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10 Things to Remember - Makeup For Your Trousseau

So you know how I said everyone I know is getting married? What I dint mention earlier is that 'everyone' are not 'makeup people' (read- all these girls aren't much into makeup) and hence would like me to suggest stuff they get for their respective Bridal Trousseaux! I've been a personal Shopper and a Co-Shopper and now I think it's time I share it here so it gives everyone I don't know an idea what to get! This is a Makeup for your Trousseau on a Budget post, so you can add/ remove adjust things as and when you want in your Trousseau! Okay, let's get started!!

  1. Just because you're getting married doesn't mean you are allowed to buy everything crazy expensive only to toss it out as soon as the week long party is over! We're doing this for people who don't use a lot of makeup normally, so you remember that you'd rather be spending the extra money on clothes that you'll actually wear! My cousin bought tonnes of expensive makeup for her wedding 3 years ago, dint use half of it. and believe me, it's all sitting in a vanity case in the upper shelf of the wardrobe in her mum's (my massi'splace.
  2. We'll go through what you actually would use and what you absolutely need and then we'll get to the fun part where you can splurge if you please! (It's your wedding after all, not a boot-camp plus hopefully you'll be getting married this onetime only!) So if you're someone like me who doesn't use foundation normally, you wont be buying it, because you wont be using it. Simple. (If you're reading a beauty blog I assume you either apply a foundation rightly, or don't apply it at all. You don't do the ugly/streaky/patchy/blotchy/too light/too dark foundation routine!)
  3. No, you can't wear the same makeup on your best friend's niece's wedding 7 years later. Nor can you pass it on to your daughter hoping she'd do the same with her daughter because it's makeup! Not jewelry, not even clothes to last that long!! So remember, we're only going to get what you can will actually use and wont feel bad throwing away when its shelf life is up.
  4. Because I don't know what colours you'll be wearing, and all the functions you'll be having, I'm going to suggest colours that go with most outfits.
  5. As a rule of thumb remember (not just for your wedding) that if a lot is going on with your clothes and jewelry, keep your makeup simple. And Vice versa. The weddings in Hyderabad, thanks to the bazaars at Charminar (especially the Muslim weddings)  have people wearing gorgeous shararas/ lehengas in the brightest/ prettiest colours + whichever religion you follow, in India, Everyone would like you to wear all the gold you possibly can and compete with Bappi Lahiri. Now while all this is going on, if you have sparkly blush on and a neon red-pink lipstick on and glitter on your eyes, it's not a pretty sight!! 
  6. Most South Indian weddings almost have a uniform for the bride and groom. A lot of weddings have the Bride wear a white/ off white 'pattu' (silk) saree (I'm not sure but I think the Brahmin weddings have this, In Andhra Pradesh though, The Brahmin Brides wear a white cotton saree with gold border for the main puja and changes immediately after) Because everything is so simple here, you're makeup can should be bright and fun (if allowed) so that you look 'like a bride' and don't feel left out because all your sisters and friends are dressed in the brightest, fun outfits! Whereas most of the other weddings have the Bride wear red silk sarees. And while a silk saree wearing bride might not sound like a lot of fun to you, when you see her, notice that you'll be holding your breath!  Now a red silk saree is not too heavy looking compared to a full of work lehenga, which is why your makeup can still have a lot of colour without looking over the top.
  7. Most of the Brides opt for a Makeup Artist o do their makeup for the main wedding. (If you're a bride from Hyderabad, I suggest you check out Zing from Sero's before calling up your 'know-it-all neighbourhood parlour lady'!) in which case they will use their own makeup on you. (Make sure you go in for a trial to see if you like it because the last minute shocks or even the surprises aren't good for your little Bridezilla heart!) This means that, you need to "buy" makeup for the functions you're not getting a makeup artist for.
  8. Apparently, your Trousseau stuff isn't supposed to be used before, it's supposed to be all new and pristine. So get some not-to-be-put-in-the-trousseau makeup that you can practice with on yourself. (If you're not good with eyeliner application. You can start practicing with an eyeliner and put a new one of the same kind in your trousseau. Or just continue using it (if that's allowed)). The rules are different everywhere. Same is the case with blush/ eye shadow. The point is, you need to get comfortable using it on your own. You know your face better than anyone else. *Remember that gel eyeliner application is very different from liquid and pencil;. So try them all if you can to see what you are most comfortable with and stick to that kind for now!
  9. Make sure you know your skin type and skin tone and check for allergies before you go out and buy things. If you haven't used makeup before, you wont know what might break you out/ cause a reaction. So test everything out before you make a purchase. Or buy things from brands you trust/ know work for you. 
  10. Good skin is like a good canvas. So make sure you follow a good skincare regimen so it's ready for the overdose of treatments and makeup it is going to be attacked with! Drink lots of water, use a good night cream, spend on good skincare products according to your skin type. Try to get as much rest as you can, try and keep calm. You're obviously happy inside and you just need to relax and assure yourself that everything will go beautifully! [err.. it might not be so smooth.. but that's how weddings are- hectic!! and eventually, everything is going to work out anyway, so DON'T fret!]
  11. One for good Luck! Make sure you don't leave all of this for the last minute.[But if you did already, the only option is not to experiment much. Stick to the brands/treatments/spas/know-it-all-neighbourhood-parlour-lady/ingredients-in products/what you know works for you. The good news is you can and should experiment with colour!] Or you'll have a tonne of issues to deal with! While testing things out, you need to give yourself enough time to recoup in case an allergy breaks out. You will be told that the certain product/colour/shade is out of stock and you might have to look for replacements at the last minute when a million other "important things" are going on and this will take a back seat. But believe me, this is what is see in the pictures. So it's not as unimportant as a lot of elders make it sound!
Prepare yourself, the next post will be all about what to buy!

*I talk out of experience here. As someone who has attended a fair share of Hindu/ Muslim/ Sikh and Christian weddings. And I'm definitely not being non-secular here when I talk about different religions. It's just about different clothes and styles and colours here. Yes, you can call me superficial.


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  2. Hi Ikya! A very well written post. :) been visiting your space for quite sometime now and I must say it is lovely.
    Every post/review has that personal touch to it and I enjoyed reading each one of them.

    1. Hi Sivani!! I'm so happy to know this. :) though when I reread my post now I see the amount and level of grammatical and spelling mistakes I made here! It still feels so nice that you decided to leave a comment! Than you so very much! :)

  3. Haha ;) grammatical errors or otherwise, I enjoy all your posts! Will keep commenting from now! :)

    1. I'm lucky to have such forgiving readers! :p I'll correct it as soon as I get my hands on a computer today! Please comment as and when you can! I'll be more than happy! :)


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