Friday, February 25, 2011


.....washes away impurities for a fresher, younger looking skin.. well.. we'll see about that! :)

Good evening ladies.. :)

As always, I must start with my story I'll try to make it short. So here goes. :P-
I was very happy with my Fab India tea Tree cleanser till I ran out of it. No, I dint use it up! remember how i broke the cap? :P yes so my brother dropped it and I ran out of it! yes. so, I needed new cleanser. now lazy bum of an Ik just looks around the house.. okay no. just remembers the the Olay tube in the CSD ka samaan mumma bought and yes decides to use it for the time being. ( time being = last 2 months now).

You know, I've always cribbed about how Olay never did much for me. Just irritated my skin further. But my laziness won over and I am still using it!:P

I started using this on and off, alternating with some other cleanser cause I dint trust Olay at all. (I'm not trashing it, My mum loves the brand).
But now that i ran out of that too, and used this for sometime by itself, I decided to review it.

PRICE Rs 225 for a 100 ml tube.


Anyway, the best thing about this is that it dint do me any harm.

Thick foamy consistency.

sniff sniff..... bullocks! I smell better ;)

How does it smell? very powdery. Nothing great.
This definitely did the job. But then my dry skin. okay bordering on combination skin (gets slightly oily near my nose and cheeks) dint like it so much. I feel my skin getting oily by the end of my office hours. and No facewash ever did that to me. yes I use very rich creams on my face cause others wont work. its too dry mostly.
I'll jot down the Good and the Bad of the product.


  • Dint really harm my skin like the other Olay products.
  • Doesnt leave the disgusting slippery feeling. Washes off nicely.

What does it claim? (7 Cleansing Benefits in 1) 
  • Removes excess oil
  • Gets rid of dirt.
  • Removes makeup.
  • Gentle on skin.
  • Doesnt overdry.
  • Helps lift away dull surface of the skin.
  • Non Comedognic.

Does it live up to its claim?
  • It does. Well even soap does that, besides I dont secrete too much oil. So I woulnt exactly know. This gets my skin oily and THAT oil, it takes care off.
  • I really dont think so. I dont get the clean feeling. while trying to tone my skin, I did find residual dirt and had to go wash my face again.
  • It doesnt remove my makeup. Freshly applied foundation and blush yes. (My blush is gone by lunchtime anyway) But eye and lip makeup, definitely not. not even lip balm.
  • well considering it doesnt do much, this I'm taking for granted.
  • Doesnt overdry? It does. I think this is what leads to the oil secretion later on.
  • I dont know. :P I exfoliate regularly. :P
  • Are facewashes Comedogenic? (thats a word right?) cause its supposed to remove dirt from pores.. it it goes replaces dirt...I dont want to say more.:P
  • Oh other than that fact that it doesnt really live up to its claims much? Its for 225 INR. For some reason, I expect drugstore facewashes to be under Rs 100. :P
  • The packaging is tacky!
  • The"fragrance" is too artificial.
  • It makes my skin oily, in a bad way. :P
Thank you all for going through this! i dont say it much, But I really really want to thank you guys for commenting and taking your time out and going through my blog. It keeps me going..Thanks a tonne for being there for us all of you! :*



  1. I like gel ones more....himalaya neem is my HG..n loveing clean n clear scrub des days !!

  2. Bhumikaaaaa!!!!! I want to try the clean and clear scrub!!! I like the himalaya neem too.. but now I want to try Dove after Rads review:P

  3. I've used this and I like it. It is a bit creamy though. And your doggie is so cute!! I have two myself, so I quite love dogs.

  4. really?? what are they called?? he is Zorro(baby brother! My mum goes around calling people man/ woman if they call him a dog!:P:P

  5. Well, one is tiger(labrador) and the other is spook(Lhasa apso). They are both old and don't get along! They have the most gorgeous eyes - Tiger was born with lime green eyes and they changed to yellow later. Spook's eyes are dark goldeny brown with some burgundy/purply flecks. :D

  6. haha so cuteeee!!! we have had 16 dogs excluding Zorr( doesnt even feel like one !!:P) we had and apso who looked like a monkey and was called Rambo!:Pwhen we lived in Tawang, There we also had a Tibetian Mastiff Tiger! :):)

    Never had a Lab.. and Tiger and Spook sound handsome! :) why dont you put pictures of them sometime? will be fun!

  7. i bought olay total effects 7 face cream with spf15. It came with olay total effect foaming cleanser free!!! I've been using the cleanser for the past 3 days and used the cream just once yesterday morning..I feel my skin is too rough and very uneven.. looks like rashes on my face..:-( going to stop using the cleanser and try using only the cream.. if that also doesn't work then it's a total waste of money...:-( i hate this product..very expensive but useless...

  8. I tried this face wash & it gave me a break out in 10 days! Gave it away to my maid!


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