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LÓreal Cannes Collection 2015 Review, Swatches

Lately, LÓreal Paris has taken over as one of my favourite "drugstore" brands! Yes, they seemed expensive earlier, but everyone and their uncle's are increasing their prices like crazy now, but these guys, they are sticking to pretty much what they were! I like that quality in people and brands. Just goes on to show that they are reliable that way! So now that that's out - don't you all just love the new collections they come out with every Cannes Film Festival? This year, I particularly love the collection!
The collection consists of my favourite Moist Matte Lipsticks (only this time, they come in these Swarovski studded packaging) , LÓreal Paris SuperLiner Gel Intenza 36H, and the LÓreal Paris Extrodinaire Liquid Lipsticks 

LÓreal Paris Moist Matte Lipstick - Arabian Nights
Price- Rs 1099
I have been a fan of these lipsticks in terms of their shade selection, texture, longevity, and the way they feel on my lips since they first came out! These ones, are only more luxuriously packed in Swarovski encrusted rose gold cases and come in an oh so luxurious velvet box! You get luxury for the price you pay!

These matte lipsticks have the most comfortable texture any matte lipstick could have! They are soft, they don't tug while application, they feel good while wearing, aren't particularly drying and last ages leaving behind a nice li'l stain! Only downside - These tend to break because of their super soft texture!

The color I have is Arabian Nights- This is a deep Purple- Brown colour that takes me back to the 90's - Rock Chic look that I couldn't wear back in the 90's! I was a kid and all, remember? I but I remember how I couldn't wait to grow up and do it! Well the kid me was way more adventurous, coz I haven't been able to wear it foll blown outside yet! But I love it so, SO much, I wore it and am playing with it a lot at home!

This colour isn't for the faint hearted, Neither is it for the times when you have 5 minutes to put a look together! I prefer wearing this with a decent amount of "makeup work" done and it looks stunning!

LÓreal Paris SuperLiner Gel Intenza 36H - Sapphire Blue
Price - Rs 875
These guys have to be my downright favourite from this range, partly because I hadn't tried the LÓreal Gel Eyeliners before and these just wowed me! These are creamy, completely smudge-proof, really water resistant (these won't play foul when it rains) and are a dream to apply!
I am a through and through gel eyeliner girl, mainly because I love the ease of application with these!

Sapphire Blue is a navy blue with iridescent blue shimmer that adds to the vibrancy of this eyeliner. The colour is so wearable, not loud or too bright. It's a muted navy blue, almost blackish - with a zing! 

The pigmentation is mind blowing. But I go over it twice, maybe out of habit, but I find that it's way more vibrant that way! My only gripe with this is that the brush doesn't come with a proper cap on it (like the Maybelline ones?) I clean my brush after I use it each time, and if it did come with a brush, I wouldn't have to clean it again before using it. That's just it. It does come with a tiny plastic cover to protect the bristles, but isn't covered on the top.

That's me wearing the LÓreal Paris Moist Matte Lipstick - Arabian Nights and the  LÓreal Paris SuperLiner Gel Intenza 36H - Sapphire Blue

LÓreal Paris Extrodinaire Liquid Lipstick - Coral Encore
Price - Rs 950

Is this a Lipstick or a Lipgloss? Honestly- I think it's more of a lipgloss. It is nicely pigmented and does give me near opaque coverage in about 3 swipes! But why shouldn't I just refer to them as Lipglosses and not put as much pressure on them? Because as lipglosses, these are The Bomb Dot Com (.com wouldn't make the effect I was looking to make! lol)

The colour Coral Encore ( I'll put up better swatches soon!) is totally up my alley! I LOVE corals and I love lipglosses for summer. This is both! These last for 2- 3 hours on my lips and look fresh and shiny the entire time! It has some minute gold shimmer and that just adds to the entire juicy effect omg, you guys, this I would totally recommend to anyone who loves juicy glossy lips.These cling to my lips, but feel super slick when I press my lips together, so aren't sticky either. Do you get what I mean?
They are fairly light weight if you are good with just 1-2 swipes like me. And I love the applicator! I have been a fan of the heart shaped, flexible applicators LÓreal Glosses have always. These pick up the right amount of product and applies evenly, as opposed to those hard, thin, long ones! Remember how I loved this other LÓreal lipgloss way back?

So, That's all for this Cannes Collection, I actually liked these products even though I expected to only like the Moist Matte lipstick!
What's your fav of all these?

Ps: Sent by PR. Views are my own.


  1. that lipstick shade looks scary in the bullet but on ur lips it looks beautiful!

    1. Ya dlit does look scary! Can't wait to try out a total 90s grunge look with this!

  2. I love the eyeliner but I wish it was in a pencil form as I am a bit too lazy for gel eyeliners

    1. Haha I haven't tried a pencil liner that's as soft and easy to apply as a gel one! Any recommendations?

  3. Ohmygod, I had no idea you're back! YAY. I love Arabian Nights on you!

    1. Haha I'm never gone! You should know by now! :p II'm surprised at how much I like it too!

  4. Oh these are prettily packaged... I have never been a fan of Loreal makeup but am starting to convert now... looooved the swarowski ones :) you rock the arabian night girl...!

    1. thank youu! I've always liked their lip glosses and stuff. Now, I quite love their new collections every Cannes ff!

  5. I love Sapphire blue gel liner and lipstick looks quite gorgeous on you. :) Though I do not think I can carry this shade. I prefer brighter colors.

    1. Oh that's what I thought too initially.. but I quite liked it to mix up. Also love mixing it with lighter lipsticks and wearing

    2. Oh that's what I thought too initially.. but I quite liked it to mix up. Also love mixing it with lighter lipsticks and wearing


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