Tuesday, January 26, 2016

4 MAC Lipstick Dupes

MAC Lipsticks are some of my favourite lipsticks! And you know that if you've seen my latest humongous  MAC Haul here! But they're not the most affordable ones.

The newly launched Maybelline Lip Gradations are great dupes of a lot of MAC Lipsticks!
They're known as the Maybelline Color Blurs worldwide.

  • The one in Orange 1 is a very close dupe of the MAC Lady Danger Lipstick and because they look pretty much the same on us girls with colour, they're close dupes of the MAC So Chaud lipstick by extension!

  • Maybelline Fuchsia 1 is an exact dupe of the much loved MAC Flat Out Fabulous! You're welcome.
  • Maybelline  Pink 1 is very VERY close to MAC All Fired Up. My Lipstick of choice all of the festive season that went by.
  • Maybelline Pink 2 is veryyy similar to MAC Speak Louder in terms of colour. Obviously not in terms of texture and overall look as the said MAC Lipstick is a creamsheen formula that's quite glossy and far from the velvety matte finish of the Maybelline Lip Gradations!
The Maybelline LipGradations cost Rs 500 for a teeny tiny amount and the MAC Lipsticks cost Rs 1450 for 3 gms . So you're pretty much paying the same amount for the same quantity! Brand name apart, I quite like the Maybelline Lip Gradition that I own. Its great quality!

Do you like finding dupes as much as I love finding dupes of my favourite MAC Lipsticks? Let me know in the comments below!
Oh, and a very very happy Republic Day to all Indians! :)

Here's a very fun "Desi Tag" I did last August for the Indian Independance Day on my Youtube Channel!



  1. Grt video..you look super hot in orange...by the way, republic day babe not independence...love Rachita(RIAW)

    1. Thank youu! Hahah I said Republic day. I did that video last year on Independence Day! :)


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