Thursday, February 3, 2011


Hey everyone!!!
I'm back!.. Yes i miss my old house and i saw people removing the roofing while driving to office the other day! but a lot of stuff has helped me get over it all.. :)
Okay so I must be the last person to talk about what i got from the Mickey Contractor collection.. but i have to show it off here at least!:D
2 surprises!

First, I wanted the Ivy gel liner, but that was too bright on me.. I dont know if its good that Siahi fades off on me and is not bright at all.. i like it cause i am really comfortable with the effect.. :)

Second, I knew i was going to get Mehr back home with me when I walked into the store, but as they say true love conquers all, Cosmo took me home! :)
For the only reason that this looked better.. somehow.. Cosmo is a little more peachy than Mehr and the finishes are different, Mehr is Matte where as Cosmo is Amplified.

I always told Rati that Cosmo would be my first lipstick from MAC. and it finally happened! i love it so much, I know I'm going to buy it forever! i am sssssoooo glad this looked better than Mehr on me!

Okay thirdly, I took an off from office cause i was too tired.. not unwell, tired. like i dont know. and i dint want to rive or do anything. i just wanted to prop my feet on pillows and sit all day cause i got Internet finalllyyy!!! yayyy! :P

and lastly, I am soooo ssooooooooo happy that i finally told my best friend about this blog! yes its weird right? best friend doesn't know.. thats cause shes not into makeup. At all!!!!!! and I honestly never knew how important this blog would be to me ever. today its so important.. that my friends have to know about it.. So right now, Mansi knows and Mitali doesn't.. and she will too soon.. :) but for now, I'm just so happy that Manu does.. and thank you Manu.. you've put my nervousness to ease! i really felt like i was introducing my boyfriend to mom! I wanted you to like it! thanks for being supportive! you're the best ever! I love you! and I miss you loads! just please come back soon! :*



  1. really are a cartoon...but you know you kind of make sense to me...I didn't tell my friend either :D :D :D for a really long time..:D

  2. hehehe you knoww i knew you of all people would understand!:*

  3. siahi looks pretty on u...
    u knw what...cosmo wud surely be my 1st MAC lippie too..
    n even my gud frds dunno bout my makeup blog :p
    dey knw i not dis all..dey wud be shocked too :p

  4. he he also bought siahi!! :D :D .....Me didn't buy..but I had the same thoughts like yours when I went to buy Mehr..However, when I applied it, it somehow didn't look that great...whereas I loved cosmo!! I bought Yash lipstick from this range..and me louuuuuuing it soo much for its diversity..

    Your eyes and lips are looking so'd have posted a full face FOTD here naa..with siahi and cosmo on...!! :-* :-* :-* :-*

  5. aww....sweet post.

    And bestie doesn't know of my makeup blog too!!!!**guilty**

    but one day...heheh

    Hows Zorro??

    Btw...lovely eyes Ik

  6. OMG you guys!!!:D thanks for it all of you!!:* and.
    Bhumika- thank you thank you so much now!!:D and it feels so good to know that I'm not the only one.. :)
    Cali- i sawww your Yash photo! you look so pretty!!! but my net conked off and i couldn't comment!!:D:* sorry. :( but thanks againn!!!:D:D
    Poornima!!!!!!!!!!!!!!thank you!!:* Zorro is good getting use to the new house and all!:D:D thanks again!!:*:* and how come yur bestie doesnt know noowww???:P:P its been long you're doing it na?

  7. so pretty yes you shd always do an fotd :D the lipstick looks great!!!n congrats for moving to a new home!!! :D

  8. bestie still doesn't know..Well..if you ask me answer. But I will tell her. One day :-)

    Arjun says "Hi" to Zorro

  9. Apoorva, thank you so much!!! i did i did!!:) and i lovee the lipstick! I miss my old home!:(:(

  10. Poornima, HAWWW!! hehe I am yet to tell the other one... so.. :P i still know.. and Arjunnnn--- kisssiieeesss from Ik!!!:D:D:D and Zorro sayyss hey tooo!!! :*:*:*

  11. Congrats Ik!! *everyone* has siahi now..I've been thinking I'll get it since forever..guess it'll be all sold out now! I'm not able to comment on the other post with the FOTD..just want to're looking awesome! And I love the eye makeup the MUA did! Can't stop looking at it :P

  12. hahaha Ankitaaa!!!! i knowww *EVERYONE * ha fret not if you dont get it.. there is a similar pencil liner in MAC.. he used it on me.. :P Thank you sooo much!!!:*:* i really dont understand these random blog problems... will go check it out,,... but thanks again. :):*

  13. Ohh thanks! let me the know the shade no. of the pencil liner if you know. But siahi is siahi *sigh*

  14. hehe yeah... the awesomeness of the gel liner!!:D I dont know which pencil he used.. but, I'll find out and let you know.. okay?? :)

  15. arey.. anytime.. I hope I get to know! I'm going to try fining out tomorrow itself..

  16. Hey Ik, take heart even none of my friends know that I've been beauty blogging, guess we should form a BBA-beauty bloggers anonymous LOL :)

  17. Hey,... :) you know now, I have come out in the open. Now people I care about know. yay!Feels good you know.. :):) but i totally know what you are talking about!:)


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