Tuesday, January 11, 2011

MAC Pro Longwear Lip Creme Swatches, MAC Mickey Contractor Collection Updates, Prices, Photos & Information

The Pro Longwear Collection by Mac got out yesterday in Hyderabad, GVK Mall, Banjara Hills.
The collection comprises of Foundations, Concealers and Lip Cremes.

Price Rs 1000 for the Lip Creme, Rs 1000 for the Pro Longwear Concealer & Rs 1700 for the Prolongwear Foundation

The swatches of the Lip Cremes are as follows-

(L-R) Unlimited, Sweet ever after,Overtime, Faithfully yours, Made to Last, Goes and Goes, Perpetual Flame, Prolong, Extended Play, Good to Go, Till Tomorrow, Love Forever (under Store lighting)

under natural daylight.

(L-R) Unlimited, Sweet ever after,Overtime, Faithfully yours, Made to Last, Goes and Goes, Perpetual Flame, Prolong, Extended Play, Good to Go, Till Tomorrow, Love Forever

Good to Go, Till Tomorrow, Love Forever (L-R)

(L-R) Unlimited, Sweet ever after,Overtime, Faithfully yours, Made to Last

(L-R) Faithfully Yours, Made To Last, Goes and Goes

(L-R) Perpetual Flame, Prolong, Extended Play 

These are a few more pictures for you to judge the finish. these are truly Lip Cremes as they felt quite creamy on application, this came as a surprise, considering Long Wear Lipsticks always set dry!

This was my hand after 6 swipes with the waterproof makeup remover!

Swatches on Cards-
excuse my squiggly handwriting!:P

I was desperate to pick up the Pro Long Wear Concealer, but Unfortunately, none of the available shades matched my under eye circles!:(

I am waiting for the Mickey Contractor Collection to launch here, as I'm looking forward to the Duel Concealer. :D

Mickey Contractor Collection Updates-

The Mickey Contractor Collection is expected to be launched around 22nd of this month. I was hoping that they would launch this collection in India first.. but evidently, thats not what happened!
Anyway, here is the price list and some pictures-



  1. ikky... i like your handwriting.... its the headstrong girl's writing :)

  2. Heyyy anks, :D thanks a tonne!:D i am thrilled that you noticed my handwriting of all the pretty things here!:P:D :*:*

  3. hi5 ikky , i like people who make andas on top of i's .. :D :D :D

  4. heheheh i'm taking the off!:P i thought no onw would notice handwriting considering there is so much prettiness around!:P but no! oh but I DID expect this from you !!:P:P i llooouuu you tooo Naina!:D:D

  5. that lipstick is crazy! six swipes later, it's still there on your arm :O
    all the the bright colours are beautiful!
    from the mickey contractor collection, i really want to try yash lipstick, siahi fluidline and all the eyeshadows

  6. heheh thank God you noticed that!:P everyone else noticed my handwriting only!:P(i am better than mac):P:P and me want Mehr lipstick.. i think yash will wash my colour out!:P:P and siahi and Ivy!! me waiting waiting!:D:D

  7. yyesss oh like i had it on my hand for like 5 minutes barely and it would just5 not go!! me lovedddd love forever, till tomorrow and unlimited!:D

  8. unlimited is pretty..i like ur handwriting too..mine is worse :(

  9. hahah thank youuu!!:D:* unlimited is really pretty!:D:D

  10. oh wow!! I am so going to check out these lipsticks..first sabrina's review today and now your swatches have quite tempted me to check them out. Guess these would be totally worth it. Am very confused about mc collection. let's see what i pick. :))

  11. expected from me ..errr..whyyy ??? :| :|
    *hopes its a good reply*

  12. Rati- do check these out!!! these are realllllyyyy nice!!:D:D hehe and me berryyy excited about the Mickey Contractor collection too!:D

  13. Naina!!!!!!! cause you pay attention to detail. :D( like it):P

  14. The colours are so bright and pretty..and seem to stay forever naaa.

  15. Thanks for posting the swatches Ik! MAC has so many ways of tempting us..these lipsticks, then the Mickey Contractor collection and that too when we'd just recovered from fighting the temptations of the Venomous Villains and Tartan Tale collection!

  16. Hey Corallista! :) you are so right!!:D:D i am so excited about the Mickey Contractor collection!:D Venomous Villains was the cutest ever!!:D

  17. ikkkuuu new new blog :))

  18. haha yeah... was playing around!! like it??

  19. thanks..:) thanks to my dabba camera:P

  20. Wow nice swatches. Now I am tempted to visit the 'MAC' shop. I am still a MAC virgin coz it s kinda far from my place but now I am supper tempted.


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