Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Winter Secret Product- Johnson's baby cream Review

Do you have a winter essential? Something you've used every season without fail ever since you can remember?
I think it's safe to say that I've been a Johnson's baby baby loyalist all my life with an exception of last year. (See, I had vowed to use only cruelty free products last year. And though I'm not proud of it, I did very recently start using some products that aren't cruelty free. (This, some shampoo, a Maybelline mascara and Lakme nailpolish)). 
I know that the ingredients in this are quite controversial. How are all those unpronounceable chemicals safe for any baby's skin. I'm not getting into that because all I know is that I survived each winter of my life (that I remember and Duh obviously before that) rubbing this cream on my chapped cheeks, crawlers knee, tender noses and rubbed elbows. Ok maybe not crawlers knee anymore, but I had chapped cheeks in colder places. Hyderabad is(thankfully just for that) just dry.
This one time when I was with my friends in a car, & Somebody said I smell a baby here. That was met with silence for a minute or two. After which Mitali couldn't hold it in and said "Ik, don't pretend it's not you" Considering she ratted me out anyway, I thought I might as well let you guys know what works!
 Definitely not for summers, this cream has a thick texture but my skin drinks it up greedily during winters and drier seasons. I mainly use it for my face and neck area. I rely on thicker lotions, oils and body butters to help the rest of my body cope with dryness. This doesn't leave much oiliness behind unless I apply too much (which I more often than not, do) but it let's me frown, smile, laugh, crinkle my nose and stick out my tongue with/at people with ease so I don't really mind that.
This keeps my skin sane and soft and doesn't break me out. The tube packaging is something I adore because I can always carry it around and use it on the go. Right now (Sept/ Oct) I get away with using it just once in the morning and once at night (or every time I cleanse). But when it gets colder, I will need to use it once more in between.
Price: Rs 115 (a lot cheaper in the CSD lol)
If your skin wont let you frown, smile, laugh, crinkle my nose and stick out my tongue with/at people I suggest you give this a shot! 
The only downside to this is that next time you go clubbing, you might be asked to produce your id.


  1. Hi Ikku - I thought I should tell you something about cruelty free crap.
    I'm a vegetarian and animal lover like you. I think sometime after I started blogging, I vowed to not feature products which were tested on animals. I came across Laura Mercier loose powder which said final product not tested on animals - I was like WTF is that supposed to mean? So I contacted them and asked them and to my surprize (not), I got no answer so I ended up researching a bit on my own. Then I discovered that Estee Lauder companies were either planning or were already selling in China and for that they had to test on animals. Turned out that my beloved MAC was also technically not cruelty free. My mom also an animal lover and vegetarian swears by her Lancome skin care and when I talked to this about her, her response was very dismissive regarding me not buying makeup tested on animals. The thing is, where do you draw the line? Most companies do get animals involved unfortunately, so it came to down to who does it more or less? That's why I decided not to go there. This was the reason why I used to be so anti-drugstore a few years ago, because almost everything is tested on animals but now same goes for MAC or any other company which sells in China. For me to change my stand on this, either China has to stop asking companies to test on animals or these companies must stop selling in China. Besides that there are too many loopholes and fancy language most companies throw our way to seem holier than thou. I get it though, it is a business after all.

    1. I remember when I wasnt blogging, someone did send me a mail saying something similar. And if they do it in China, there is no way they don't in India. I tried for almost 2 years. lol


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