Wednesday, March 30, 2011


So I come home super irritated today, (for those who don't know, it is the India vs Pakistan world cup semifinal match today) and I had to go to work! :X cricket is more like a religion in India and our neighbouring country and it is very annoying to miss such an important match, that too the Indian innings.

Okay so I am super disappointed that our innings weren't great anyway; which I conveniently blamed on the fact that I couldn't watch it live(My dad forces me to sit and watch cause he thinks we win when I do), and Talking to a co-worker, whom I promptly informed I wouldn't talk to during the match as we were loosing wickets whenever we spoke. :| and my group of friends who were planning a  getaway this weekend (the plan was jinxing the match). :|

Now, THIS is kind of picture I love seeing! =D
Image courtesy,

Yes obviously we were trying to stream and watch the match at our workplace, serves my boss right for not giving us a half day! Like the country was mass bunking today dude! :|

So anyway, back to the point, I come home super-irritated, super-upset, Sachin Tendulkar couldn't make his 100th 100. I had to force my tears to stop while I drove back home. So when I reached, I only had a little patience to give into Zorro's demands and whims to run around a little and then I was back to throwing tantrums and pouting only to see a strategically placed parcel awaiting me. (Lovee you mumma :*) Okay so this was enough for me to break into a little jig and get all happy. *Composes herself*

Annnnddddd this is what I found after I tore open the package while in the process of jig-ing, hence no package pictures. I have the remains of what had once been a superb package that protected my goodies. =D you want to see? No? Okay. I guessed. :|

Anyway, *yayyyyyyeeeeee* pictures. =D

The tube is the Natures Co. White Lily body scrub for dry skin. (From the Atmospure range)
The urm.. rectangular pillowey thing in the packet is.. well.. an eye pillow, infused with eucalyptus oils and all.
(From the Aquaspark range). 
For more info, visit The Natures Co. website

What an awesome time to get this wen my eyes are in dire need of some pampering. I have not been using my lenses/ specs for over a month now, cause I'm too lazy to go collect them. :| Shoot me. And I "almost cried" multiple times today, guess I'm pms-ing. :| So I am super happy about this now!:D I put this in my fridge immediately. =D

So reviews will come up once I give these lovelies 2 weeks time to work their magic on me! =D

And these are my initial opinions of these products-

OMG the tube is HUGE! I love  the fragrance. =D

Ermmm.... not an eye pack? Its a pillow. :| What am I going to do with this? How? :| *opens packet, smells (The very first thing I do with a new thing- packed/ unpacked, food, clothes,shoes ANYTHING, is that I smell it. :| ! yeah, I'm a dog at heart). Oh and this smells so relaxing, I cant tell you. I really feel like sniffing it all the time. I cant wait to put these on my tired eyes before sleeping! =) *tired smiley*
Well, My not so perfect day is ending well. What I'd like more would be for India to win the match! So heres praying and hoping and wishing Team India wins the Semifinals against Pakistan, and Sachin Tendulkar completes his 100th 100 in the finals so we win! =D

Goodnight everybody, God bless and Bleed Blue :*

 AND WE DID!!!!!
 WE WONNNNN!!!!!!!!!!=D =D=D

Disclaimer: The above mentioned products were sent by the company, for me to review.



  1. wow this is awesome..... use fast and tell

  2. :D sure love! :* I am louing you coming here!:P watching match??

  3. Hey IK Eye-pillow indeed looks interesting... use and review it soon here :P

  4. Shalini, :D I know right? :D I shall. Thankfully it doesn't claim reducing dark circles and stuff I'm tired of those claims. I like realistic promises. :D

  5. Dr Shivani!!!!! yesss!!! I'm so happy! I don't even mind that dumb dey ghumake song now!:P heheh awesome it was!!! Congos to us!!!:D

  6. lovely way to celebrate Ikky :D Bleed blue :))

  7. Totalllyyyy Maha!!! I cant tell you howww happy I am after this win! :D

  8. yeah we won!! people are going crazy hardly anyone ypdated their blog.. and good to see u got goodies.. HI zorro.. mwah

  9. Heyyy Ginger!!:*:D yes you know I decided to be more regular with my posts. like every other day kinds. :D I know its an awesome feeling today!:D I'm so happy we won! Too much dhoom dhadaka happening outside!:D

  10. woww Ikki- treat time!!!!
    get well soon with ur PMS :( it troubled me too :(
    and do let us know about the Eye pillow. I need it too

  11. Awww...Thats great ikkuuu :D :D Will wait for the reviews now!! :) :)

  12. i think its mahadumb too..shakar ehsaan loy at their worst!!!
    want to kow about the eye pillow too....wish it would get dark circles off too:((

  13. Cool, after all the tension two well deserved rewards. Enjoy beti :)

  14. An eye pillow! ZOMG I have to get one of those :D

  15. Eve- :D yay:P I'm PMSing all month these days!:P

    Cali- thank you!!!:*:*

    Dr Shivani, yes:P and all these dark circles removing claims I feel are pretty fake, so I'm actually happy they don't claim so!:P

    Ling, Yayy!!:D thank you!

    Debbuuu... Dankuuuuu :D:D :*:*:*

    Ki, hehe yes:D I'm loving it already!!! :D:D

  16. i cant wait to see the finals.... !!!!!!!!

    follow if u like what u see?


  17. Ikku, today is the big day!!!

  18. hellllo Ikku...

    awaiting reviews!!

    enter my giveaway here:

  19. ikkkkuuuuuuu .. how are you :D :D :D
    i missed you :))

  20. Nainaaaa How are you???? i'm good. :D Happy Ugadi. :*

  21. Hey Ikky! when did you change your blog? how are you and Zorro?.....hope u still remember me, was M.I.A too long, now trying to catch up with IMBB, Rads n ur blog.

  22. Laksh!!!!! :D Of course I remember you!!:D How be you? Yeah too long.. but its okay. :D I dint change my blog. :P Just the background and playing with the template.. I get bored easily!:P Zorro and I are good! Its sso good that you resurfaced!:D :P

  23. Ahh gotta love those products <3


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