Thursday, November 22, 2012

Revlon Love Her Madly Review, NOTD


Four years ago, the world wouldn't accept my pink nails, and I kept my love for them hidden from the world and only secretly professed my love for them at home. One day while following my maasi (mum's sister) around in a supermarket with the trolley full of groceries, I met Miss Revlon deep berry pink. I recognized her instantly, for we had met once before. At another place and that was another time, long before this day. There were promises of love in the air but I knew I couldn't fight the world, so I ran. I ran away from her. Here, in a supermarket aisle, standing face to face with someone who promised me a lifetime of love and happiness but whose heart I walked all over and left, I was rendered speechless  There was nothing that could be said or done to make it better, to get the lost time back. I was a coward and I'd refused to give her the love and dignity she deserved! While we stood there staring at each other  my maasi came back. witnessed the most dramatic scene of her life (No actually, one of my cousins is quite dramatic too! Hi  Hunny akka!:*) and took the Revlon nail polish from my hands and put her on top of the bread loaf in the trolley. She was finally coming home with me! When we reached home, my maasi gave me her and asked me to love her madly! Because that's all that matters, she said!
Facing Sunlight
Actually, I saw this at a supermarket, was indecisive about buying it as I was an year earlier once. My maasi bought this for me. End of story.
I quite like the quality of Revlon nail polishes. While organising a few shelves, I found this four year old in my stash and it's still not gloopy nor did it go bad or change colour! So that says a lot already! This must be the second time I wore this nailpolish in life. So much for the dramatic intro, I know!
Colour: It's a beautiful deep, berry pink. It's still vibrant though. On my nails, it's 2 days old here and you can see slight wearing off at the tips. It doesn't chip though. I've had it on for 4 days now. This nailpolish in particular, changes colour after a while on my nails. Today it looked almost maroon before I removed it. But that might be because it's so old and I'm probably not supposed to use it in the first place.
Price: Around Rs 100 then, today it must be around Rs 120-140.
I've worn and talked about a beautiful Purple nail polish from Revlon called Rock here.


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