Saturday, August 6, 2011


What do you really do when attacked by a bout of zits?
I know we all have our ways (some effective, some not so effective) ways to shoo them away!
I unleash the ogre in me to scare them idiots away!! ha ha

Himalaya Neem face pack is primarily for pimple prone skin.
Now my skin is went through a rough patch last year and I got everything (I spotted) that claimed to get rid of acne!
Of course I never repurchased 90% of those things.
One of few things that I did repurchase though was this neem face pack.

Price Rs 170 for 200grams of the product. Pretty reasonable. 
Shelf life: 3 years.

The tube says: For pimple prone skin
                       Neem. Turmeric
                       Clears skin. prevents outbreak & recurrence of pimples.
Antibacterial, purifying  Neem Face Pack regulates excess oil secretion, cleans clogged pores and prevents recurrence of pimples. Improves skin texture and imparts a natural glow.
Neem, well known for its antibacterial properties, helps in controlling acne and pimples, and their recurrence. Further when combined with Turmeric, it effectively eliminates acne causing bacteria. Fuller's Earth soothes and cools skin.

Directions are pretty standard: Apply evenly on cleansed face & neck. Avoid the eye area. Allow to dry for 10-15 minutes. Remove with wet sponge & wash the skin with cool water.

If required, follow up with moisturizer (Himalaya:P)
May cause some tingling sensation due to herbal active ingredients, which is normal.
Each gram contains: Pdrs. (Powders?) Nimba 100mg (lemon, I assume), Panka 40mg, Ext. Haridra 20 mgg
The tube makes it hygienic.
This product has effectively helped my pimples run away like no other. I mean I have used other nice face packs too. But this one wins because it works really fast!
Whenever I feel I'm going to get a pimple (Your pimple wont come unannounced no? It gives signals.) I immediately put this on and the bloody pimple never surfaces! mu ha ha.
My face glows after.
Cleans skin very well.
What I do is I apply<Wait for it to dry< Once it dries, I wet my face< Scrub it off my face.

We're advised to apply face pack after scrubbing right? Not this. Will kill you

This dries up pimples. The earlier you use it, better it works. This holds true for a lot of products. But this, I know works for a lot of people. I haven't heard a single bad review of this from anybody! This is something that actually works!

Well like nobody is perfect.. err nothing.. This has some issues. Rather people have different issues with it, for example,
The smell. :| It has a VERY STRONG herbal smell. NOT for people with sensitive noses. 
It doesn't tingle your skin. It burns. Like its on fire.
Its one of the messiest face packs around. But the rest don't work half as well!
You see those particles? They scrub really well!
My skin is left dry after I get this off. But nothing that cant be taken care of with some moisturizer.
But what the heck.. You suck it up and get used to it after you see the results. It is brilliant!
Super love! Will buy it forever to scare the sh*t out of pimples! :D

PS: Super tip- If you feel a zit is about to surface or something when you're out, Just dab some sanitizer on the spot. It'll kill the bacteria and wont let the pimple surface 90% of times! :) 
Super tip 2. Carry sanitizer in your bag at all times! :D 
I absolutely LOVE the Himalaya sanitizer for that & no, neither did I get it for free nor am I being paid to say so. :)


  1. The color is a bit of a turn off but this sounds great for my oily skin.And thanks for the great tip. Must try it.
    my latest post:

  2. LOL Yeah. But it works so cant complain! :) Hope you like it!

  3. I used it today only :D :D
    I swear by this face pack,yes you have to go into hibernation when using it..but IT works !
    I use it as a spot treatment when I am lazy and it works that way too :))

  4. I really like this FP too! But it dries out my skin horribly so I use it only on the zits as a spot treatment ;D

  5. :-O it's burns? Does it leave your skin red afterwards? It sounds rather good, wish I could get it in the Uk x

  6. i hv like 2 tubes of it in stock!
    i've d super sensitive+acne prone+oily skin...but it doesnt stings me...not evn an iota..but it stings other people too...mysteryy mysteryyy :P

  7. what are you saying.. i dint know this was good.. yaar my to buy list just gets longer and longer because of your blog..
    love that little green thing that u'v drawn. :)

  8. If it ws day time, I would run and purchase this right now :P Will hv to wait till tomorrow morning! Thanks for the tips :) I have a few monsters trying to surface :\

  9. Ritika, Oh LOL me too at times when I'm lazy!:P
    Tanveer Yesss me too!:P Mainly because getting it off is quite painful!:P
    Nicola, Not my skin.. My skin is not too sensitive.. Try looking for it at some Indian store. There are plenty of them in UK. :) I'll see if the company ships there and let you know!
    Anshita, Whhhaaatttt?! Maybe because it is for people with super sensitive skin and stings everyones whose is not!:P Like the God of skincare!:P
    Ginger, it is reallt nice! Try the small tube ya.. I'm sure it'll work! haha I hope all this works for you but!:P :)

  10. Ankita, Oh yes get it! You'll love it!!
    Put sanitizer IMMEDIATELY! :D Do you have Himalaya sanitizer? It has alcohol. Very strong like that.. Works the best!

  11. Cheee.. datty pics :P But I am ready to try the ogre's way .. buhaha..

    Preen alert! I got a MAC lipglass pink poodle, Revlon kohl, and loads of stuff from the Shoppers stop sale and TBS sale that I got guilty and stopped getting things that I lusted for :(

  12. OMG! I hate you! You are so reviewing Pink Poodle on my blog!:P Compensate! AND post a picture of your haul!!! :D aiyyooo.. Its OK get more next month!!!:D You got so much already bum. Whyyyy dint you wait for like 1 week? Bum Surf Baby collection is coming out na!:P

  13. Oh I have been out of makeup blogs for quite some time na.. Didnt know abt the collection.. boohoo..

    And will review Pink Poodle for sure but dont hate my photos coz I dont have a camera. Have to take pics with my mobile :( And the erst of the haul was just apparel shopping and the usual bath and hair stuff from TBS so let me save you all by not putting up crappy pics :P

  14. hehe no issues!!! Mailed youuu!!

  15. Hey I just saw teh super tip! Thankooo :* :*

  16. Try the barbie sanitizer, smells amaazing! none of the strong turn off-ish smells of these other sanitizers! n its PINK!! :D
    Sounds like a magic product, this..Im sequentially exploring himalaya packs, on the fruit pack right now n a week overdue on my scrub pack routine..aaaagh!

  17. Maha me tooo!!:* Oh I'm a genius like that. Zu is welcome love!!:D
    Keerthi :O ahaha you really make me want to get it!!
    what scrub pack? I dunno!!!:O:O Gimme!!! O and Himalaya sanitizer is pretty strong but nothing works like this on pimples!:P the Apollo kind..

  18. I loved this mask when I was at home, but for the weather here somehow I find this mask harsh. I found a nice alternative though, dead sea mud :)

  19. I feel it is pretty harsh!:P Dead sea mud sounds really nice but this s for rs 175! ha! :P

  20. Even I have dis HUGE its so messy now :/
    urs is so cleaner..
    I liked dis did not burn me or dry my skin or anything..actually have not used from a long time..will find it n use :p

  21. This one is my savior, friend, everything skin related!!! In spite of the cons, I simply wont do without it because nothing worked on me like this one

  22. Wooow Ikku!!

    Cant believe that i havent read much of your posts in a looooooong time!! I came back on your blog after a while and BAM!! its look is all different...Fathima Likey!!

    I love your adorable way of adding captions to ur pics!!

    Nd this face mask looks intriguing.I am starting to get pimples these days..I am getting my first pimples when i am 17!! never had it before!! I think i might need to get one of this because my other pimple remedy is popping it as i cant stand to see it in its "pink" form.

  23. I get DSM from an ebay seller in Israel, its $5 for 200g including shipping, so thats not too expensive and good substitue, since I cant get my hands on this anyway :). But I do think that I would be happy with this neem mask once I'm back in India, the weather doesnt dehydrate your skin!

  24. i have used it, really awesome.... i love it...thanx for review....

  25. I also have this..Hate the color :( Also I hate that face pack drying thing which is why I shifted to Biotique milk protein..does not dry the skin at all :)

  26. Yes I remember using this product, but unfortunately I stopped ..I've started to breakout after using the clearsil pore I've to heel all those with something organic..So this is it!!! Ik, ur reviews are soo good tht my shopping list is getting ya :)

  27. Laksh, LOL You win!!! :D
    Sahar, You're welcome. :)
    HOF, Aiyyo why?!:P I enjoy scaring people with it. Though it doesn't work anymore! Funny you say this, i am going to review that in a day or 2.. :P Yea it doesn't.. But this is specifically for pimples, and there, it works! So its awesome!!!:D
    Sumitha, Why did you stop? Just like tht? :P Use it!!!:D Thank youuu!!!:*:* Love you too!!!

  28. go get!! :) :)
    I meant the scrub then face pack routine ree! nothing so interesting Im afraid! :))
    So sorry for the late reply, hecctic week! :(

  29. Is it good to use neem face wash, neem scrub and neem face pack in sequel?


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