Friday, May 20, 2011

Wella Kolestint Hair Color Review: Black

Sometime ago, I was going through a phase, we all know that... a part of "the phase" also included college coming to an end. It was not about missing friends and stuff anymore though, It was 'OMG I am growing up!' I need to get my act right and do something. There was the whole pressure. You know after 5 friggin years of college, which was fun, I also needed a break,... but my mind kept saying no.
My heart on the other hands, had plans of its own. Believe me, my heart works in sneaky ways cause if my brain had any idea what my heart had planned up its sleeve, it would have never happened! :|\

Okay so getting back to the story, My heart didn't wanna grow up and was in complete denial. And I really wanted to do some super crazy stuff while in college, which I never got around to do! (ohhh believe me, I have don't stuff in college, I was/wasn't supposed to do) but there were things, you know, like getting my nose pierced, getting my eyebrow pierced, getting a tattoo, getting my hair coloured?! yes, NOW you know what I'm talking about.!

So for how scared and un-brave my heart is, it obviously went for the least permanent option. And guess what?! I decided I wanted to have the dual toned hair and I wanted to get burgundy no okay red layers, low lights. thats what its called right? like under my black hair.?

And who do I choose to trust to do it to my hair? Wait for it............ ME.  yes. 

So as everyone would have guessed, It didn't go quite as planned. :) No it didn't. I looked hideous! So now I thought it was time for damage control.

Now when people on behalf of Wella contacted me, I decided to give this a shot, and I decided I wanted to get just the black colour to repair my hair. But then I couldn't use it on my hair cause  I apparently need to wait for some three months to recolour it. I asked them if it would be fine if I could use on on someone else.. and they were okay with it.. But since the colour was chosen.. I just stuck to it.

Now my family is not very okay with colouring hair. :| I know weird. My mum has the blackest hair ever and my dad's is salt and pepper. wooooo song.

So I decided to colour my dads hair against all his wishes. Oh and we got a barber home to do it!:P cause no one trusts me like I do! HMPH.

Anyway lets get on with the actual review now!

 Price: Rs 519

The box contains- A pair of gloves, A tube of Color Creme, A Bottle of Cream Developer, An After Color Intense Shine Treatment , and a pre color treatment with almond extract.

Pre Colour Treatment

The guy wasn't comfortable using the applicator provided..

The process of application wasn't very different from the regular application. Just that here, they had the  Pre colour treatment cream provided.. And the rest followed.

Okay so here are the before/after :P pictures-

After a haircut too. :) 
This is what my dad has to say about Wella Kolestint-

He thought it didn't smell too bad.

He liked the pre colour treatment. and the conditioner provided.

He likes the shine in his hair.

Well, for someone who wasn't ready to get this done in the first place, He sure is a happy man.. or maybe thats cause my mum loved how he looked. :)

What he disliked-

He was forced into doing this. :|

I felt, the colour wasn't as intense. You know like fake jhatak black. But then, thats a con only cause I intended to use it to correct my mistake. Otherwise, the colour is pretty subtle here and that makes it look natural.

Oh and for my red hair you ask? Its been a while and I'm thoroughly enjoying a break while my red hair lasts! :)

PS: Product was sent by the company for a review.


  1. OMGGG !!!! i could finallly open access your blog !!!!!! i wanted to tell you somethingg !!!
    i am coming to hyd for 2 years.. :D :D wud love to see you :)

  2. What?! OMG Thats awesome news!! :D when are you coming?! You really liked the place nahi?! :P

  3. Nice post. Even my mum is loving it. True, the color looks very natural and not at all artificial

  4. Oh yeah... But I'm unsure if it'll correct my red hair:P

  5. haha.. your dad made a wise decision *evilgrin*

  6. hehehe I doubt he'll ever do this again!:P

  7. you cut your mum's hair, dyed your dad's and dual toned ur own... are you sure you are an architect??? :p

  8. haha Anks, and Architect, 1 down! Desperately trying to be a lot of other things too!:P

  9. hehe that nice to know but how come? :D


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