Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Fab India Tea Tree Facewash Review

Hey you'll...
Its been forever since I was asked to review this facewash from FabIndia.. and Im not proud of how soon I'm doing this.. but anyway..

Price- Rs 125 for 120ml

Just before hardcore winters started, my skin was going through a very confused state! this led to me believing that my *crackling noise making super dry skin*skin became almost oily!
I never had pimples as a teenager, and last year, my skin made up for my puberty!

so I went and tried most of the things I could to help me clear my skin.. nothing major.. but I did have 1pimple at a time. Constantly, after it would dry up, I'd have another one! and I'm left with acne scars still! okay so cutting the rant short, i tried my hands at my Fabindia facewash after i just started to use my Lotus Tea Tree Oil facewash. 
now, I did this cause the lotus facewash has scrub particles in it.. and I dint want my skin to go through that everyday.. I thought this would be milder..

Okay so.. this is what I noticed after I started using this. :)-

  • My skin did clear out! (yes I shall save you the suspense) but then that might have been because I stopped obsessing over it/ stopped picking my zits/stopped putting alllll sorts of things to get rid of it and winters came.
  • After every wash, my skin would dry up too much, too soon. Maybe because I don't exactly have oily skin... :|
  • This tea tree oil wash did smell very very different from the usual tea tree oil smell. like this had kerosene in it. :P seriously!!!:O
  • I used it with the Tea Tree Oil toner from Fabindia. (review coming up soon).
  • I loved the tube. very sturdy! Its almost like a bottle!!
  • The flip open cap is so tight, it broke when I tried to open it the first time. It still clicks shut properly.
  • I have been so unsure about this product.. My Lotus Tea Tree oil facewash was definitely milder on my skin, yes, with scrub!:P
  • You get a ton of product for the price!
  • Whyy cant you mention alllll the ingredients??

its almost gel in consistency, light green in colour.

broken cap!:(

All in all, this is a good product to try out.. if you dont mind the weirdly artificial smell of it.. and can live with the fact that you dont exactly know whats gone into this!.. you can keep it as your *bad skin days facewash*.. Dry skinned people.. no point using this, as you'd have to heavily moisturize afterwards..

Ps: I'm extremely sorry for the super late review.


  1. skipping this :| And you broke the cap!!!! I am pretty sure I would too :D

  2. me too skipping... Usually I love TBS products... this time m planning to take mom on a shopping spree there... :D

  3. I have dnt use it in winters as I have combination skin n dis wud dry out more..though this is very good when i break out..
    nice review..

  4. @Rads- hehe yes ypou would too!!! its sssooooo tightt!!:P and its actually nice!:P

    @Eve- TBS Tea Tree Range is quite raved about too!:) wanted to check this out before that.. :D

    @Bhumika- you get my point exactly!!!!!!:D:* eheh thank you!:D

  5. hawww!! where did my comment deleted it???


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