Thursday, October 21, 2010

Greenie Pixie Eye makeup!!:D

For Rads and Honey akka :P!  the major greenies in my life :D
(Honey akka doesnt know i blog!:P it pretty much a secret!:P)

oh and i got the MAC  Mineralize SPF 15 Foundation and an eyeshadow (Swimming) yesterday

so i had to had to use these!:D:D

got a rash on my forehead. :(
it was Papa's birthday on 18th!:D no Zorro picture cause he would've gotten scared of what i have on my face!:D:D


  1. I want this eyeshadow :(( I want to look green pixie :(( Someone please tell me it will look supercute on me :(( Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease :((

    And who drew that atrocious pic on the cake? I have a letter from a certain someone with the exact same pic on it :D

  2. :D:D it WILL look good on youuu and you will look awesomeee wearing it!!:D:D so get it! get a greener nyx thing na.. :D

    and your letter picture is orginal ma!:P this one, the cake boy wouldn't understand na.. bolke i made simpler version for him!:D:P

  3. You actually drew this for the guy...he must have been staring at you and the pic!! Must be wondering what made him take up this cake deco job :D :D :D Me want some cake..NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. NYX has something similar??? go stare :D :D :D

  4. yess they do!! and the cherry thing.. are all discounted.. so go use your credit card!:D cause you wont wear these all the time na.. thats why.. :D

    oh and i did!:P i sent it with my butler!:D :P so he must've stared at the butler!:P i put a smiley by mistake the first time 7 years back.. and he did it on the cake.. so me doing it always!:P only my budday cake has no smileys!:P n:( no no papa puts!:P:D

  5. hey u look really green :D :) and happy belated bday to your papa!!

  6. haina? me just felt my face is pretty green looking here!:P

  7. U carry the green eyes look really well. Did u wear it out tho?? :D
    Cake is yummy and Happy belated b'day to ur dad frm me 2

  8. :D:D thank you Sharon!!:D:D (from papa)
    i had to do green it is my green year:P i love green. but i never wore it out! i wear makeup.. click pictures and remove it!:P and i dont have anything more than my lip balm and kajal o outside~:P:P:P cause i am usually running late!! you from hyd too right? i dont have to tell you about timings here!:P:D

  9. Me bherry bherry tired today.. so not going green but it's bootifoolll ogre. me not katti with you. me prooouudd of you.. Ne do twiggly wiggly with my node on your tummy.

    Can I get the cake please..blink blink. :*

    Me loouu that foundation...*worship**worship* how do you find it? :))

  10. And where is zorrrooo..grrr.... wm no like you...grrrr prrr

  11. heheheheh nodeeee!!!!!:D:D:D oh you likeee?:D i want new green! i should've just bought it there!:(:(:( i am sooo angry at myself!:P
    me like the foundation Rati.. but i dunno when i will use it.. and you know was reading your review today.. it was all over my clothes and phone as soon as i got out of the store but i kept it.. :( and i dunno!:( it turned dark.. :(:( but its okay.. like everyone makes mistakes.. trying to make myself happy.. and i want the studio fix concealer.. and i go all the time and dont buy cause my select moisturecover is not getting over! grrrrr...

    have some cake.. have some cake! dont let it get into your node area!:P ccccccchhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeee

  12. :(:(:( i had the green on my face!:P he would've killed me if he saw me like that!:P so.. so his picture!:D tomorrow!:P:D

  13. YOu know I tried moisture cover today because I wanted to try. The SA was very happy like oh wow! it just melted on your skin. II knew it was going to crease very badly within a few minutes considering the texture it has,. I asked her to give me some powder and brush. I loaded my brush with the powder and applied it underneath my eyes. I swear it didn't crease. It didn't last all day long on me but it didn't crease for 2-3 hours till the time it was on. You apply powder. It would help.

    Same with foundation. It's a creamy foundation. You HAVE To set it with some loose powder. And you know stop using that Lakme rose powder. It's pure talc, it might harm your skin. But some good one . Like that's what I feel.

    Also don't buy a new concealer until you finish up your new one. Keep a compact with you and do a little touch up on your face and underneath your eyes. you'd be fine and would look fresh. :*

    My BIG OGRE. :*

  14. awww!!:D:D thanks Rati!! i wont get a new concealer till i finish this one!:D i have the body shop ka loose powder.. looking for it.. :Di have some maybelline ka compact.. i dont feel like using it.. will see go get something.. what do you suggest? the guy said my skin is pretty normal.. so i need a compact and loose powder?? both?

  15. All this mac talk, and i feel like its the apartheid all over again :'(

  16. hahahahahahahahahah howwww do you come up with this ?!?!!?!?

  17. thank you soooo much Aarthi!!:):) sorry for the latteeeee reply!!:(

  18. are you? long time no see..hows zorro?

  19. heyyyyy Poornima!! happy Diwali!!!:D me good! sorry for taking so long!:( am veryyyyy busy with thesis.. will get back with a bang soon!!!:D like 2 weeks:P :( Zorros good too!! how is Arjun???:D how you? everything Diwaliiii??:D

    Debbbbuuu!!!! i know! :( miss my blog a lot!! but i have to be working for a while!! and i louuu you and thankyou! and Happy Diwali!:D:*

  20. wowwwieeeeeeeeeee loved the green.... mossy is it??
    m getting it :D
    waiting for me to get a job *sob sob*

  21. hehe me also waiting to get a paying job! dint know my office dint pay trainees!:P this is swimming.. :P:D
    and thank you!!! :D


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