Sunday, March 8, 2015

LÓreal Paris Skin Perfect Cream For Your 20s

 Someone recently told me this - "God makes you who you are till you're 18. After that, what you look like is what you ear, and what company you keep." It did strike a chord with me, and I'm sure that's pretty much what LÓreal Paris believes in since they came out with a cream for women in their 20s.
Also, they're making it super accessible by pricing this range Rs 99 onwards!

Provides - Flawless Look, Glow & Fairness
This range has some cleansers too and this cream provides best results when used with the coordinating cleanser.
 It took me so long to review this cream because the weather where I live is still pretty chilly and dry and my skin is parched! This cream, however, is a very light moisturizer. Perfect for summers I suppose.
It is meant for the skin in 20s that need to combat oiliness, pollution, pimples and dull skin.
For now though, I've been liking the LÓreal Paris Skin Perfect Cream for your 30s more as that's more moisturizing than the on for your 20s.
But other than the moisture part, this does hold the brightening claim true. There's an initial white cast as soon as I slather this on my face (and that might be because I slather a huge amount ) It does provide a matte perfect finish. It is mildly moisturizing and so I do use this thrice a day and my skin has been in it's usual good condition minus any breakout.

The one thing you might notice as soon as you open the jar is the strong scent this cream has, actually all the creams in this range have it. It lingers on for a while after which it settles down. I can't wait to use this when the weather gets hotter and my skin gets oilier, and then I'll be able to judge this cream on all of its claims!
It comes in a sturdy glass jar. Full points to the looks department!

Price Rs 325 for the 50g jar

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  1. I am currently using the 20 + cream and its doing okay to my skin! The best part is oil doesnt ooze out the whole day.


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