Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hair Care: Tips & Tricks (Reader Query)

Ever since I started blogging (including the shameful sabbatical I took) there has been one question waiting in my mailbox always. ALWAYS - What do you do about your hair?
Let me be completely honest (and at some places, not modest at all) here and tell you guys that I used to have lovely hair. Pretty and healthy. Shiny, thick and straight. (I always wanted curls though. Now, I just want my hair to be like itself again).
The BEFORE Picture
Used to? Why would you want to read a post by someone who went ahead and ruined what she had? Because 'She' can not only tell you what to do, She can also tell you what not to do.
You know, people do tend to fall into routine unknowingly. As long as my hair was my mother's concern, I can tell you it was in it's best shape. But short. Then came this time when I decided I wanted it grown and took the reigns in my hands. I did some right things, I forgot to do some of the things that were done, and I did some things wrong.
Adding to that was the construction/renovation going on at home for more than 6 months plus some that I was supervising. So that ensured my hair felt like straw. It thinned down and I'm not proud but I need to make an effort not to block the drains every time I wash my hair.
But now that the work is on a standstill for some time, I decided to treat it right and I can already see the difference these little changes are making.

How my hair looks NOW-

(Originally) Hair type and colour: My hair is naturally quite black and straight. Thick strands and a head full of hair. Texture wise, My hair is naturally quite smooth.
Now, You can see that my ends are dark brown, the texture is quite dry, not as smooth, not absolutely straight (length- mid back). (Update- I chopped off a few inches)
Scalp: Normal. Not dry, not oily.
Shifting homes every two years has taught me one thing. The water some places suits you and some places, it just doesn't. But some things done right, will make sure your tresses wont be of much concern to you.

Here is what I used to do, as a kid and some things I'm trying to get back to (These really work for me).
  1. Oil. Yes, your mum, grand mum and neighbor (No? Mine does!) don't go on about how you should oil your hair for no reason. Neither that ad with Deepika Padukone advising you to do 'Champi before shampoo' My mum once said "If your bottle of oil isn't getting over as soon as your shampoo bottle, you're doing it wrong" Wise words, Very wise lady. Oil your hair the night before you've to wash it. Or at least an hour before you have to wash it. Cant do that either? Make sure you oil your hair and leave it over night at least once a week. Honestly, there's no need to worry about which oil to use. Just use anything. I use the normal Parachute Coconut oil most of the times.
  2. It sounds gross, and I have to force myself not to, but don't shampoo more than 3 times a week. 4 times at the max. There is no way you are allowed to shampoo everyday. I am trying to follow the Monday, Thursday and Saturday routine. 
  3. When in the shower, shampoo your hair just once. If you feel the oil isn't out, shampoo it again. But most people make it  a habit of shampooing twice normally. Don't do that. Especially if you haven't oiled the hair before washing it.
  4. Always, ALWAYS dilute some shampoo with water before using it. (My cousin used to use milk to dilute shampoo. She said it moisturized hair and din't damage as much. I've never tried this though).
  5. Your shampoo (when applied) works (cleans) only for a minute. After which it just sits there, drying your hair so wash up quickly.
  6. Don't be harsh while drying your hair. Just squeeze the water out in a soft towel.
  7. Try not to tie the hair in the towel. this just weighs your hair down and leads to breakage.
  8. Don't comb your hair wet/ damp.
  9. Air dry your hair as much as you can. 
  10. Don't use heat on your hair as far as possible. I tried curling my hair (In the pre heat protectant-in India era, and there, the downfall started. And my curls would fall flat as soon as all of my hair was done. That was a sign the young and stupid me dint take. I'M wiser now. Lol)
  11. Leave your hair open once every day.
  12. If you must tie your hair, Don't tie it tight. It will lead to breakage. When I hated how my hair felt, and even now, when showering on a non hair wash day, I tie my hair in a bun (I used to tie it in a very tight bun on top of my head) and I never felt like opening it. And my hair got worse than it was. When I started leaving my hair loose, or making a loose plait, I could see the difference almost instantly.
  13. Wash your hair accessories (Bands, clips, combs) every time you wash your hair.
  14. Change bed sheets and pillow covers frequently. Especially the 'I oiled my hair tonight' pillow cover.
  15. If you have long hair, make a loose plait before bed, so your hair wont be all over the place. Just don't tie it tightly.
  16. Chop some off from the ends. Healthy and shiny hair is a mot more attractive than long, straw like, damaged  hair. If however you cant, (due to religious or other important reasons), make sure you follow these rules to the t and take extra care of your ends. whne my ends were damaged, I tried working on them a lot, but it had gotten worse than I could handle and I decided to get rid of it because it was taking up too much of my time, energy and patience and the results weren't instant and huge. So this takes really long. You just have to be patient.
  17. Other than this, don't forget to keep yourself hydrated. It helps keep your hair moisturized and shiny. Hello hydration isn't going to do much if you don't keep yourself hydrated!
  18. Silk pillowcases and bed sheets are smooth and don't scratch your hair and skin (I din't try this for a while, But I slept on silk cased pillows growing up. Guess what's making a decor come back?!)
All that was basic, everyday stuff. Other than that, don't forget to pamper your hair with homemade and store bought masks once or twice a month!


  1. Resize you pictures to 2000 pixels...and hope that it works :P

  2. I almost never shampoo my hair without oiling it. I am using extra virgin olive oil currently. Lovely tips IK.

    1. That's a really nice habit, though I have to confess I let it all go and barely piled my hair this year. Only last week when friend's friend said my hair looked good in those pictures and asked for what I did, I felt extremely guilty and I almost rewrote my post here! lol Thanks Karishma!!:)

  3. Great tips and I am deftly following what you have said..

  4. you are back !!! or its me who was missing the feeds?? how are you ??

    1. You weren't Shalini! I did a disappearing act! Back, taking baby steps! :) How have you been?

    2. Me doing good :D moved to wordpress and renamed my blog :D ... do drop by

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