Sunday, October 10, 2010

One Sunday full of-

Trials and errors
Keeping promises [finally]:D
and LOTS of colour!!!

Woke up after 12..  and managed to do all this already!! :P

1. I dont own any e/s base. so i just randomly use cream shadow as base cause i did it once just like that and the looked stayed and stayed.. :D
so today.. while putting on my concealer, i thought of mixing it with some highlighter i have the streetwear crystle shine  face brightener.. ( i really dont know why i got it.. some cousins engagement and all.. okay different story).

so here is how it looked! taddaa!!:D:DD:

with the highlighter as base.

 okay so everything is lakme, so the colour payoff is not great anyway, but it did make a huge difference!! (i broke my cam and used my phone camera so the pictures are crappy) :(:(
I swiped the colour 7-8 times otherwise and twice on the highlighter.
and matte black remained matte. :D
okay so I am happy. :D

and I was filling a new bottle of handwash and it overflowed!:P and then i decided to was my brushes!:P

oh and I did one nonsense random look!!:P:P


And this is the first time I used Radhika's trio!!! :D:D but I dint like the final look!!:(:( I wanted to do a pretty pretty look that she would be proud of!!! :S:S

TBS trio in Moonlight Lustre
Lakme eyeshadow quads
Mac concealer
Streetwear highlighter
Lakme eyeliner

ps: Zorro was not available cause he was taking a bath.


  1. Hehehheee...I am so glad I passed off the dumb trio to you ..yipppeee...:D :D :D You did so much useful wasted whole day :-((

  2. lol i want to work! i will get killed tomorrow!!:(:(:(

  3. hey I liked the final outcome!!

  4. really??? i look bad! i could have done waaaayyyy better! but i HAD to use this noww!!:P:P:P

  5. cute you did all this..Missed Zorro..Hows he?

  6. :D:D yeah!! hehe Zorr is good! had a long bath! so my brother is tired and Zorro is sleepy!:P hehe
    you dint tell me whats your German Shepherds name?? :D boy or girl?? :D:D

  7. Me like like like *calppp** :) Btw did you line your eyes?

  8. :D:D:D yeah 1 eye! hehehe both are different bdw!:P hehe like done differently!:P hehe
    and thank you!!!!! :D:*:*

  9. he he MAC concealer. :D :D

    My verification code is "pulaa"

    Why am I getting such funny words? explain? grrrr..

  10. Let me check this time :P :P :P :P

    It's "adecll".. bwwwwwwaaahhhhhh!!! It's making me work harddd. bwwwwaahhh As it is I am so tired after cutting twigs the whole day... :(((

  11. hehehe you are getting verification codes? :P:P

    i thought my blog is not cool enough!:P

    hehehe yeah thats all mac i have! waiting for my mother to give me something! hehehe

  12. hehehe :D yayyy!! spam spam!! Rads blog has all susu overflowing!:P:P:P

  13. I like the first pic....It's hand hanging in air.. We'll scare that horrid Rads. As it is I am very pissed with her today.,...grrrrrrrrr

  14. che che not talking 2 her today. :(((((((( she was preeening and preeening today. :((((

  15. hehe me too!! like she got the whole day for free!!! :X:X i am very unhappy!:P

  16. hehehe yeah too much!:P i want free stuff too! grrr...

  17. Hey Ik..My doggie is Arjun :-D

  18. thats an awesome name!!!:D:D i always had a soft spot for it.. thought i'd marry an Arjun:P hehe can totally imagine it on a GSD!! :D hug him tight!! and nuzzle his ear for me!:P please?

  19. it?

    I just named him spontaneously..Me had plans for cuddles, choco, dolce,snoopie n all..But when I got him, I just called him Arjun..LOL

    Oh yeah..hugged him already..he's been totally cuddled today..hehe..very happy

  20. hehe yeah.. even i planned a lot!! but i called him Zorro because of his antics when i saw him.. i was also thinking Zorba:P this one is my brother only! get full mad when people call him things..:P like you adopt a baby.. so what if its a different species?:P:P me mad..:P

    hehehe awwww so cutteee!!:D:D post a pic no sometime!!:D:D

  21. loved ur effort dear :)
    keep up the work coming :)
    love to see ur comments :) :)

  22. :D wwoowwiieee kazoi! :D:D yay! thanks a tonne Rashmi!!:D:D hehe will try my best!!:D:D

  23. hey! I liked the way your eyes look in third last pic. I can never think of doing all that to me. I'll end up looking like a panda!! :(

  24. hehee :D thank you!!! and you wont look like a panda with purple and green eyes!:P :P

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