Wednesday, November 21, 2012

One Red Lipstick, Four Versions

Let's face it. At every given time, there are a bunch of girls who are afraid of wearing red lipstick. Especially in India. I mean, it's definitely getting better, but there was a time people said 'Ooh so bright' when I wore MAC Crosswires [last year]! So it took me a while, but I finally got a red lipstick- MAC Ruby Woo and it took me an year to start wearing it outside! (Not proud, don't look at me like that!) But the good news is that I've found ways to wear a red lip. Other than a.. err.. a normal red lip, primarily using One Red Lipstick. Trust me, these are comparivuely easier to wear and ease you into wearing a red lip, also, my brother doesn't goo "ewww" when he sees some of these, so apparently it's socially acceptable too! And the best part is that at the end of the day, you are wearing a red lip! Please note, this is definitely not a post on how I tone down bright colours. Read this post is you'd like to see the different ways of wearing a bright lip colour.

1. A red lipstick topped with a comparatively paler coral lipstick. I've used MAC Vegas Volt (review, FOTD here and swatches of oher coral MAC lipsticks here ). But if you have MAC Ravishing or MAC Crosswires (shown here, here, here, here and here) or something, that should do too. This is a beautiful coral-red colour I made while trying to figure out MAC Lady Danger because it's been perpetually out of stock in MAC Hydeabad. (I din't check lately, but I'm not dying to have it now). Picture above, and below. Also worn in FOTD here.

2. As a stain. Probably the easiest way to wear a red lipstick. But make sure to do this after moisturizing as it can be extremely drying (especially if you're using MAC Ruby Woo). Also, since everything I'm talking about in this post is basically layering lipsticks on red lip colours, the stain left behind is always a wearable version of your red.

3. To make lips look fuller, on top of a red lipstick, apply a bright (vibrant) orange (or coral, whichever family your red lipstick belongs to. I used MAC So Chaud, review here) in the center of your lips (The same rule applied to using gloss for the appearance of fuller lips) like so-
and blend it out.
 I like to do this with other colours to, especially darker colours that make lips looks thin and dried out. This is a fantastic way of adding volume without gloss.

4 To liven up a deep rosewood colour or tone a bright red down, I add a deep rosewood colour like (click on the lipstick name for it's review) MAC Brick-O-La on top of my red lipsticks. I also add MAC Cosmo and Maxfactor Rosewood at times (Okay I never really did MaxFactor Rosewood but I got sick of talking about only MAC here!) Here, I've used MAC Brick-O-La on top of MAC Ruby Woo.

Top: MAC Ruby Woo + MAC Vegas Volt
Bottom MAC Ruby Woo topped with MAC Brick-o-La.

For the rest of the makeup worn here, please read this post. Everything but the lipcolour(s) are the same! Even my t-shirt, yes. [same day, before a shower!]


  1. fab combos. :D I do it a lot with Ruby woo myself . Especially Nyx San paulo on it looks so good. <3 The MUA at MAC so liked that shade that she was asking me what i have on my lips....told her i did some mix n match lolz. :P :D

  2. A very essential post for me Ikya :)

    1. haha you might find it strange, but I actually thought of you while writing this! I have NO clue why. I was just thinking of how to get you to try Impassioned and was doing a post on that and this came up! lol


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