Monday, March 28, 2011

A Lazy Girls Guide To Fab Skin

So you know why I don't bother about a facewash? (okay, bother MUCH about a facewash)?
Read this and this
Because I have this awesome thing going on the side.
Most of us Indians know what 'ubtan' is. For those who don't, it is a beauty paste made of gram flour primarily.
For details, click this.

Anyway, continuing with my story (yes, old habits die hard!) I have always used besan (gram flour) and haldi (turmeric) as a cleanser, most of my life. This only ensured I had lovely skin TILL I stopped taking my 'dabba'
 of besan + haldi seriously around 2 years back. I made new friends like acne, uneven skin tone and not so smooth skin and open pores.

I did go back to my ubtan a couple of times later but never continued cause I'm the laziest sloth you'll ever know!! I have a job like most people my age and getting up late with very little time on hand safely kept me away from anything good I could give my skin.

So, nowww, I get this superb idea. :P I actually credit manu (a bff) for this. she used to store gram flour in a tin in her bathroom with a steel bowl.

Now, life was easier. I did this too and this ensured my skin was definitely getting better. but I wanted more. :P I wasn't happy with adding water and if I had to go out and mix curd or lime juice, i was getting back to square 1. Till I told Varshini, a fellow blogger (who is awesome bdw, do check her blog out) that I will store a honey pot in my bathroom cabinet! Yes. thats what I did! :D But not how it sounds.. I had to make it complex and stuff, so here is what I did. :)

Okay now my regular ubtan


  • Gram Flour

  • Oats (ground coarsely)

  • Turmeric

  • Some cinnamon bark
  • Honey

Now this, works for me very well. Gram flour is a superb cleanser, Oats, relax, soothes and smooths skin.
Turmeric is antiseptic and Cinnamon , I don't know why, I don't even like the smell much!

I had a HUGE honey pot at home, you get these easy squeezy versions in the market these days, I could have just bought that, but no. I like challenges. (actually, I remembered I could get that easy squeezy tube after I started writing this post)

Yes, i store my honey in a handwash pump bottle.
I can control the amount.
I can lock the pump.
Saves me the weird feeling I'd get and receive from people on seeing a honey pot in the bathroom.

I am happy now. I can see results already
  • Smoother skin
  • Skin is getting even toned 
  • I have a good feeling about doing something naturally nice for my skin.
  • It tones my skin, my pores seem smaller.
  • The glow that this adds to my face is something I cant replicate with anything! I am getting loads of 'glowing skin' compliments since I am friends with this Ubtan again. :D
Moral of the story- Lazy girl stores everything in sly ways in her bathroom cabinet to avoid work. and camouflage them. What did you think?!Its awesome ok!

I am really scared of these DIY things, and I wouldn't dare to post this unless I was facing nothing negative.
I have heard that you shouldn't go out in the sun after putting haldi (turmeric)on your skin as it is more prone to tanning, darkening, sun damage etc. 


  1. Awesome post Ik! I love home remedies for skin. This post is super useful for cos I stay in a hostel and I need to store things in a different way than how I would at home! Btw how do I get 'ground' oats..can I just use packaged oats directly? Also, do you put this and let it dry or scrub with it when wet?

  2. Hi Ik! Great post you got here- this looks like a lot of fun :D

  3. Great post. Do you think this would be okay to use for acne prone skin? xx

  4. this was such a fun post to read IK. i need to ask becuz i use gramflour in facepack form? u use this like a facewash right?
    say hi to Zorro

  5. Great post I have tried uptan before and I loved it! I think I am going to give it a go again :) x x

  6. ok I have to try this!!! I love stuff like this...thanks so much!

  7. nice, i have tried this partially..dint add oats..

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  9. hi nice post...but am so lazy...should try this though
    my last post

  10. hey Ikky...this is a great idea...even I have become lazy and left this routine...shall follow it...
    btw turmeric doesn;t really coz has definitely got to be followed with sunscreen though...and btw cinnamon is really good for prevents breakouts and acne :)

  11. Awsome post..enjoyed reading it, it was such a fun post, anyway i am going to try it :)

  12. Ikku... love you for this idea! super duper good!!

  13. way to go ik.. u have taken many steps ahead using honey and oat. i never did that. oh btw orange peel dried and crushed can replace besan too. u can also try papaya massage. do it for 15 mins. its good for the skin. try it .. and u ll know it.

  14. @ Corallista, Thank you!:D I'm glad you found it useful.
    I grind the regular oats we get in the market, run it for a bit in the mixer and thats it. :)
    Also, I apply this first thing before going for a bath, have my bath then scrub it off in the end when it is semi-dry. Hope it made sense. :)

    @Amy,Thanks a tonne Amy. :) it is awesome for skin!:D

  15. @ Nicola, Thanks a tonne. :) It would work I'm sure. You could skip oats and you could replace honey with lime juice or yogurt/curds. :)You could also powder dried lime / orange peels and use it.

    @Ginger, heyyyy!!! Zorro says hi! :D You could use it as a face pack too. I do that too. I use it as a pack/ skin conditioner, scrub and cleanser. =)Its multipurpose!

  16. @ Gloria, Thanks Gloria. =D Do let me know how you find it. =)

  17. @ Lil Lina, thanks! :* Do let me know how you find it! =)

    @ HOF, It is so common in India na.. You could use it for dry skin/ oily combination. Its so versatile and the best part, It is awesome! Bdw, my skin is towards the drier side. Actually pretty dry so oats work for me. I don't think its a good idea if you have oily skin by any chance. =)

  18. @ Dr Shivani, Thanks. Let me know how you like it if you happen to try it.

    @ Swati, Really? thanks for adding. I wasn't sure but I heard so I added, just in case. :P
    Start using it again! :D

  19. @ Gemini Lass, Thanks =) I'm glad you enjoyed it!Do let me know how you like it. =D

    @ Anks, Thankuuu hai jeee!!! :D:*:* You know it is so sly, even ants wont know its honey! =P

  20. Mannnnuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!My chutkuuu babuuuu :*:*
    I louusss you!!:D:D thanku. I shall add it to the post!:D I added cinnamon also. *smug* *smug*

  21. Lazy girl's guide :-/ Perfect from me! I am trying this for sure and let you know how it turns out :) Thank you soo much Ikky!

  22. :D aww you are more than welcome sweetie!:D do let me know! you can throw chappals if it doesn't and I wont ever again do a DIY post!:P

  23. hey ikku nice post..and nice tips.. :)

  24. Thanks Ik I shall give it a try! xx

  25. Oh no! Even if deosn't work for me I'd rather be happy that I didn't load chemicals on my face! So do post your successful DIY and if it is for a lazy gal don't even have any doubts abt posting it :D

  26. Ikku shweetu I used only besan and Turmeric. Now I'll use this too. Muahhhhh for zorro. Hehe

  27. Oh ikky darling...ur such a sweet heart to mention my name to my blog :))
    loveya loadssss :))

    I am so happy this DIY has worked for you....I was little skeptical when i posted it in my blog :))
    but No more :))

  28. Very nice - I love home remedies and am a huge DIY person. So I will try this at home now - thanks for the post! :)

  29. I had been using besan to wash my face regularly for a month or so. Then I just got lazy & stopped :P Thanks for reminding me to stick with it. When I had used this regularly years ago, my skin was awesome. BTW, what skin type do you have?

  30. Nicola, do let me know how you find it! =)

    Maha, thankuu!!=)I shall now!=P

    Beeee, Zorr says hi! let me know how you like it!=D

  31. Varshini, :* anytime!=D It works for everyone I think!=P

    Scarlett, thank you!! Do let me know how you like it. =)

    Pookhie, Use it!! Its brilliant! =D I have dry- normal skin, but it sensitive so I do break out and have open pores around my nose. But even there, it isn't oily at all. I think it gets slightly oily during monsoons, but thats about it.
    Bdw, I love your name. what does it mean?

  32. Ai Ikku,good idea but still seems so much work re and haldi stain my skin :D :P Also i accepted the fact that large pores are hereditary so they dnt bother me so much anymore :D :P

    Also, this gooey thing seems like sticky stickyyy...Who cleans the floor later?? :P

  33. Debuuuu, large pres aren't hereditary!:P No one in my khandaan has them!:( hehe this wont seem like too much work once you see the results! and because the haldi is mixed with besan and oats here, it wont even stain you!:* oh and I only clean the floor everyday:P is sticky cause of the honey.. but then it washes away. You know during the bath. :P:P

  34. That honey in pump dispenser is such a great idea Ik ! I am definitely going to do that :*

  35. Ritikaaaaaaa!!!!!! seriously? I really posted this at the expense of being made fun of!:P do it do it. and tell me how you like. :D okay? :*:*

  36. I have oily skin so I don't think I'll use oats or honey. I mix the besan with curds or milk.
    And Poohkie is my pet name (coz it sounds like my real name & I've always loved Winnie the Pooh)

  37. oh sorry for spelling it wrong earlier.. its very very cute!:D

    Ik (yes I am anon on my site cause I'm doing this from office. :P

  38. Hey. How often do you use this?

  39. Ah89, everyday, unless I get lazier than normal. :)

  40. hi..IK, very useful post..Do you have dry skin and use it..? I too have dry skin and really want to try this..The honey in pump bottle idea is too good...Do you think gram flour, turmeric and honey alone work..I mean without oats?

  41. Thanks Prachi. :) Do try it. It seems to be a hit anyway. :) oh and this is the first time i added oats and besan turmeric and honey worked just fine for me.. :)

  42. let me know how you like it. :)

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  45. I'm allergic to besan. Any alternative??


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