Saturday, August 13, 2011

Look What I made!

It is Rakhi today and  this time I wanted to make Rakhis from my brothers but couldn't. So I made the next best thing. I learnt to make awesome Rasgullas from Ki here.
But since my brother is very fond of Rasmalai, I boiled these in milk! :P Now I don't know if I did it right, But they turned out really well Thank you Kiii!!!!!:*:*
See for yourself-
 SEE? I know Ki is super proud of me. Except for the part where I burnt the almonds:P
 Mum made gulab jamum just incase. :P But we have loads of cousins here! HK & ZK are the only boys in this generation in our khandan! There was only one girl in the previous one!:P

Hope you all have a very happy fun filled day!


  1. burnt almonds!!!!!!!!!tsk tsk...hhhehehehehheeeeeeeeeeheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    :grins with sadistic pleasure:

  2. out of ALLLLL THATT, you noticed the burnt almonds!!!!!:|:| so much for encouragement and so called love!:P

  3. Chalo I will also make rasmalai next :D it looks awesome, in fact I didn't even notice the burnt almonds!

  4. awww i love zorro..
    let him model on ds bog smtym ;)

  5. HAHAHHA i tied my dog a rakhi too!

  6. :-)))

    Im back again...admiring those chubby paws with the rakhi...heheh

  7. I'm hungry nowwwww :( Happy rakshabandhan :D It was a good day!

  8. Ki you're so sweettt!:P Hehe yeah they liked it.. :) show when you do ok?

    Ansh.. ok!:D hehe thank youuu. I'll tell him that, he'll like it very much and love you back!:D:D

    Sahar, thank you! :)

    Poornima :D:D:D hehe both the bums tore it off:P Just threads left!

    Shivani, awww!I'll send you some!:P Happy rakshabandhan to you too!!!:D :)

  9. FashionPHD:P true na.. other than the fact that my parents calls him their youngest kid, I don't trust anyone more than him!:)
    You know this one time when I wasn't born, My mum tied my dad the rakhi his sister sent:P SHHHH

  10. hi
    thanx for ur comment on my blog....and yeah, ur blog's gr8....
    happy rakshabandhan too!!

  11. rasmalai lukin yummyyyy :P I made gulab jamuns which broke :( I hv never made them round properly... not even once. :((

  12. Vivarjitha, thanks. :)

    Manali, thank you. aww. This was my first attempt!:)

  13. hehehe :P u r so adorable Ikku :D Nd the rasagulla boiled in milk :P luks delicious :)

  14. :D:D thank youuuu Shweta!!!:*:*:*

  15. yum I want those..n d gulab jamuns tooo..I lovee them :p :)


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