Monday, August 8, 2011

MAC Viva Glam Cyndi- Review, Swatches

When I told a very sweet friend of mine that this is the closest I have to having red, She said PFFFTH.
I got it! I really need a full blown red and I will get it Sonia!:)
Since I told another friend I got this, she asked me to show her how it looks on me! :|
Sorry Ankita. :|
MAC Viva Glam Cyndi is named after American singer, actress and songwriter Cyndi Luper.
It might still be available in some stores in India! Don't miss out guys! This looks good on EVERYBODY!
 Viva Glam Cyndi is a Lustre finish lipstick from MAC.
Lustre is my least favourite kind since it is very sheer, wont last too long (1 and a half hours for me) and after it wears off, it leaves my lips dry (but I think that's just my problem).
 But the colour is so pretty, It makes up for everything, Plus its not it's fault that this is lustre. I would love this colour in an Amplified finish. Full power. Because you can always sheer a full power lipstick!
Its a sheer red based coral colour.

Price Rs 990

I love the VIVA Glam Cyndi lipglass.
With MAC VIVA GLAM lipcolour, 100% of the purchase price goes to help men, women and children living with HIV/AIDS.

While doing the post I realized Rashmi just did this too. I got too lazy. Go check it out here.
I promise a FOTD wearing this tomorrow! :) Which I did and none of you guessed. :/:/ Check it out here

I leave you with a big wet mwah!:P I realllyyy need to stop this PDA!:P well in the next post!:P



  1. Pretty! I do like the Viva Glam series, even though I've never found a color that suited me. 100% of the purchase price going to help those with AIDS is great!

  2. OMG Really? Try Viva Glam Cyndi! It is universally flattering!!!:)

  3. I wanted this, but unfortunately its discontinued here and sold out too :(

  4. Oooh FINALLY :P !! It does look like a shade that'll suit everyone..I'd love to pair this with Frankly Scarlet (Read NYX RED blush. But 1.5 hr of wear time is tooo less!! Hows the lipglass?

    Waiting for FOTD!

  5. C UTE CUTE FOTDs these days :d I liked all 3.. and ur MAc lippie collection is yummy yummyyyyyy

  6. ooooooh love the shade ..wondering if it will suit me ..

  7. LOL!!! I literally smiled when I saw you did a post on this! HAHAHA YES you need a full blown red and I can't wait for you to join my side!;P Although, this color does look gorgeous, I must say! I bet it looks amazing with your golden skin!;) <333 xoxoxo

  8. Love the color, me not a lippie person so wanna get the lipgloss instead. Cyndi would suit Indian skintones much better than gaga :)

  9. Shivani, It is here too!!!:(

    Ankita, My face is ugly and camera is not charged!:P:P Its beautiful no?:)
    The lipglass is just very pretty! Same colour but more intense.. Too bright.

    Eve, :D:D Thank youuu beeee!!!:*
    Saumya, It will! Suits everybody!:)

    Sonia, hahaI knooowww cant wait either!:D Thank you!:*

    Laksh, This lipstick is way sheer than the gloss!:P Get the lipstick if you can. easier to wear! :) True, that!:)

  10. I own this lipstick and really do love it!

  11. Yummy is the word I have for the shade :)

  12. VijjiS, Yayyy! Suits everybody no?

    Aarthi, Do you have it? You should get it if its still available! You'll rockk it!:)

  13. This looks really gorgeous :)

    Love Christine ♥

  14. Glad you liked it Christine!!:)

  15. I love this lipstick but am struggling to find it! :(


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