Thursday, August 11, 2011

You like BIG things? MAC BRICK-O- LA ~Review & Swatches

I have a thing for all things brick.
I like bricks in general. Duh. I'm an architect.
I like bricks of ice-cream. The bigger the better, no?
I like big things. No this isn't a special super-sized MAC lipstick. :) This is just a super-sized beautiful colour to paint your pout! Quite a mouthful? Let this paint your full mouth! You know, I'm totally losing it! :P

I actually got this for my mum on Mother's day. :D But she had one already :P But being the doting daughter, I gifted it to her anyway.
Its another story that I took her Brick-o-La. :P

Price: Rs 990

Colour & Finish: MAC describes it as a Mid toned Berry. It is a beautiful colour. Very polished. Dresses up the entire look. It has enough colour of a brick in it and enough brown. This has enough pink in it so it doesn't get too serious! :)

Brick-O-La is an Amplified creme. This is my favourite finish from MAC. So pigmented. A full blast of colour! 
Other thoughts:
This is a colour that would suit just about anyone. Any colour, any age.
It looks brilliant on my mum and looks polished on me. This is not a regular colour for me. It works for all formal occasions.
Lasts for around 4 hours on me. Which is a lot considering nothing lasts long on me.
It was super sunny when I took this picture and hence the colour has been altered. There's more pink in it.
Edit: Adding more pictures. :)

INDOOR- In front of the window!:P
This is the darkest lipstick I own. I never thought I'd love it like I do now!
Totally recommend this to everybody! I have a hunch you'll love it just as much as I do! :)

I've worn Brick-o-la mixed with MAC Cosmo here.


  1. haha only as long as you likeee!!!:D

  2. This looks amazing.This was the color I had in mind when I ordered Lancome's brick but that turned out to be too orangey. Must put this down on my wish list. Thanks for sharing.

  3. "I like bricks in general" LOL!!
    I would love a brick of ice cream right about now! BEAUTIFUL color omg! I loooove it on you! It looks great for everyday. How do you do your eyes when you wear this?

    <333 xoxoxo

  4. Glad you like it! :)The lip swatch lacks enough pink here..

  5. Sonia, :D Come home, I'll give you !!:D
    I love it these days! I don't wear eyeshadow on a daily basis.. So just liner, kajal and mascara. Used it with Rubenesque paint pot once in the evening. :D

  6. i dont like dark shades but this one is so pretty....


  7. ya its nice..though different..

  8. I know right? Glad you liked it! :)

  9. Well u might hv guessed it already..I love this shade!! I love shades which have a bit of everything- pink,red, brown, coral :P :P I am trying this on next time I go to MAC!

  10. I love Amplified finishes, they are my favorite (also lustres) want to have them all. Like them all :P looking fab on you, will check it out.

  11. Ankita, yesss I knoww! I did this for you only..:P Dint want to be super late this time!!

    Shivani!!!! I just left a comment on your blog!!! haha talk about telepathy!! :D
    I'm not too fond of lustres. Amplified stays on me for sometime. Lustre around an hour and a half max!!!:( hehe me too! all Amplified cremes then creemsheens..:D Ohhh and I don't own any matte. So that too!:D

  12. another red lippie ik. hmmm . i like i like. :)

  13. haha You call that red? :P I like you! hahaha

  14. oooh the super hot pout .. but i totally am in love with Cyndi.. too eager to try it ..:)

  15. hehe thank you Saumya! Arey give it a try before its completely sold out!!!:)

  16. I sound pathetic....when I keep repeating that THis is gonna be my next MAC lippie....yay!!!!!!

  17. No you don't!!!!!! You might not believe this but I knew you'd like it! Will suit you a lottt!!!:)

  18. i quite like it, just the perfect brown for office without making it look drab

  19. I'll add more pictures so its clearer.. :D

  20. awww.....thanks a lot for putting in more pics so getting this tmrw...

    Hope the store has them in stock

    fingers crossed

  21. awesommeee!!:D:D cant wait to see it on you!:D Yeahhh they'll have it! I hope:P


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