Friday, September 11, 2015

The Beauty Blender | Is It Worth The Hype? | Review & Use

If I had a rupee  a Hundred Rupees for every time someone asked me how I wear my foundation or concealer, what? In those exact words- I'd probably have a few hundred rupees. But if you were to count expressions like -
  1. What?! Where's the Foundation? Where's Your Concealer? Where are Your Horrendous Dark Circles?!
  2. Y-You're wearing concealer? Where? You're flawless! (lol let me wipe it off and then hear you say that!)
  3. Wow Ok, IF you're wearing foundation/ concealer how can't I tell you have? Cause I can always tell, you know? It shows! Around the mouth, around eyes! Where are those tacky lines on your face?
THEN- I'd be rich! And I'd buy Beauty Blenders for everybody!

The Beauty Blender is mainly used to blend foundation seamlessly. I use it for concealer application mainly. Any cream liquid face makeup like blushes/ cream contours/highlights etc can be blended in with a Beauty Blender. There's a small one in the market mainly for concealers but I haven't tried it. The pointy side is perfect for my eye area!

Use- Pretty simple, really! I first wet it/ wash it & squeeze out the excess water and then, I just slap some foundation/ Concealer on my face and bounce this on top.
It blends my foundation and concealer like a dream, The finish is even and pore-less. Almost airbrushed!
I like that it not only blends the product into my skin, it also sucks up any extra product I might have applied and hence the result is flawless. No creasing / caking up of extra product happens!

 I am a convert. I specially like it for my concealer application. I use 2-3 concealers in 1 go (My Colour Corrector & Concealer are heavy cream products) and The Beauty Blender ensures that the application is flawless, there's even blending and there's no creasing caking up of concealer in the fine lines under my eyes. I can't think of using anything but The Beauty Blender for my Concealer application!

You can see it in action here

I love that it is to be used damp. I wash it and clean it thoroughly before every use and use it damn. This is something I cant do with brushes.

Price - I got mine for a great deal at Rs 1700-1800 for 2 Beauty Blenders from

If you find it at a great price, give it a go, especially if you use heavy cream based products are aren't very easy to blend. This will take care of that!


  1. I really wanna try the beauty blender.

  2. Loved the video so much Ikya! Sending it to my sister coz she keeps bugging me with concealers. You're such a pro babe xx

  3. I like the idea of layering a cream concealer with a liquid concealer.


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