Thursday, March 10, 2011


bonsoir Ladies.. and err.. Gents..:)

Hows the week treating you so far? 

The intention of the post is to update you all on the giveaway I was planning.. 

 I've been so busy the last week and this week i dint find any time to check up on anything and neither am I clear about how to go about it.. I wanted to hold a big fat international giveaway.. but I really need to get a lot of things right before that.. Sot its not happening anytime soon.

But since I did talk about it already, I will definitely hold a national summer ready giveaway for you'll. :) This is  also going to be a practice on what the final giveaway would be for me.. :) 
And I'm giving away-
The Body Shop Bath Cube in Strawberry to be absolutely summer ready! :)

he body wash and the body lotion

These are 60ml bottles, NOT the regular sized ones.

This also includes a bath lilly (I guess this is mini too).

And again I want to as you'll if I should include the superawesome  bath gloves OR a Maybelline Moisture extreme lipstick in a colour of your choice. :) (please give me 2-3 choices)
You can check out the bath glove here (this pair belongs to my mum and the colour of the gloves will be subject to availability)

I will also drop a surprise with it! :)

I know this dint exactly turnout as we all expected.. but then I need to do this before I hold the other giveaway sometime around my birthday or the blogs cause thats when I'll be getting paid! yayyyyeeee :P

So here are some pointers-

  • I will choose the winners through
  • There will be only one winner. :(
  • The winner gets to choose between the gloves and the lipstick. (The colour of the lipstick is chosen by the winner as well).
  • The Giveaway closes on 2nd of April 2011 So you get to enter till then.
  • This is a national giveaway only open to people living in India.
  • You need permission from your parents if you are under 18 years of age since this requires divulging information in a public forum.
  • This open to non bloggers as well.
Now, the numerous ways to enter the giveaway-
  1. You must be a public follower of the blog through Google Friend Connect (GFC) (1 entree)
  2. You can 'like' the Facebook page of the blog (and leave the link in the comments). Please like it here(2 entrees)
  3. You must follow me on Twitter(if you are tweeting about this) (@ikyakesiraju here) tweet about this giveaway (and leave the link in the comments) (2 entrees)
  4. You can link this post to your sidebar is you are a blogger (5 entrees)
  5. You can blog about this giveaway (and leave the link in the comments) (10 entrees).
  6. You can get 3 people from your mailing list to enter this giveaway (10 entrees)
  7. You can make this a little easy on me and leave the comments in the same numeric order.
  8. One comment per person please. :)
  9. Please leave all the links (if any in the comments so I can check back).
  10. Please mention which product you would like , the gloves or the lipstick. (If you choose the Lipstick, You can let me know which shade you'd like when I contact you if you win).
  11. Please leave your email id at the end of your comment so I can contact you if you win.
Thank you all . May the best one win! :)

Good Luck and God bless! :)
PS: I'm not replying to the post so its easier for me to get the sheet made..

Thank you all of participating! :) Means a lot to me! :)



  1. This is awesome! I already have the strawberry body polish so this would complete my set if I win :P

    1.Following you via GFC as corallista
    2.liked your page on FB
    3.Tweeted about it here :!/corallista/status/45909896457232384
    4.Link in the sidebar

    Total 10 entrees.
    my email :

    I already have the TBS bath gloves so I'd choose the lipstick..shade I don't know yet!

    Congratulations on your first giveaway!


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  3. hi,
    enter me plz. :)
    1. already a follower. GFC name: kuheli
    2. liked your FB page. FB name: kuheli das
    3. following u on twitter and twitted abt this gw here,!/obsessive73/status/45921667909812224
    4. linked ur gw to my blog sidebar.
    5. wrote a post abt this gw.

    total 20 entries.

    i would like to have TBS bath gloves. :)

    thanks. :)

  4. Giveaway days are here again!! khikhikhi..yeayeeeeeeeee..ok!! So here are my details:

    GFC: calicoaster
    email ID:

    All the best ikkkuuuuuuuuuu!! :) :) :)

  5. Hey Ikya..

    Now thats a lovely giveaway :-) And I am happy to see your blog without that notification coming up in between...

    Arjun sends love

    And yeah...All the best to the participants of the giveaway.

  6. enter me
    GFC username: Rentu
    Like your facebook page: face book username: Annie John
    Follow you on twitter, and tweeted here:!/anniejohn7/status/46125145940697089

    email is

  7. enter me.
    GFC Name Rajasekhar
    Like your facebook page
    I want the bath gloves. :)

    I want to win this for my fiancée

  8. hi enter me
    iv been following you through gfc as Rithika Ravi
    i liked ur facebook page also..
    i'v asked three of my friends to enter the give-away.
    i wud prefer the gloves. :)

  9. Hi Ikky, I was wondering where you had been! And yayy.. your first giveaway :)) congrats :)

    Ok here are the details:
    1) Already a follower on GFC - Maha
    2) Like your FB page and my profile is .
    3)Sent a request to follow you on twitter and have tweeted about it.
    Twitter id- mahacs
    4)Added to sidebar on
    I have just started to rediscover my passion for writing so pls don't mind the no posts thing. Will be updating soon :)
    5)My blog post about this giveaway

    I would prefer the lipstick as I have the bath gloves already :)

    And my mail id is maha.csm@gmail

    All the best Ikky!

  10. enter me please.
    I follow you through GFC name manoj
    I like your facebook page
    I'd like to have the gloves.

  11. hi
    enter me please.
    I follow you through GFC as Farzana
    I like your facebook page.
    I joined through Rithika.
    I would like the lipstick.
    thank you.
    all the best.

  12. enter me
    following u through GF as komalmangu/mangu29
    like ur fb page
    following u on twitter
    joined thru rithika
    wud like gloves.


    just ran thru some of ur posts and I think its totally cool..Gud luck and keep them coming :)

  13. GFC: zeeba baig
    I like u on facebook- of lipstick and blushes sugar
    twitter: i follow you too, @lipsticksaga

    Ur tweet:!/lipsticksaga/status/46227175682220033

    I have blogged about ur giveaway at

    I have 15 entries in all!!

    I would like to have the lippie!!

    Ikku all the best with your Giveaway!!

    And all the best all the entrees!!

  14. 1) I am following your blog on GFC as Meera Viswanathan
    2) I liked your FB page (
    Total 3 entries
    And I would like the lipstick :)

  15. The giveaway looks great and I love anything strawberry.So I have double the reason to enter the giveaway.

    I'm following you using GFC

    Tweeted about your giveaway!/beautyndblog/status/46245918739144704

    I've added your giveaway on my sidebar and posted about it on my blog:

    That brings my total to 18

    Here's my mail id:

    Have fun with the giveaway.

  16. 1.GFC - Naina Agarwal
    2.FB Like -!/profile.php?id=1469917409
    3.Following u thru ag_naina .Tweeted -!/ag_naina/status/46261740673052672
    4.Would like the lipstick (will think of a color if i win :P ) know my id :D

  17. hey ikkyyy...congrats...sorry I was out of town..
    followin u alrdy..GFC name- bhumika
    like ur fb page- bhumika thakkar
    followin on twitter n!/bhumika_t/status/46275806376374272
    n on my sidebar..
    wud like maybelline moisture extreme in coral pink

  18. - Following: Swati (GFC)
    - Like fb page: Perfectskin Care
    - Following on twitter: skyiseternal!/skyiseternal/status/46430711045038080
    - Posted on sidebar of my blog:
    mail id:

  19. hiii ikky.. awesome giveaway!! <3 :-)

    1)already followin GFC id: sireesha dubey

    2)liked ur FB page

    3)followed u on ID: siriangel and tweeted about it here:!/siriangel/status/46452282409222144

    i have no clue about how to post this giveaway link on my side bar! o_0

    if i win i want the bath gloves :-)

    my e-mail id: and

  20. Ikkkk….TBS thingys in giveaway…wow…I got to win dis… 
    Ohkie, now coming to following the rules of the giveaway part.. :P
    1. I have been following you for long (as nupur)
    2. me like your fb page too
    3. following you on twitter as @snghlnupur, and have tweeted about your giveaway too.. but cudnt get thru wid providing you the link part :P will add it later on wen m able to crack dat
    4. have placed ur giveaway info in my sidebar check
    n I wud love to get a lipstick as I dnt own much :P
    Hope I win…
    Fingys crossed

  21. GFC - Prachi
    Liked your page on Facebook - Prachi Gupta
    Followed you on twitter - blushandbling
    Tweet of your giveaway -!/blushandbling/status/46878190647525376
    Blog URL:
    Blog post of your giveaway -
    Sidebar Post on my blog
    Email -

    I would love if I win the Body Shop Gloves. All the best for your giveaway.

  22. wow!! now am sure this will be fun ;) :P
    1. Am already a follower! (Samyukta)
    2. I have liked u on FB :) (I go by the name Suma Sharma)
    3. Added on my blog's side bar :)
    It's on the left hand side top corner :D

    And yeah out of the gloves and the lipstick i would like to please go in for the lipstick :)
    Shade: Brick Rose or Pink Petal... Any one :)

  23. hey ikky :) im neither on facebook nor on twitter :) i dont qualify your points :P

    but all the best for your give away dear :)

    P.S hope you dont mind me calling you ikky :)

  24. Hi Ik ... Thanks for hosting this lovely give away :)
    1. I am following you in GFC as Chennai ponnu
    2. Following in Twitter as chennai_girl and me tweet :!/chennai_girl/status/46956847084736512
    Have a nice day ...

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  26. Hey hun great blogg. I really like it and I am also following you. Great giveaway as well =)

  27. Hey, finally me entering too.... here goes...

    1. GFC name - anksy06
    2. FB - Liked as Ankita Bhatia Dhawan
    3. Tweet -!/anksy06/status/47180760024743936
    4. NA
    5. Blog Post -
    6. This is tough! I'll pass :)
    7. I did that Ikki!
    8. Okey Dokey
    9. Did that too..
    10. The lipstick :D

    Thanks for hosting this... :)

  28. This comment has been removed by the author.

  29. hey ikky :)
    me following your blog
    i'd choose gloves

  30. Hi Ikky
    I did the following
    1. GFC - varshini
    2. Facebook - varshini sudharsan
    4.Pls see my Blog for the link-
    10.Lipstick ;)

  31. Ikkuuuuuuu such a grown up and her first giveaway :')

    Lv u hon, not participating as currently without an address :D

    But wish u alllllllllll the best and love u and soon ill be back tormenting u allll the time =*

  32. enter me
    following u through GF as sumitha
    Neither joined FB bor twitter
    I wud like to have gloves.
    by the way maybelline moisture extreme was my fav lippy. the shades which i love honey ginger and pure plum.. too good for wheatish indian skin tones.
    I wish u very best for conducting a giveaway like this .
    best of luck for al the participants.

  33. Hey Ik. let me have an entree please.
    I am already a follower through GFC: Nivedita
    I posted about this check here

    total number of entrees 1+10=11

    If I win I would like to have the gloves.
    my email id

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  35. Hiii ikky...Hiii zorro.. :-) i added that picture link in my side bar. so 5 more entries for me now :D do i have to put a link for my blog?? :P

  36. Thank you for stopping by my blog! I recently began a love affair with make-up (I used to be fine with purchasing at the drug store, but once you buy just one tube of NARS lipstick or one Tarte compact, you can't go back!)

    Look forward to reading more. I'm following now!

    xx Kate

  37. Hi Ik, please enter me in your giveaway.
    1) I follow you with GFC under the name 'Poohkie's Place'.
    4) Posted a link with pic in my side bar here:
    5)I wrote a post about this on my blog here:
    If I win, I would like the bath gloves.
    My email ID is:
    I have chosen entries 1, 4, 5. So 1+5+10=16 points.

  38. Hi Ik,
    I follow u with GFC under the name Mehak
    If i win i would like the maybelline mooisture extreme lipstick..posting this on my sidebar ...

  39. Oh and my e-mail is

  40. Hello,a silent reader of your blog surfaces with this give away.Please enter me,I am now publicly following your blog with the name Gunjan.I'd like the lipstick as opposed to the glove and strawberry bath and lotion is such a delight in Summers.

  41. Sorry forgot to write my email id in the above comment.It's

  42. Hi

    Ive added on GFC as H
    and would like the lipstick :)


  43. @H ,Thanks for participating but I would need your email id as well :)

    @Everybody else, Thank You all so very much!!! love you all!!!:):*

  44. ahh glad to find your blog and see where I landed :) ...I love the strawberry shower gel...this is the one thing that I gifted the most ...

    Connect via GFC (Priti)
    And also liked you FB page ..

  45. Enter me please!

    1. Following you through GFC name:Gauri

    2.'Liked' your Facebook page.

    3. Linked your post to the side bar in my blog.

    4. Blogged about your giveaway

    Total 18 entries
    My email id:

    I'd ♥ to have the lipstick

    Thanks :D

  46. Hey Ik ! :)
    Me got sooo late for your giveaway 0_o
    I am following you by GFC
    I have already liked your page on Facebook
    Both by the name Ritika Tiwari

    My email id is

    Take care =)

  47. hi IK wanna get this too.:) please enter me
    am already a follower on GFC
    liked your Fbk page as shivani sud thakur
    have added you to the side bar and blogged abt ur giveaway heres the link
    i tried to add you in my side bar but dont know how:(
    i have added 3 friends from my mailing list see the link
    my total entries are 23 ...if only i could add you to the side bar they would be 28:(
    my email id is
    i would lovvvve to have the lip stick
    shivani from

  48. hey i could do it finally add you to my side bar
    see here

  49. hey.. enter me. I follow you through GFC.
    I would like to have the lipstick.
    wonder what the surprise is.

  50. oho even i forgot to write my id.

  51. Just started reading you blog. really like it! :)

    here's my entry

    1. Following you through GFC as Chatterazzi

  52. Hii
    I am your GFC follower

    If i win i would like the maybelline mooisture extreme lipstick..posting this on my sidebar ...

    Liked your facebook page as Likhitha Sekhar

    My email id is

  53. Finally Ik, I'm participating.
    1.Follower through GFC

    2. Like the blog on FB.Here is the link

    3.Following you on twitter & here is the link to the tweet!/uzmabbl/status/53081785986318336

    4.Linked this post on the sidebaron my blog.

    5.I made a post on the giveaway on my blog. Here is the link

    10.I have the gloves so please can I get the Lipstick.

    11.My email id

    Thanks sweety for the giveaway.

  54. 1. i follow as vanity via gfc.
    2. fb name- ansh ur fb page.
    3. following you on twitter @vanitynoapology. tweeted here!/vanitynoapology/status/53751383958097920
    4. linked this post to sidebar here
    5. i would like the TBS bath gloves..have heard so much about them
    hope to win!! :)


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