Saturday, October 2, 2010

Biotique Bioberry Lipbalm review

Okay so.. I recently stumbled upon THIS wonder product. before introducing you to it, i'll tell you what all it does.
  • This keeps my lips in top condition.
  • Baby soft, glossy lips.
  • A beautiful pink colour that stains my lips. 
  • Smells of yummy jam. 
  • Emergency cream blush that will leave a pretty pink flush for long!!
  • Plumps lips, for the bee stung effect.
  • Completely natural. (Okay, so it claims 100% botanical extracts.)
  • It is for Rs 99 for 16 grams of the product. 
Okay.. so I know this was reason enough for you to be interested, no?
Introducing the Biotique Bio Berry lip plumping Lip balm.
Price- Rs 99

 I wish Biotique products were more hygienic in their packing!
but just look at the pink!!
and it is creammyyyyyy.... yum!

looks like jam, no?

See the stain it left on my finger? when i just took some product to swatch it on my hand..
It really plumps my lips.. though not so much, but it fills in enough to reduce the lines on my lips. 
Plus even though I think the packaging isn't hygenic, I love these tiny tubs! 
I have some serious lip balm obsession!!


  1. ohmagosh, ikku love Zorro and the lippie :D =*

  2. :D OMG! Deb!!!:D:D you is here!! i'm soooo glad! hehehe and for your extreme cuteness, Zorro will love you too! hehe he gets very attracted to pretty women! hehe

  3. let Zorro can put a sleeping Zorro pic..donchooooo irritate him..grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  4. hehe nooo this was what i took yesterday.. after i forced him to model for the lipsticks! i'm not very evil when it comes to Zorro! hehe i let him sleep! :D:D

  5. Oh I forgot to comment on the post!! Err..does that stain so on your fingers???? What do they put in it to stain like that???????? I like the pot packaging..hhehehehe..I know many people say its not clean, blah, blah, but I don't have dirty fingers anyway and I am not sharing it with anyone, so I quite like these..smug smug..:D :D

  6. hehe me toooo!!!:D:D and it stains my fingers more than what it is seen here!!! i applied some list night before bed and washed my hands.. brushed and washed my face and washed my hands multiple times and its more stained than what it shows in the picture!! the picture.. i just took after wiping na.. may be it takes sometime to stain properly!!

  7. what on earth have you done to zorroo. poor baby, look at his eyes. :((

    me don't like potted products. that Rads is datty :grin: :grin:

  8. hehe heheheh i like it too!!! zorro was looking at hursh for help when i was trying to make him pose with lipsticks! hehehe i wish this wasn't potted..:( i carry it in my bag.. but never use it.. somehow even though i frantically keep using my sanitizer.. :P i cant get myself to use it!:P hehehe

  9. Strange girls....whats more fun then a potful of good lip balm???? And excuse me daaaatttttteee hands are squeaky clean..and I always carry wipes to squeaky clean wipe my hands...Hmmmmmph. I shall send you a packet on your birthday..not the ones I use..I shall send you both Johnoson baby bottom wipes :D

  10. ohhh Ikky, zorro is sooooooo fantabulous, send my love to him na...

    Also i liked some lippies that come in pots like that one from Lotus i think, i have strawberry one and it reminds me one my childhood * . *
    ...when those were the only thing i was allowed to wear anyways, and putting them on felt like such a grown up indulgence that not even Channel is channeling to me =/

  11. Hey sounds really great. lovely blog.I'm going to follow you dear.

  12. yes yes Rati my hands are clean too!:D

  13. Deb!!!!! :* definitely!!:D:D and i know exactly what you said about the *Grown up indulgence* :P no, i dont own any Chanel lol but i know..:P:P:P

  14. Rakshanda.. :) thank you so much!!! i'm so glad you liked it!! :):):)

  15. Ogres hands can never be clean and tell that rads to use the bottom wipes herself only. he he he :P

  16. hehe you should see my sanitizer obsession!! you wont say that!:P:P


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