Monday, October 4, 2010

Demon In The Dark

This is MY first purchase from lush.. My mum seems to really like lush.. and the new influence is Rads my Chanel and Lush crazy friend who uses *Chanel* and *Lush* as verbs! then came the big one.. Rati's post on *save the rain forests and the orangutans- say NO to Palm Oil* campaign by Lush.

This was happening in the Inorbit mall Cyberabad and I HAD to go there to show support for the orangutans.. :D:D so other than a whole lot of shopping.. mum and me strolled into the lush store and happily put our hand prints. and THAT was the day I left my bag in the car.. and that had my phone/camera.. :D (the guy who worked there did take my hand picture..but never sent it.. :( )

Okay cut to when I started looking around the place. :D I was still not sure if I wanted anything from there because of the expiry date..(I just forget to use things at times). :-| I looked and looked and found this soap and I thought to myself.. " hmmm... soap... wont forget to use.. cheap.. :D... and GREEN".

 Honestly, I bought it on the pretext of gifting this to papa. which.. I did.. "Hi Pa.. I got something for you. Smell smell. :D" then went about my business to use it! :P

Now.. anything green and anything so minty is something I cant ever miss out on having!! I loved how it looked and LOUUUUUUUD how it smelt. :D

The official description-

It's not really a demon, it's a bit of a dark angel: dark green, wrapped in a layer of black wax, which you peel off before you use or you won't get clean. It's very green because we make it with fresh mint and antioxidant apple juice; we perfume it with invigorating peppermint, stimulating spearmint and warming clove bud. Let it unleash the power within you!
Rs 290 for a bar of 100 grams.

It has this amazingly strong minty smell that will definitely slap you awake! It looks so pretty.. I actually never wanted to use it!:P
 But in a matter of 2 days.. I did. :D.. and I loved it!!! I'm so glad I went and got this bar of soap! now I am really looking forward to get more lush goodies. :D they look so edible! I dont know if I can fight the urge to eat them!! *sigh*!!

Picture.. ( from the website)

with Zorro. :D

he doesn't like things that don't smell like him!:P 


  1. awww...this looks reallllyyy nice..kinda glowing in the dark types na

  2. Heyyy..what do you mean I use it like no liking it..grrrrrr. The soapdish seems perfect for the soap :D :D

  3. @ HD hehe yeah.. :D:D but this doesn't glow in the night!! :(

    @Rads ummm.. i really hoped that you wouldn't read this ! hehe yeah and the soapdish looks perfect no? :P

    this smells heavenly!!! do you like spearmint gum? or orbit?:D:D

  4. now you telling me not to snoop around so much in your blog...haaaa..I shall snoop and sneak around alllllll I feel like :P :P :P :P pokes tongue at the ogre.

    No I don't like minty smelling stuff..except tic tacs..those I like..but not soaps. Might get it for hubby though :D :D :D

  5. :D OMG!!! you are doing what Rati does to you!!!:P:P hehe.. i dont like tic tacs!!:P:P
    why get this for hubby if you wont like smelling it?? ;)

  6. I do not like smelling it on myself. However, I feel mint is the cleanest smell ever..and I would feel like hubby is squeaky clean if he smells minty. I like everything and everyone else around me to be squeaky clean, though I personally hate baths :D Rati does idea what you are talking about...rolls eyes

  7. hehehehehehe oh God!!! okay.. off late even i started hating baths!:P but now this is motivating me! heheh i wish i could wash Zorro with this!!! :D

  8. i want to ask him how he manages to look so cute!!! *sigh*

  9. IMBB not opening:(:(:( i want to see Blair!!:(:(:(

  10. Ikkkky...people are being mean to me on horribly mean :-((

  11. whooo??? :(:( i'll go beat everyone up!!! *rolling my sleeves*

  12. Fastly please..hehheheheee...the i-look..hehehheee


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