Sunday, November 28, 2010

Blast from the past!!:D

I have ignored my blog enough for a looooong time i know.. i have the perfect excuse. i was giving back to back juries and it was my thesis semester! i dint sleep more than a few blinks per night for over 2 and a half months! and still the outcome was not perfect! anyhooo.. i'm glad i'm back and i'm loving it!! I love my blog. I missed it and I wont blabber more.

 I'll just start with something that i always wished would get its importance and i missed most chances to give it any.. I am talking aboutttt * drumrolls*

The Body Shop trio Rads gifted me.
Now this is special for a lot of reasons.

  • this was the first parcel i ever received! (like the one i waiteddd for ):P
  • this had green in it.
  • this was my first ever parcel.!!!
okay and i always wanted to do a post on it. but after my very intelligent post after my intro, i dint want to.. because i dint want this to be just another post. i wanted this to be special. so now that i am restarting, this IS perfect. :D
ssssso here goes-
yes i rest the cam on my tummy to click pics!:P

choried picture
courtesy- My Weekend Ramblings ( you should get picasa and put a watermark Rads!:P)

 i loveee the green in this! the first time i mentioned i wanted green eyeshadow, Rads offered to send this to me!:P and at that time this green was not on my mind at all but it was love at first sight for me!

Rads thinks this trio is too shimmery for her liking, I dont wear makeup on a day to day basis.. so when i do, i really like to go all out and do pretty colourful stuff  :P
but this green, is VERY wearable!! i lovveee the grey and the green in this.. and i finally getting comfortable using the purple/pink colour too!!

all in all i lovee the trio.. it was one of the sweetest things anyone has ever done for me.. especially since we were almost just getting to know eachother then!:P and i loveee you Rads! this was a verryyy thoughtful gesture! :)
thank you!!! mmwah!!!



  1. She steals my post title!! She steals my pictures!!!! Really..and I thought you were my friend.

    PS: To the owner of this dirty blog, I have Picassa. I do not like watermarking my pictures. Besides chors like you might just crop out the watermark! ZORRRO BITE HER..errr...POSTERIOR WILL YOU PLS???

  2. :D:D yes yes Rads you are welcome!:D me downloaded anjana anjani and will watch finally:P then will go to the theatre right next to my house and watch break ke baad by myself!:D

  3. Shameless !! Hope there is some leftover poop on the theater seat...and then you sit on it...

  4. hahah thanks for warning me! as soon as i see it, i'll get it for you!:D i'll look for it on other seats also!:P

  5. Ha ha ha ha....I know what curse worked, my curse worked......ha ha ha ha....I am dancing.....its the time to disco...disco....its the time to disco..........

  6. so mean Jomol.. you can be a little comforting no? but internet is back!!!:D:P yay! and me back!! :D


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