Saturday, February 16, 2013

Freeman 2-in-1 Exfoliating Body Wash- Blackberry

Today I will be introducing you to my new best friend. When you have to relocate to a sticky, hot as a furnace town, right smack in the middle of nowhere, only a few things, smells and people can make you feel better. This falls under all the inanimate categories of making me feel better!

I bought this online from  just because I was too busy (read LAZY!!) to use a loofah everyday but still wanted that squeaky clean feeling especially in such places of humidity!!! I'll list out the features and the few not-so-good points about this so you guys can decide whether its going to be your new best friend or not!
Speaking of new best friends, Lowe you Yikes! <3 :D [I love you right back :*!! Everybody else, more about the writer downstairs!]

Smell: Wunnnnderful, refreshing fruity-ish smell...fruit or not, (Blackberry, seriously!?) it smells great!
Consistency: Right between runny and paste, easy to handle except when you're too groggy, when it'll slip and slide and end up on the bathroom floor...during which you'll get squirted by the shower endlessly (true story!) but hey, it'll wake you up! :D
Colour: I don't really care about colors unless it is too bright and hence waay to artificial to be any good, this one is a lavender, nothing to write home about! [Whaaaa?! It's so pretty!]
Texture: It has a nice scrubby feel with lots and lots of non-abrasive granules. THE best factor for me and the reason why I repurchased this three times and counting!

The Fails: Very few, do not bother me at all
> The smell does not last all. I mean once you towel off, it's almost gone! But then again, if this smell lasts long then when are we gonna use up our body sprays and perfumes, huh? :)
> The slip 'n' slide consistency: Annoying at times but then you'll get the hang of it. Can even replace coffee in the adrenaline department a few mornings ;)

Price: Rs 220

So, that's that! Do let me (and Ik here!) know if you like this and whether you're gonna consider putting it on your grocery list :)

Keerthi who is probably the funniest and funnest Doctor I know has written the above article! I think she sounds like me a lot; being a fellow Taurean and Hyderabadi and all that. Which is why I wanted to check if you could tell the difference! But our love professing gave it away, I'm sure. Anyway, Say Hi!
Keerthi's facial skin type is Oily. Body- Dry.



  1. I really thought it was Ikya writing :) and was wondering why no "story" before the product.
    Nice review Keerthi..I'm in a hot, sticky city too so I think I'll get this.

    1. haha right? She really bailed me out, this sweet thing! I had the whole blogger's blog happening!

    2. Hey Dollie, thank you so much! :) :)
      Seriously, for places like that this stuff s great :)

  2. Awwwww Loved the About!! we are so similar ain't we! :))
    and about bailing you out, shaddup craziee...anyytime! <3


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