Sunday, November 25, 2012

MAC Crosswires Review, Swatches, FOTD

If I had to live my life choosing only 3 lipsticks (I wanted to say 2, but ugghhh!) I would live happily with MAC Cosmo, Crosswires and Ruby WooYeah! I haven't tried many lipsticks in life and I'm a creature of habit who doesn't experiment much plus when you're forced to choose only 3 lipsticks, at gunpoint; you pick stuff you love, okay?! I'd pick these because, you know, how much I love my bright lips? I have to wear my Crosswires once every week, rain or shine! And this is usually the lipstick that travels with me in my bag. Cosmo, is like my first born, okay; it's what started my love affair with lipsticks, there have been a string of flings, but Cosmo is my one true love. It's the most wearable lipstick I own; and most used too. I've almost finished a tube and I have a back up (See this for proof!)! I can wear Cosmo with my eyes shut to any place/event/at any time of the year, season or day! Ruby Woo, well, till probably this August, I wouldn't have included it in my list and there'd be just 2 lipsticks I would be talking about but Once you've pulled off some red lipstick, you can't not wear them every chance you get! And you see how I smartly chose all different finishes? Plus you can always wear versions of the three said lipsticks like I've shown here.
Colour: MAC describes it as a 'clean pinky orange' and I couldn't agree more. It's a beautiful coral colour that shows up more pink or leans towards orange depending on my tan/ lighting. On me, it more often than not shows up as a coral leaning towards orange. But when I wipe it off on a tissue, cotton or even the back of my hand, it's a pretty pink with some coral peeking through.
Texture: Now I don't know if it's just my Crosswires lipstick, but it's not as soft as the regular MAC Cremesheens. I own Fanfare and it melts like butter on my lips (AND in the Hyd climate, read the review/ story here). My Crosswires is slightly dry compared to other MAC Cremesheen lipsticks definitely, but this makes sure that it stays on longer than those too. I get a 3 hour wear easily from Crosswires.

I've worn MAC Crosswires previously  gazillion times here, here, here (Okay 3)!
Also shown here with a tonne of other coral MAC lipsticks, here and here,

Price: Rs 990 i.e. 17.86 USD *Poker face*

I've reviewed other corals lipsticks on this blog too. Click the lipstick name for its review.

So, which 3 lipsticks would you choose for the rest of your life, if you had to?


  1. I am totally understanding your love for Crosswires, cos I love it too, I just adore it, I believe it looks stunning against Indian skin tone and does so much to your face without looking OTT.. its my fav all time lippy :), yes I am not that fan of the texture and sometimes it does tend to settle into fine lines too but I love the color ..ok enuff said :)

  2. Brick O La kinda looks like this on me !! A bit more bricky dark ofcourse :p

    1. Ooh I'm sure it looks amazing on u. it's the most flattering brownish colour on me!


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