Thursday, January 13, 2011

NOTD Sexy + Weekend ramblings Giveaway :)

Sometimes a bright colour worn just on your nails can brighten up your otherwise dull outfit or even your day!:)

Wearing Maybelline Colorama Sexy

And Rads of My Weekend Ramblings is having a giveaway. Enter it here



  1. Oh and your comments form is working now!!

  2. I posted 3-4 times earlier...rather commented..but it just would not go..I figured you were tweaking tweaking your site...

  3. Radsssssss!!!!! 1. dont say thanks. dont make me win. just give me the huger consolation prize. :P
    2. quite possible but strange since i wasn't really doing anything to this today!:P but my page IS acting funny!! and thanks for not giving up!:D like it?? i know not really your kinds.. but still.. ??:D

  4. Eve!!!!!!! :D:D thank youuuu!! its called sexy!:P:P i dont write ashleel worlds likethat otherwise!:P ;);)

  5. hey ikky..I have dis too...n nude 1 also..pretty color lou it..

  6. n I loved d new look of the cool..

  7. Heyy bhumika!!!:D:D thank you!! me just have this and some orange!:P since forever! was time to use it finally!:D:P me louuu it too! 3rd bottle!:P and thank you once again!:D:D:*


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