Wednesday, October 20, 2010

MAC Fabulous Feline Swatches

Fabulous Felines has been launched in two parts here- Burmese beauty & Palace Pedigreed.
I haven't seen the Leopard Luxe here.

Starting with pigments- (all together)

  • Gold Stroke  (Frost) 

  • Antique Green  (Frost) 

  • Mauvement  (Frost)

  • Bloodline  (Frost)

  •  Blushes-

    Pet Me
    The Soft Meow

    Eyeshadow quads-

    Burmese beauty

    Burmese Beauty

  • Prized  (Satin) 

  • Skintone 2  (Frost)

  • Burmese Beauty (Lustre) 

  • Showstopper (Matte)

  • Palace Pedigreed

  • Courtly  (Satin)

  • Palace Pedigreed  (Satin)

  • Quite Spoiled  (Satin) 

  • Russian Blue  (Matte)

  • Superslick Liquid Eye Liner 

    • Nocturnal 
    • Smoky Heir 
    • Signature Blue 
    • Treat Me Nice 


    Burmese beauty-

  • Pet Me Please (Frost)

  • To Pamper  (Lustre)

  • Liquid Lurex (Dazzle)       

  • Palace Pedigreed-
    • Superior  (Dazzle)
    • Of Royalty  (Cremesheen) 
    • Aristo-Cat  (Frost) 
    • Cunning (Frost) 



    1. wow...somebody is deep into mac love after the nice experience.hmm..
      but where is my boy? u forgot to attach his pics at the end...

    2. I knowwwwwwwwwww...where is Zorro...and I liked Showstopper :)

    3. :( they wouldn't allow him there na!:P and nice experience no Poornima, i dint have a bad experience.i just wrote that post because i had enough of everyone going on about how rude they are!:P
      i am equally happy seeing colours in lakme and the stationary shop!:P

    4. you did??:D me liked it too.. me liked Russian Blue too.. but its not that pigmented.. me loved dare to wear!:P

    5. Ya it seems so bright and woww...the swatches I saw had been so dull dull..

    6. yeah.. but then i have swiped those multiple times!:P got used to it!:P:P:P

    7. wow cool :) appreciate ur efforts sweetie :)

    8. OYee!!! That Radhika made me all curious curious. Me going today . yippiieee!! Yippoooo!! Mwaaah!! you have a good day. :)

    9. hey Rashmi!!:D thank you so much!:D
      saw the dare to weaR swatches? me loved that more!:D

    10. Ratidooo!!:D:D curious about what?!? me have to tell you sssssoooooooooo mucchhhh!!:D:D:D oyou have a good day too!!mmmwahhh!!

    11. I'm liking the liquid liners..and the quads too..hehe..

      sorry..forgot about the whole swatch thing earlier as I was searching for zorro throughout the post..LOL.

      I have a rule for u..:-D s a fun rule. Every post you do, pls add a zorro pose at the end..or atleast a line abt him. I understand you cant take him to stores..LOL..but when u click swatches from home, he can well be included in the frame don't kick me..Atleast he can be made to tear paper bags..ikkuuuuu

    12. :D:D hehe truuueeee Poornima!! me will do that pakka se now on!:D:D hehe

      i liked the liners too.. :D and the quads are very wearable.. :D but i LOVED DARE TO WEAR!! checked that out?


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