Tuesday, November 27, 2012

5 Colorbar Creme Touch Lipstick Swatches

L-R Frisky Pink, Oriental Mauve, Jewel Pink, Burnt Orange, Red Heart
 Frisky Pink- A bautiful, softy, coral pink colour.Reminds me of the twins Maybelline Coral Pink and MAC Crosswires. Though it is definitely a little darker and pigmented than Crosswires,
 Oriental Mauve - Why would anyone name this shade Mauve?! It's a soft, bubblegum pink. I wish I tried it at the store. Because I'm afraid it'll wash out my medium NC40 skin tone! BUT I want this so badly!!

Jewel Pink - Probably the most *flattering to all skin tones pink* lipstick made by any Indian Brand! a Brick-Reddish Pink, It's gorgeous!
 Burnt Orange is by no means supposed to be taken as a fun, peppy bright orange! It's a seriously lethal siren that's RED who is undercover! Okay so it's a burnt red. Or a slightly rust red. The swatch shows it as a tomato red, in reality, its slightly darker.
Red Heart - A beautiful sheer-ish Cherry Red, its a fairly innocent looking red. Don't let the colour in the tube scare you!

These lipsticks have SPF15 and are highly moisturising thanks to the Shea butter and Vitamin E in these.
Price: Rs 450 i.e. around 8$

Please note that all pictures are taken under harsh, white, store. And that the colours are slightly darker and redder in reality.


  1. Replies
    1. It's BEAUTIFUL! Isn't it? In the picture, it almost looks like a sheer, non neonish version of MAC Impassioned!

    2. I agree and looks beautiful on me :D I mean will compliment all skin tones

  2. I wanna try Red heart just for your description...always wanted a sheer wearable red like that sounds :)

    1. Eek! and when you do, you show me how prettyyy it is on you!

    2. Mwah! You say the sweetest things!! >>:)<<

    3. arey? I just REALLY want you to try a red! Then you'll buy Ruby Woo when you get here!:D It's all a conspiracy!

    4. Noooo!! but we both know I will :D Yayy Ugadi :) ;)

  3. I like the look of Frisky Pink, can't resist corals! I love the juicy, glossy finish of these lipsticks :P


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