Sunday, November 25, 2012

MAC Crosswires Dupe (For less!)

Who doesn't love a bargain?! Who doesn't love a dupe?! Especially when you find a dupe for one of your most favourite lipsticks for almost 1/4th of its price! So now, you read about how I love my MAC Crosswires in my previous post here. You also read how Crosswires travels with me most of the time. But since I realized I had a dupe for it all along, this goes in my bag! I've lost lots of makeup, once my entire makeup pouch and very recently a bottle of my favourite perfume Escada Into the Blue. (Review here) So I really don't like carrying my absolute favourite stuff around anymore. It's obviously easier than doing other things, like, I don't know, being more careful?

Anyway, here's my dupe for MAC Crosswires that I stumbled upon while swatching all my coral lipsticks for a friend. *tube light on*
Presenting Maybelline ColourSensational Moisture Extreme lipstick in Coral Pink!
 Swatches in different lighting-
Lip Swatches- Crosswires on the upper lip, Coral Pink on the lower lip.

In the above picture, you can see how creamy the Maybelline lipstick is, compared to the MAC one.
Colour wise, I feel Maybelline Coral Pink has a little more rust colour in it whereas MAC Crosswires is comparatively yellow based. Crosswires is like the fun, young version of Coral Pink. But on lips, one can't really tell the difference!
Texture: Even though both the lipsticks are meant to be Moisturizing formulas, Maybelline Coral Pink is a LOT more soft and moisturizing than MAC Crosswires. It is an extremely soft lipstick and melts like butter when in contact with lips. It also slides effortlessly on lips (even chapped, my lower lip is crazy chapped in these pictures) Where as the MAC lipstick has slight tugging when compared to Maybelline Coral Pink and is definitely not as soft or easy to apply!
Pigmentation: Maybelline Coral Pink is definitely more pigmented than MAC Crosswires.
Longevity:Here is where MAC Crosswires wins as it stays on for 3 hours on my lips easily where as Maybelline Coral Pink slides off as effortlessly as on in less than an hour.
Price: MAC Crosswires retails for Rs 990 in India, Whereas Maybelline Coral Pink retails for Rs 220.
Clearly, Maybelline Coral pink wins but if you're extremely finicky about the colour being exact, then I'd say (just for you) that they might not be the exact same colour, but are quite close and are almost identical on lips.

Waise, how's life now that the entire hustle bustle of Diwali and the 'Karthik mahina' is over?! I'm freaking out because everyone we met on Diwali and all the catching up with people from the past has led to everyone showing me 'marriageable-boy-pictures' and have been brainwashing my parents. So it's a little scary, yeah. Pray for me!
And because a friend thinks this would help,

Dear Mr. Right, 
If by any chance you stumble upon this (though it gives me heebie jeebies to ask what you're doing on a beauty blog), MAIL ME! Or it wont take too long for me to be, well, you know, Mrs Someoneelse.

P.S.: You have some serious explaining to do about why we haven't met yet and the most important question of our lives together- what were you doing surfing beauty blogs?! Because if I think what I think, you're in some serious trouble mister!



  1. Omg!!!! They r so damnn identical! Tnx for the alert swty :)

  2. LOL marriageable-age huh, good luck with it all...hope you "settle down" with a "good boy" from a "well-to-do family" Muhahahahaha :P
    These two look soo same!! Would totally wash me out but still excited for your discovery *two thumbs up* :)

    1. Haha you horrid person! But thankyou. I actually might need it. Dear Mr right, if you're reading this, please mail me! (I should have put this in the post!!) it WON'T wash you out Einstein! Tryy it! Pleaseee!! It'll look glorious on that pretty face of yours!

    2. LOL you really should!! EDIT...NOW!
      Chaaa nothing like that, most colours just made me look ill!
      PS: Went to MAC...again without you, so stuck with has shimmers!!! :( :(

    3. haha ok I will! :P
      I wanted to be all cheeky and say it was nice meeting you but then I thought I should be nice! WHY din't you message?!

    4. Twas my bad, didnt think Id have time for any shopping other than Diwali stuff but the last evening I shopped at GVK (LOVED Mustard btw!) and then popped into MAC...after it closed so just tried it on, felt good n bought it bcoz none of the others were any good :(

    5. Ohho! I had a feeling you'd be busy! All my friends were here for Diwali too! And that time flew because everyone was so busy! I was hoping you'd stay!!:/

    6. :( :(
      Me too, seriously that week just FLEW!
      Fingers crossed for the next time...most likely its gonna be only during Ugadi/Vishu :(

    7. Awwwww ok but Jan, you're staying longer, no matter what!! Don't miss the ending to the post!!

    8. ROFL!! Lowwwe the letter!! Cant believe I missed it till now! If someone does reply here, dont say blog surfer!? Unless ofcourse he's really thoughtful and is surfing for things to buy for his sister/mother ;)

    9. haha Okay! Thank God you said that because I was just waiting for someone to mail all this while! Boo

  3. I was going bananas after seeing the duper pics,till I stumbled upon your letter to Mr. Right that's just soooo cute! Well Missy wud you be interested in a young dapper Fauji? ;)

    1. Haha thank you! Btw I took pictures to enter your contest today! Will edit and mail them to u tomorrow! *dances* I'm ONLY interested in young dapper Faujis! :D I was about to address the letter to a Lt/ Capt Right assuming he's around my age! Is your Fauji a vegetarian? Please say yes! Please say yes!!! Or you can also just laugh at how shameless I am. :S

  4. Woww.. exact dupe.. I hardly can see any diff !!

    1. I know right?! I'm so excited about it, especially since everyone loves Crosswires and owns coral pink!

  5. Came across ur blog from the link on enjoying reading ur posts and luv ur style of writing :) Following u now...check out my blog n if u like, follow me too?

  6. I have Coral Pink, but i have hardly ever worn it. I don't think i can carry such prominent colours well.
    And the Mr.right letter is adorable.. *giggle giggle*

    1. haha thanks! Try it, you'll be surprised by how great it looks on you!

  7. hehehehe.. luved ur post note!! ;) n v enlightening post!

  8. new to ur blog....followed u...

    chk my blog also,

    u r army brat... I am army wife ;)

  9. such a close dupe....
    great great review...very detailed swatching..
    Love your blog.
    Following you

    Nida's Beauty Bag!!


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