in the true sense Ik!!
    give me a hi5! I'm also hooked on to Pretty Little Liars!! What other series do you watch?

  28. Nicola,:D Thank youuu

    Ankita, :D Thankkk youuuu haha You would have WONNN it then!:P yeah you did.. I know.. your love for berry lately must have drawn you to Brick-O-La.. :)

    Bon Bon, Thank you hun!!:D

    Kuheli, Thankyouuuuu!!:*:*

    Poorni!!! :D:D Thankyouuu nooo not that great.. really.. its foundation an all I've put!:D

    Laksh, haha you would nottt!!! spoilsport!:P Thankyouuuu:*

    Poohkie, :D It the foundation + Highlighter, believe me!!! :D haha noooo I wont let it happen. I'll mail you before hand!:P

    Nivedita, Really??:D OMGGG Thankkss a tonnnee!!!!! You are so sweeetttt!!mwah!
    Hi5!!! LOVE PLL!!Right now, nothing else. :( waiting for vampire diaries. it started kya?

  29. hey nice blog.. following u now :)

  30. you put it up!!! You're such a fusspot and im such a genius!! Its gorgeous!! A stronger brow and its spot on!! I dunno what you were going on about! :))
    touchwood in advance, your skin looks fab! n the lip colour, better than awesome!! n wth s going on with that glow, how do i get some of that action?? :((

  31. Keerthi!! No yyaaaaaaa I did a stronger brow!:P But I freaked myself out! I have actually darkened my rows here also. Very scanty otherwise!:P:(
    :D:D:D Highlighter is the solution my love! I own supremely chillar highlighter and it works!:P

    Tanvi, Its the makeup!!! Trust me!!:D But thank you :*

  32. nah... *sulk* , its not started yet, but True Blood is back again!!!

  33. stupidityy only! they have started shooting but!:P I don't watch true blood:P

  34. WHoa u luk super adorable Ikku <3 And I don think i can ever use highlighters to my advantage.checked out the colorbar illuminator pen but found it too shimmery :|

  35. Eh noooo anyone can use highlighters!! I use streetwear highlighter.. works!:D
    and Thankkkyouu Shweta!!!:*:*

  36. OMG YOUR FACE IS ABSOLUTELY PERFECT. WOW! I love everything!! The blush, the eyes, the lips!

  37. hahah Sonia!!! You are just too sweet!!!:D
    Thank youu!:*

  38. omg...such a b'utiful gurl u r...i luv ur skin.. :)

  39. You're too kind Kanika! :) Its the makeup!:P

  40. you are looking so damn pretty babes .... hot as ever and your eyes are glowing with all the naughtiness you have in background .......
    i hope you understand ...

    you looking uber lovely here :D :D

  41. and hey is this is the new cam pics ???
    sorry but seriously they are so CRISP ....
    loved each and every pic

  42. haha thank you Rashmi!! haha that is a picture of my parents!!!:P:P I love ti so much, stole it!! haha
    yes new camera pictures. :D Still tying to figure it out! Thank youuu Rashmi!!!:*:* You always make me smile!:D

  43. Dont get me started about scanty, yours dont look the least bit scanty lady, mine they stop before they've started! :((
    chillar is my favourite word..especially when the results are this good! Let me in on it!!! :) :)

  44. even though I "moderated" this comment long back I saw it now!:P
    Yeah is mine too!!! so Hyderabadi!:P
    I swear it's the highlighter some really weird streetwear highlighter. :P But I want a nice one soon!:P


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