Tuesday, December 18, 2012

You Expect An Apology?

Today, when our Country has been disgraced unfortunately by some of our own people in the gang rape case of a medical student that took place in a moving bus in Delhi, that has been promptly named "The Delhi Rape case", I'm disgusted, and saddened, yet again but I honestly feel like this was the last straw. I feel this will wake everyone up! Everyone knows it's high time now and the public wont sit and wallow in their pain for sometime and then move on with their respective lives while being scared and living with fear and suspecting every man they see!

I wanted to sit in my room and not talk about it. I wanted to change the news channel and distract myself, but I couldn't. You know why? Because if I do that today and manage to distract myself now, I'll be only doing that till it happens again! this will never end. I'm not saying that a post, what you may term a silly, even frustrated, from a 'beauty blogger' who, come on, it's ok to read secretly, but isn't serious at all, will stop rapes. Probably not, but I can only hope!
As a girl, as an Indian, as a human being that today, there will be a new beginning of a change. That today, people will realize they are alive and that they have the power and the strength to demand a change! That we will stop living in fear and only think of protecting ourselves. That today, we'll know that rape isn't normal. and that it shouldn't be expected. And that no woman brings it upon herself. 

 I feel like I've been wronged. Over and over and over again. And that I'm expected to say a silent prayer for the victim and move on with my life! I can't do that anymore! I feel like I need answers. I need to be told why you think it isn't okay if I cry over it! Why don't you? Why doesn't your world stop? Don't you have daughters or sisters or a wife or even a mother to be scared for?
Or you've taken care of it by banning them from doing things, getting out past 8 pm, using public transport, wearing what they want while you get to live the exact life you fancy just because you possess a special body part?! I know that most men are only trying to protect their loved ones with all these rules, but are the loved ones the bad guys? Shouldn't they have rules banning them from committing these acts, from making an exhibition out of a woman while eve teasing her? While getting drunk out of their minds and acting like utter fools? Why should we women, at the max, make a snide comment, as quietly as we can, laugh at what fools these men are making out of themselves and walk away?

Stop accusing the victim! She din't bring it upon herself! If she made an effort to look good, it wasn't done with an intention of attracting a rapists attention! She wasn't "begging for it" because she knew her drink of choice. The truth is, a rapist will see what he wants to, and do what he wants to irrespective of what anyone does! So if he's looking for a pathetic excuse for his act, and in some strange way trying to justify himself, there's no reason you, as a sane, normal, educated person to believe him! To justify him! It's foolish and stupid and wrong. If you truly believe this, you might as well ask us to apologize for being females.

Now, let's all stop calling it a yet another "Delhi" Rape case! Why do we want to wash our hands off the fact that it's still our country! It's still the human race, for crying out loud! It's as much our responsibility and our loss as it is to the people staying in Delhi!
Just terming Delhi the rape capital wont make the city safer! It's only giving the lowlifes an unexplained perverted satisfaction which is what they crave.
Do you honestly feel that it really is about sex? Sex isn't one of those "hard to find things" anymore. Who gives them the right to punish a stranger, who they probably haven't ever seen before, for wearing what she is or for nursing an alcoholic beverage in her hands? How is it any of their business? I recently read somewhere that some dogs were rescued from a place where porn films are shot in Mumbai. Where the activists found female dogs raped! What drives people to go to this extent to inflict pain upon another being?! How is it ok? How is it something that goes on and on, all the time? Murders don't happen as much, so sure, these people know that 'murder is wrong' why isn't rape, then? The kind of perverted pleasure they derive from the pain and suffering of their victim, makes these sick excuses for human beings worse than murderers. (It's another story that a lot of women are murdered after being raped).
Why isn't their punishment half as bad, then?
Really, do they think that the matter will be hushed because it'll bring "bad name" to the family? That the girl wont get married, so she wont say a word to anybody? That her family will disown her? To what kind of human beings is that justified anyway, I won't ever comprehend. To me, the punishment is next to nothing. So what if they've been arrested? However hard I try to believe that the change is happening, there's this doubt in my head and God please prove me wrong, that these guys will walk away after paying some amount of money and serving their term in jail for a few years. 
These lowlifes don't deserve death. That would be too easy. The deserve to be kept alive, after being castrated, They deserve to be pierced with blunt objects and have their fingers and toes cut one by one, everyday, keeping them alive all this while. They deserve to be handed over to the victims family to be treated however they'd like. They deserve that and more, and we need to make an example out of them. The treatment given to them should instill fear among people harboring any such disgusting intention, and we as a society deserve justice, to live in a clean, safe environment, where we wont have to live in fear just because we're females, where we know that a crime is not ok, and that the criminal will be punished, and that will scar him for as long as he lives and that we don't need to apologize for being born women.


  1. I heard the news too and as you said I didn't want to see the news but get distracted myself..That is all we have been or rather I have been doing all these days.. Those senseless morons seriously have to face a miserable punishment that they will regret through out their life time..

    1. and be a lesson to other filthy minded buggers!

  2. The worst is that the whole crime of rape has to happen till a case is seriously taken. Eve teasing in itself is such a henious crime and no body dares talk about it. Some throw acids , some even murder those girls and after that the govt. will wake up and think of some action. Even if you pitch in for capital punishments you cannot expect the nation to give capital punishments to rapists when it took them 5 yrs to hang kasab. What do we expect of such a system.
    And then there would be politicians who wouldn't let a stick move from here and there saying why are you trying to change the system. Damn it if your system cannot hold anybody accountable why are you sitting there with your a** on ?
    I completely agree with your idea of punishment by keeping them alive and cutting off each part of their body day after day. They deserve this and more.

    1. True that, If they'd punish eve teasers properly, the chances of rape might be reduced! BTW Did you see the footage where the AajTak reporter was harassed by a bunch of eve-teasers in a car while she was reporting this very news?! Shameful! I mean, they are on camera! People have seen their faces and their car number, and if they aren't caught, and dealt with, I mean it doesn't get easier than this, catching these guys! If they get away with it, what kind of a message are wen sending? You get caught on camera eve teasing, and left just like that, how long will it take for idiots like that to turn rapists without any fear?!I really don't know what will it take for the govt to wake up!

    2. I did it was so frustrating to see that. It is not just about buses , it can be cars , trains , tempo anything anyplace. A few years ago there was an incident where President security guards were involved in molesting a girl. In our parliament where MLA or MP can openly watch porn in their mobile , how can you expect these people to do anything for women.
      I wish girls can form troops like chambal ki foolan bai and then pick and choose these people one by one and castrate them chop their private parts for which they feel so bloody tempted. I really deeply wish a serial gang like this instills such deep fear inside men that next time they look at any woman with prying eyes they would be scared of having their parts chopped off.

      Such deep levels of frustration. Such wounded ego these men have they are retarded absolutely. Even today i saw a headlines today sting where police officials are opening saying "itna late kyun nikalti hai", "drink kiye hue ladke ke saath jayegi to aur kya hoga" , "paisa kamane ke liye khud jati hai kum paisa milta hai to complain kar dete hai". I am left aghast :O.

  3. I really can't understand what the world has come to... how disgusting their minds must be to think like that.

    1. I think the news ios breaking out now, at least! I shudder to think how these things went unreported earlier!

  4. What a heartbreaking yet infuriating story and outcome! It happens here too

  5. Horrid people! My heart really goes out to the girl , her family and so many others whose suffering goes unnoticed.
    I really wish there Is a stop to all this filth.

  6. OMG.

    You know the more I know whats going on in India, the more glad I am that I am not technically an Indian. I'm so grateful that I didn't grow up in that country. It is full of perverted, disgusting men with prying eyes who dont care if that woman they are staring at is their daughter/nieces/grand daughter's age. I don't understand why they are so sexually frustrated. It is ok for men to rape, abuse, horrify women - but it is so wrong for two people to fall in love and "love marriage" is a taboo and exotic. It is ok for men to pee in public, exposing their private parts, but it is wrong for a woman to dress as she wishes. Oh, look I can see her knees, let's rape her. Oh, look, she is out past 7 PM - let's rape her. Lets traumatise her for life, that should be her punishment, because we are sexually frustrated, we are wild animals out on the loose therefore we must go around ruining women and their sense of self esteem.


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