Friday, October 26, 2012

The Body Shop Loose Powder Review

One day, when I was loitering aimlessly at the TBS Counter in Shoppers Stop (my cousin was buying something, I think), I had this urge to check my lipgloss but one mirror hog was well.. hogging the mirror and quite honestly, I think it would be odd to get on to my toes behind her and pout.. So I slyly looked out for other shiny things that would serve the purpose. Of all the things, this seemed to serve the purpose best. Now obviously, this was exactly when the SA decided to shift his attention to me and I dint want to be caught puckering up in a makeshift mirror so I pretended to be interested in the product. I was too embarrassed anyway, so just nodded when he talked about how great this is (and I do a good job of seeming interested too). That smart guy then just popped the life altering 'should I pack it' question and I just kept nodding so that's how This Loose powder came home with me.
And boy am I happy now! I really like this loose powder. For setting my cream MAC Foundation, For just setting my concealer, for an added glow to the face and sometimes, as a very subtle highlighter. This very finely milled powder does it all really well. Though I have a feeling it might not help keep oil at bay for too long. That has never been the problem with me. The problem, however is that I got a shade too light for my skintone. So one dusting does give me a powdery look for a few minutes before setting into glow-y, natural skin texture. This, wont provide any coverage, it's more for setting your base makeup or adding a dimension to your face. I hate the absolutely matte skin look. So this is great that way.
When layered too much, it does turn slightly ashy on me, because it's way lighter than my skintone (plus whatever pigment it packs). But I think that is also a reason for it working as a great highlighter. 2 swipes down the bridge of my nose, and across my cheekbones and it does a fab job without turning ashy. I use this with my TBS Kabuki Brush.

The picture above is taken with flash and you can clearly see the highlighting quality here. For someone with normal to combination skin, I think it'll work really well as a highlighter without being gritty with chunky shimmer, this gives a beautiful healthy glow minus making skin look oily.

Now you knw why I used this as the mirror? At this stage, I would also like to thank the mirror hog from years (2?) ago because of whom I picked this up in the first place!

Price: Rs 795 (Ya, Ok I looked at the picture to confirm! You remember all prices, ya?)
I think this is one of those things that's completely based on preference, in terms of the way it ends up looking. So I'd suggest you to try this at the store before making the purchase. Though I'd really recommend everyone to try it at the store once!


  1. Your memory is amazing.. It used to be dry now its kinda normal while my t-zone gets oily.. u know things change so much after pregnancy !!!

    1. Haha thank you. I have been 'accused'of that before! Mine is acting wonky in it's own stupid way.


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