Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Erm. New-er Update

Guys!!!!!!! I am sorrryyy! My the comment luv thing was not working right... there was so much conflict between that and blogger.

Half the time I get comments on blogger and the other half, on CommentLuv.

and since I had a lot of commnts on blogger, I decided to stick to it. I know theres a lot happening.. But please try and understand.. I just feel like I got my blog back and I want to do something to it.. like adding the pop-up comment thing. :) I am sorrryy for all the CommentLuv comments getting deleted.. :'(
A lot of those were about isn't commentluv making life more difficult? :P Yes, it was! :P

Thank you guys for all the support! I know I have probably said it a 100 times already, but it wouldn't be enough for all the support and love you guys have shown. God bless you all. :)
This is also mentioning Mansi, Mitali and Sameer (my non-blogger, don't understand the point of blogging friends) for going through this with me, and My family for being my protective shield and my brother for being my rock!:*


  1. blogspot can sometimes be a pain, when it comes to the technical stuff!
    i totally empathize!

  2. thanks:) Yeah its being a pain! :)

  3. Thank-o-maniac :P
    I am back to dsiturb you :D

  4. ya thats wat I thot ikky..n dats y dint install dat..:)


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