Thursday, January 6, 2011

I GOT MY BITE..Of Snow Whites Apple! and 9 other things that made my day :)

I had a good day in a looooonnggg time today!

  1. I got to bunk office half day
  2. I went to college, I really dint know I'd miss it so much.
  3. I went to the MAC store right next to my office to look at the collections i missed since i was extremely busy with office, and well.. i had an hour to spare. :D
  4. They WERE in stock of most pretty things!!!!! I had to have something from this collection. I realllyyyy want the Dr. Facilier mirror.. but I'm not a fan.. I'd have loved it if it were from the Evil Queens range!:D So i picked up The Bite Of An Apple Blush from the Venomous Villains collection!:D
  5. I reached office just in time for the lunch break.
  6. The meeting went really well.
  7. I had to work 3 hours! yayyyyy
  8. I got to meet my best friend.. Lets call her Mit. :P after vvvvvveeerryyy long.
  9. It was the best coffee in the the longest time.. :D We caught over ssssooooo much! 
  10. We had Frankie. :D

All in all, it was really nice.. I am taking baby steps towards managing my life.. and after everything, I am doing a post! so i am very satisfied!:D

I dont have pictures of the everything.. but I do of the blush! I know you've seen it everywhere now.. but i am just so happy that i got mine too!:D I really thought I missed out on it!

Anyone in Hyderabad upset about missing out on the collection from the NEWS all over the world, worry not.. They are very much in stock of quite a lot from the Tartan Tale and the Venomous Villains collection! so visit soon before they are sold out too!!! Its definitely worth checking out!:D i am just so glad they were in stock and i got to see it!:D:D yaayyyy

I haven't swatched my blush yet!:P but i'm putting photos cause this post is pretty naked otherwise!:P



  1. As explained earlier - greeen poooooooooop on you..I hate you...wont ever talk to you.

    Zorro - Hiii...pls bite her.

  2. "but i'm putting photos cause this post is pretty naked otherwise!:" are putting just to show off...TO ME..

  3. Heeeeeehehehehheeheheh he wont!:P i bite apple!:P

  4. Should i ask them if they send it directly?

  5. They wont...they not Blue Dart..hmmmmmph..I HATE YOU.

  6. Tell me the blush is stupid...please.

  7. hehehe is nottt stupid! you can see howw cute it is!!:D:D:D

  8. Ikkiii- cool ya :)
    isnt it bliss to bunk? college or work ;)
    im drooling on ur blush... heheh
    btw-wat do u work as?

  9. Heyyy Eve!!! :D thank youu!!:* hehe and I am a trainee (as an architect) in my firm. i am yet to graduate. this is my final semester! :D

  10. ikkkkyyyyy..... i commented as per your wish ... now can send me that blush as giveaway... i am mailing u my address :D

  11. awwww!!!! Enjoy looks close to your tomato blush picked up both...NOW I AM GREEN. I dont have either..humpphhhhh

  12. bt i wonder how come it was still available. :P

  13. I want to see how it looks on you

  14. hey dats fab ikky...finally u got it..!! wud wait to see how it looks on u..

  15. Awesommmmmmmmmmme ikk!! :) Me too simply lazed at home yesterday..he feels so nice to take a working day off from office!! :D :D

  16. @ Naina- i'll send you my streetwear blush that i was planning to give my little cousins to play with!:P thank you for the honour!:D:*:*

    @Rati- this is NOTHING like the tomato blush Ratidoo... :P:D will show you soon!:D:D:*:*

    @bhumika- hehe thank you bhumika!!:D:D

    @Cali- :D yesss it feels sssssooooo good to bunk office!:D >:D<

  17. Ikky me no jealoue of u like got briar rose!!!!!

  18. i ll file complaint against you in that 'jaago grahak jaago' .. u show mac and give 'street' ka things ... bherrryy bad :spank: :spank:

    :P :P :P

  19. @ Farsh- hehehe thank you Farah!!:*:*:* this Rads no.. gets green every 5 minutes!:P:P you got the powder???:O me want mirror!! ME WAANNNTTTT!!!!!! :x

  20. @ Naina- lol... i file tooo! me grahak too! and me have no money!:P:P

    lets strike a deal now- you send me your TBS ka samaan and i will throw in the streetwear fx eyeshadows too. (silver glitter and pink glitter) which bdw, i was also planning to give my little cousin!:P

  21. ikkkuuuuu are u der ??? *knock knock*


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