Saturday, June 1, 2013

Maybelline High Shine Color Sensational Lipgloss - Raspberry Riviera Review, Swatches, FOTD

You must know how much I love these glosses by now, right?
They're really pigmented, non sticky,  really pretty looking super shiny and best of all, really affordable!
The colour Raspberry Riviera is the third in my collection so far. You can see the reviews on Electric Shock here & Glisten Up Pink here.
Colour: It's a pink based purple. That's the best I can describe it! Okay, wait. Pinkish Purple. It's not that cold, greyish toned purple, you know what I mean?
This does have some silver shimmer in the tube that is veryyy sparse (like you can see in the picture above). Thankfully, it stays in the tube and I haven't really noticed it on my lip yet!
Left: Electric Shock, Right: Raspberry Riviere.
In the picture above you can see that it's a little sheer and non-creamy compared to Electric Shock. But it is really pigmented and the colour does show up beautifully on the lips. Looks more pink than purple in jut 1 coat, and opaque in 2 coats.

Longevity: The gloss lasts anywhere up to 2 hours (depending on what you eat/ drink etc). After which it leaves a stain behind. A pretty purple stain that lasts upto 2.2.5 hours more.
1 Thing that bothers me with this is that while the stain wears off, it disappears from the centre of my lower lips first. Maybe it's because I do bite my lips a lot.. But whatever the reason is, it does look bad then.

It does have that scent most of these glosses have. It doesn't really bother me, but you might want to smell it before you buy it if you have a sensitive nose.
Other than that, it comes with the angled tip applicator, instead of a doe-foot one.

FOTD: This is an edited picture, for the true colour of the gloss to show.
 This is a washed out, unedited picture below.
Price Rs 350

I think these glosses are a great way to wear bold colours that one might not feel bold enough to wear otherwise. Unlike Electric Shock that might not be everyone's cup of tea tube of gloss & Glisten Up Pink, that might wash most Indian skintones out, this particular colour will suit most skintones in my opinion!

To see a general, detailed review on these glosses, please read this.


  1. That colour looks stunning on you. I love products that leave a nice stain behind

  2. Replies
    1. I swear I thought of you when I first saw this! That's a sign it'll look stunning on you as well! :D

  3. This color looks really nice on you Ikya! Lovely shade... :)

    1. Hi Richa! Thank you so much. This is the only purple I'd dared to wear!

  4. Hi!!!! The Colour Looks gorgeous on you ikya...

  5. The color is gorgeous.. looks nice on ur lips :)

  6. Oh my.. wonderful clicks and great review Ikya! ;) Loved the shade

  7. OMG !! This is such a fab shade !


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