Wednesday, October 20, 2010

MAC Dare To Wear collections swatches. :)

So they were launched yesterday.. :) and in went to get the swatches today!

we have 6 lipglosses and
7 eyeshadows in Hyderabad. :)


These are much longer than the normal MAC lipglass.

1.wind me up- Bronze with pink and gold shimmer,
2. Dare to Dare- maroonish purple? (put up with my descriptions, please!:P) with light blue shimmer.
3.So Bad- Coral (mild) Orange.. with pink and gold shimmer.
4.Gimme That- bright pinkkk with blue shimmer.
5. Bold & Brash- Red with pink purple and golden shimmer..
6. Ban This! Purple with blue and pink shimmer.

These glosses are opaque!!! and sticky and come in superlong bottles!!:):)
veryyyy veryyy shimmery very bright.. i would call them liquid lipstics..


out of these, Sky & Going Bananas have a frost  finish.. everything else here, is Matte.. :)

i personally loved the so bad lipgloss! but i am sure of carrying it off!:P so took lite.. so much colour!!:D made me supehappy:P


  1. Oh these are reallllllly pretty :D :D :D

  2. i cant tell you HOWW much me lou you!:D

  3. You a monkeyyy...a mad one at that...I can confidently tell you that :D :D :D :D

  4. wow that green is out of this world... * . *

  5. :D:D it is!! i bought a green eyeshadow today!!:D:D not this.. another one.. shimmeryy!!:D


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