Saturday, August 13, 2011

True or False- PURPLE is the new ROCK?

Really? I thought it was grey or black or something in between with some brown in it. Like Complex. I'm no geologist but I never knew purple as close to being indigo would be a rock.

Cause Revlon sure seems to think so!
For the last couple of years I wasn't a fan of Revlon at all. You know I feel they get their pricing all wrong. Very confused. Definitely not as inexpensive as other drugstore brands and like Rs 100/20 less than MAC. I'd just get that right? No, I mean I do that. But Revlon takes away the cake sometimes. Like for example I wouldn't buy a nailpolish from MAC.
Neither would I buy a mascara from MAC (But that's another story).

I am taking this into a completely different direction!:P Back to story, I have recently found love in Revlon after I decided not to buy from companies that test products on animals. So things like nailpolish and mascara are easy to access!!!:D
So I get this superb purple nailpolish (of course this was a NOTD post. You think I'd want a mascara to say 'ROCK'?) and only before I decided to post it did I realize it was called 'rock'.
Price: Rs130
I really liked this colour. Purple mixed with grey, leaning towards indigo.. :S No wonder its called Rock. Complex! You like?
I have twisted stubby fingers. :| I'm very insecure. NOT. :P 


  1. Haha u have such cute handdss!!!
    Like a kids ! N pretty color!

  2. haha I have veryyy pudgy hands!!!:S:S and my fingers are smaller than my palm which is BTW is huge!!! :P

  3. thanks for visiting my blog :)
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  4. Ur hands i are soo cute..and purple really rocks!!

  5. My hands dint grow with me! This is why I never did many NOTD posts!:P It does!:)

  6. hey ikky...i zink revlon in music(rock n roll)...n purple is def. rock style dese days..

  7. I looove the colour! i usually dont wear nailpolish on my fingers but youre making me want to!!
    n stop obsessing over your fingers, they're cute n make that colour look so gorg so just enjoy them please? :) :)

  8. I know I don't either these days. I used to a lot earlier. I scratched it off the next day!:P haha Thankkk youu!~!!!:*:*:*

  9. scratched it off whyy?? If it suited me so well, Id be looking at them all day! youre mooost welcome :) :)

  10. heh I get bored very easily! hence no tattoo!!!:P

  11. Hahaa! Me too but il definitely get inked :D

  12. I want to too. But I know I'll want it removed the next day!:P

  13. Hmm then maybe we should get it done someplace we can hide or flaunt it based on our mood that morning :D


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