Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I went M.A.C hopping!!

So I have been to the only MAC store we have in Hyderabad a couple of times before.. but today.. I had to talk about it..
The store is locate in GVKOne mall, Banjara Hills.
Honestly.. I dont have any particular product to talk about right now.. Its just about my experience in the store.. I am specifically doing a post on this cause I have an experience that i am definitely not forgetting any time soon..
and I also know a lot of people who cribbed about the "unfriendly staff" at MAC.
I have heard numerous bad experiences at MAC stories..
To be honest, I never had a bad experience at the MAC store. but I guessed may be that was because I went with my mom.. who is pretty rich :P  or maybe because I never went to swatch a lot of products and bug the staff.!! I went got my thing and thats all.. :D but since I started blogging,.. I was afraid to an extent that I might face the same "stuck up and snobbish MUA's"

Okay.. so it was a general day.. work work.. run to college.. arguments over design.. freaking out over deadlines.. i needed a break and the Dare to Wear & the Fabulous Felines collection from MAC was launching today.. so i went to  get my dose of colour..

So what happens.. I walk in.. I see a usual pretty girl at the counter She was wearing Chuda. and that was the first thing i noticed about her!! (you dont get to see it in Hyd often):P.. after grumbling to myself a little- *OMG she is so cute. OMG.. she is from MAC.. will she be rude??.. will she not care about what i am looking for?..

Oh wait.. but... this girl had a beaming smile on.. and said the happiest Hi I got in the whole day! :D
so far so good.. then after the general.. I want to check out the new collection.. (it launched here in the evening, bdw).. so I will go check it out tomorrow.. :D I am super excited!

okay.. so I talk talk my typical stuff.. and this pretty girl with awesome hair is constantly smiling and listening to my rubbish and she is so sweet.. i wanted to try Rati's foundation MAC Mineralize SPF 15. and I also wanted to try the Studio Cover concealer.
and oh she is so enthusiastic about it even though she was super busy as they were preparing for the launch today.. plus there were like a lot of customers!!
she still tries everything she can on my face :D

Oh and wait for this- I never heard anyone say "dont buy it if you need it" at any store! this girl was actually giving me her honest opinion. she wasn't forcing me to buy anything. she asked me to tell her how the foundation was after the whole day. like nothing? i mean.. i found that very genuine and sweet of her.

Somehow we are just so used to people forcing us to buy nonsense, no?.. I come back home feeling cheated so many times.. but here.. she was actually worried about what I am going to like.. I have never had this experience before.

 People get irritated when you want to take time deciding. People dont care about assisting you when you make it clear that you are only going to check stuff out and not buy anything if you dont like it. I get scared and buy something at least from stores.. lest they curse me forever!!

So I was a little stunned by how sweet she really is- i told her that i'd come to check the swatches.. sweet still.. so i really wonder how these people get their so called stuck up image from?!
then.. one customer walks up.. and demands her attention.. In fact, as soon as she saw the customer, this girl tells me that she was there earlier.. so she had to attend to her.. why would i mind..?? she was not rude to me yet!!:P
as soon as she goes and starts talking.. i can hear this woman raising her voice and going "i dont like studio fix!!" i want so and so.. how can you not get it here?! i wont go to Chennai"
believe me.. i was irritated myself.. this woman has no right to come and scream at people for no reason at all.. and to my very surprise the supposedly stuck up MUA just explains something to the lady with a polite smile on.
Then she gets back to me.. and we get back to our own conversation. she is still smiling like nothing happened and still as interested in what I am saying.
I dont get this. why are they perceived to be rude and stuck up when half the junta has no manners whatsoever.
I couldn't keep it to myself anymore.. and i just blurted it out.. i heard that you people are very rude!! to which she just smiles and shrugs. i dint know what to say.. i got to know much later that she is the store manager and her name is Preeti. :):)  i cant believe i spoke such nonsense to the store manager but she made me feel so comfortable and happy. my day was finally taking a happy turn.

This only means that people are going to treat you the same way you treat them.

Okay now a funny/ cute incident from one of my earlier visits tot his store. they have a really cute makeup artist here. He is from Manipur. He is CUTE!Like seriously!!:D okay I dont know his name.. but this is what happened.. I was with my family and my brother and dad were raiding the shelves of CK. this is right opposite the MAC store.. so while my mum was pretending to be interested in what my brother was saying, the prettiness of MAC was calling out to me! so I went there. Now.. I had this runny kajal and creased concealer on! and I dont want to talk about how I was looking! and this guy was there. now he is the kind that wont smile at you instantly.. so I was apprehensive about talking to him.. but he was the only one who seemed free.. so I went ahead and spoke to him.and he couldn't TOLERATE my dirty makeup!!:P he sat me down.. and used a sponge and started cleaning the mess I made! I found this extremely cute and funny! why would anyone do this if he were rude or snobbish? lol.. then he made my makeup look like magic without doing anything! then he just  put some powder and made my face look perfect! I loved him! :D

Everybody is only worried about how the staff is behaving. right? no one ever bothered to look into how the customer is talking to them? you cant expect people to be overtly nice to you when you go throwing your weight around, right?

MAC has specialized Make Up Artists.. they wont fuss around you with fake smiles. they wont force you or con you into buying nonsense.
lets get over it. and lets try and hold everybody in some regard.

that said and done.. The day I feel someone at MAC is being rude to me, I will bring it to Preeti's notice.. or whoever concerned is available there.

So if it means anything to anybody, I had and excellent tome at the store and I will go there forever!!! Today, I really know why MAC has such loyalists! Its for their amazing products.. The service they provide, and their pretty MUA's (oh there are hot ones too.. if it makes any difference:P). They actually have such a tough job.. I would die if I had to be good to everyone i saw the whole day! lol..

I am not talking about every MAC sore in India. i am only talking about the Hyderabad MAC store, and the few people from there that i have come across.


The MAC store in Hyderabad is looking for makeup artists.. if you are good and can be good to people to avoid the snob image :).. do drop in for an interview with Preeti..

** I wrote this article for Preeti who saved my day!:) and I am not advertising for MAC. I wrote what i felt and experienced. I am getting nothing out of this article other than the satisfaction for trying to give back in the small way i can.


  1. Cute write up Ikky the ogre. And I totally agree with your theory that some people who come into stores need to bypass into a manners class first..like compulsory thing. Customers can also "smile" and say a "hiii" to the SAs there, you know, and I am yet to see one who does. Its not some customer-SA interaction rule..its plain simple GOOD MANNERS!!!!

  2. :D:D i do i do!!:D:D sameer said people are good to be because i almost dance in front of them! hmmmph!!:P:P:P

  3. REALLY??? Now me want to meet you :D :D

  4. :P:P i wont dance for you!:P:P i am snobbish and rude!:P like if they are.. i definitely am!:P hehe so we wont talk to each other or acknowledge each others presence ans just message each other!:P

  5. Hehehe..ya..we will totally ignore each other..and then I will call you or you call me and then we will gossip :D :D :D

  6. Rati going to throw potty at you now..me running away :D :D

  7. Ratiiii..she busy surfing...she no see...me also throw datteee stuff all over her blog. Zorro..you stay quietly to one side okay..me no throw dattee stuff at you..me louuu you :D

  8. Awww!!! cute write up. I came to fight with you but now I'll just rub my nose on your tummy. :D

    I do say Hi to MUAs whenevr I visit MAC :( Like who cares. You know I have had snooty experience with MAC MUAs but who are good are good. I talk to them only. I ignore the snooty ones. :P I think more than being mac mua i think it depends from person to person. hai na...

    And me want to meet you as well. :((

  9. yeah me wanted to throw pooty at you but grrr...okay now I wont. :P

    and you take loose powder on your fluffy brush and apply it on your concealer. It wont crease...

  10. that radhika made me go insane today. :(( me throw bombs at her...she has totally taken away the peace from my life...*grittt teeetth*

  11. Hey ..me too love all the staff of MAC GVK1 mall..The one who has rebonded hair is pretty good..she always gives right advice and i guess she recently got married

    even the Manipuri guy is too cute too and then there is one girl who wears fabulous make up ..i think she too is an East Indian.

  12. HUH?????????? All this while you wanted to potty-throw at Ikky and now she make puppy face..you make puppy face...me bad???? I get new healthy helpful kind of friends..you two are bad...unhealthy :D :D :D

  13. OMG! so much happened already!?:D:D yes Ratidoo.. i totally believe what you are saying! people are just so rude.. then they come and complain!:P
    and thank you!!:D:D:D me call you tomorrow! morning morning! then stalk you!:P

  14. hey Anamika!! yes yes all the people i spoke of.. the third MUA you mentioned is soooo pretty!!:P but i dint get to talk t her.. and the one who recently got married is Preeti.. :D damnnn sweet! i loved her!:D and that guy is soooo cutee!!:P:P:D omg! lik so cute ! i am mad!:P

  15. Rati!! throwe bombs! me will throw potty at her too! like she is so mean! laughed aAT MY LAPTOP crashing called me mean. said i use everybody and she was like you call me at 4? me switch my phone of at 4!:P me smart no? called at 6!:P hehe

  16. he he yeah good you called up at 6. did you see her comments on chanel post..she made me go bonkers today. i would be trying makeup in my dream today..grrrrr....

  17. why? no see. go see. bdw.. she is getting out of the hand:P and being rude to everybody!:P

  18. Ohhhh so cuttieee IKyyuuuu... =***

    Also i do believe that they are called High end purchases for a reason, and everything when it comes to high end brands are HIGH, be it the satisfaction or disappointed

  19. hey...nice post Ikku....I hvnt had any bad experience at MAC yet but I hv sensed that at times wwhen the MUAs feel that ur there just to check stuff and are not really gonna buy something some of them are not very willing to help you check out things...

  20. Hey Ikku Kumar.....good and such a funny write-up.....I know how these BPO types speak to the SA's...."hey you......you understand what I am speaking, right?????....Don't you understand English."".....These types are extremely stupid and put up fake accent and so poopicious and they throw their non-existent weight around.......

  21. Hey Ikku...there are so many married more than-two years ago women romaing around in chuda in hyderabad.....I guess its because chuda looks much more attractive.....................with royal blue jeans and a pure white T-shirt.....imagine.............

  22. heyyy Debbuuu!:D thank you! i know what you are saying Deb.. but my point is..
    remember Rati had a bad experience with Estee Lauder once?
    i had a bad experience with Elizabeth Arden in shoppers stop (Begumpet wala):P once.. those people were talking to me in a fake accent continuously.. and giggling! i mean i know what rude is.. i am not saying everyone at MAC is God.. but why give only them a bad name? like why target MAC? .. :D:D

  23. HD.. :D thasnk you. again the same thing.. i got the feeling from Maybelline and Lakme people!! you believe it?! they start giving you dirty looks and dont care what you want. they were busy putting their own makeup on.. and some guy at the Central mall.. here.. was irritating me. like giving no breathing space.. and going on and on in a fake accent!!

    and i really dint get this at MAC! Infact, Preeti dint let me buy anything that i already had.. and asked me to wait and see how the foundation felt too.. i never got this kind of a reaction from any SA! :) when i told her that i will come for swatches.. she was like okay.:D so far so good.. :D and i was specifically talking about the MAC store in Hyderabad.. cause i know a lot of people here who go on and on about the unfriendly staff!! they are not being paid to be friends na.. they are doing their job perfectly. so why complain? .. thats all i was trying to say. :D

  24. Jomolll!!!!!!!!!!! totallyyy!! i get the fake inglis accent from so many SA's only! i think i should write about the crack Elizabeth Arden staff too!! so much irritation happens!! grrrrr.. but yeah.. one lady toh i mean her accent was not fake.. but she kept raising her voice.!! like they have no business screaming at the staff if the stock is over na? like so stupid. if the staff misbehaved, you can go complain. you can scream back and walk away then go around bad mouthing them. what can the staff do to complain about any customer? i want to know really.. :)

    and Preeti.. i am pretty sure just got married!:P

    but there are ssssoo many people who wear the chuda just for fun! heheh like they dont know when to wear it or something.. they wear it when they have 7/8 year old kids!:P dont crack any joke on this!!:P:P:P

  25. hey nice post sweetie :) , i loveeee all MAC MUA ... infact the feeling is mutual , i know each and every MUA by her name and just try to gain the knowledge they have , but again i have seen some girls who step in MAC and act over smart as if they know everything and what they get in return ??? i wonder ???
    but M A C mua are THE BEST , here and the places i have been , i have a friend in Delhi too , i mean a MUA in MAC , who knows me and we have only had a word on phone ... they are so loving ...

  26. Ahem aaaaaaaa(sry for my signature style):) ikya, never knew you could write so much when your half ASLEEP! ...And thank god you didn't post 'those' pics.

    Report/Story on my exp @ M.A.C - Cool plc but not 4 ME ...wait ...deleting msgs....ikya speaks....i say ya ya luks gud ....wait ....back to games ... wait Grrrrr !!! #$%*!!! , Ikya says " sry sammy just a few mins more"....my standard answer - " No probs take your time". goes on n on hahaha.
    MORAL -Sam never minds waiting for pretty friend IKYA .

  27. Good to kno u had such a warm experience and also abt the cute MUAs at MAC lol :-D


  28. Sameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer - You stop waiting for pretty friend Ikya and be mean to her once in a while :P :P :P

    I did my evil work for the day :D :D

  29. :D:D:Dsammmmmyyy!!:D:D:D:D:D awwwwwww... i louuuuu you!:P:P he called me prettyyy!!! saw saw saww?????:D:D he called me pretttttyyyyyy:P

    :D Radhikkkaaaaaaaaa!!!!!! i louuuuuu you!!! sammyy heard ssssoooooo much much mucchhhh about you and Rati :D:D:P

    sharon- :D yeah yeah.. was fun went today again!:D:D

  30. hey Rashmi.. :D it good to know what you mentioned. :D i just know that they are doing a very good job :D so me happy!!

  31. Hehe YES ikya you are PRETTY ! Don't hav to prove that ppl ...Honestly .

    @Radhika - Thank you 4 compliments n i've been mean to ikya on few occassions (Ikya knows wen) so nothng new !

  32. :P:P:P awwwwwww
    yes yes Rads!! he is pretty mean mostly!:P:P

  33. ohh ikku...me no care mac ppl are snooty me never go there anyways no paisa :D :P

  34. :P:P oh even i have no paisa anymore!:( me want paisa to buy your and Radssss cream blush!! wantsss

  35. tht bery bery inexpensive sweedums...i send ya in some weeks when i get paisa :D =*

    Me today got a gift from Tatjana from IMBB she sent moi a mascara :D

  36. :P mac is 500 rs more than that!:P i am so broke!:P no 500 rs also!:P oh and howww?!?!? Tatjana doesn't lou me!!?:(:(
    :P you send me blush okay?!:D:D berryyyy berrryyyy inexpensive one!:P

  37. sure sure will do beti...send me ya adress but ya have to at least go urself chose the shade :P

  38. :P:P:P i want tomato red!:P your pink will look i dunnohow on me!:P:P:P


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