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Hey all.. :)
Today, I am going to review the MAC Mineralize Spf 15 Foundation.
Price Rs 1849 for 10g of product
What the MAC website claims-

A rich, luxurious compact foundation offering a creamy application for a flawless, medium-buildable, naturally revitalized, fully dimensional finish. Lightweight and silky to apply. Good for all skin types; particularly benefits dull and/or dry complexions. Provides super-hydrated, high-comfort wear and everyday SPF 15 sun protection

Well, I must state I completely agree. :)

A cream based foundation that gives medium to buildable coverage
This is my first, and considering my foundation phobia in the past, and the fact that it is a cream based foundation, I took time to use it right.

Plus I took almost forever to review it cause I wasn't sure if there was anything I disliked about this foundation.

You need to set it with powder so it doesn't budge. The first time I tried it in the store and stepped out in the sun and made a call while walking back to my car, I transferred all the foundation to my phone.

I love this foundation.. for the glow it adds to my face..

The finish does add dimension to my face.

My issues are the perfect shade, one time NC 42 was darker than my skintone, Now suddenly it is lighter, But thats my skin for you. :) I just have to find the right shades, so to say.

Secondly, I dont have the right brush yet... thats another RS 2500 and its definitely going to be sometime before I can buy it for myself of be *ahem* gifted*ahem* May 10*aheemmm* not too far. :) start saving. :P

It is hygienic cause the sponge has its own separate compartment in this compact case. :)

Yes yesss I know it is gross. :P I don't use it anymore. :P
I feel the sponge eats up too much product.
see the dent? :( I already feel like getting a new one!

aint that buttery?

after blending
 Concealer used- MAC Select Moisturecover in NW 35

My experience with the foundation-
  • I absolutely love the finish! 
  • It stays on my skin without for a good 6 hours (in an air conditioned room), without a primer.
  • Its super creamy, glides on my face like a dream.
  • It never broke me out.
  • was a boon during winters.
  • Spf 15 is an added bonus. :)
  • did I mention the finish is awesomeee???
  • I was never comfortable using foundations till I met this baby, Now, I am more open to trying out more.
  • I think i'll keep coming back to this foundation. :):*
  • It is super easy to carry around.
My skin is normal to dry and it works really well for me.

I am not sure about recommending this to people with oily skin, but I know certain oily skinned people who have used it and love it! :)

Most people will find their shade in this, MAC has the widest range. 

As far as cons are concerned, I cant see any. I am just too much in love with this product, and THAT doesn't come easy, being me! :)

I would suggest trying it out in the store and keeping it on for a day before deciding to buy this. It does oxidize on certain people, You'd rather be sure before investing Rs 2000.

I use The Body Shop loose powder to set this. honestly, I feel I haven't done justice to this foundation. i started my trials and errors with it, but it has been with me through it all beautifully like a great friend! I love it. 

It gets a 5/5 from me.:)

You see, I finally gave up and reviewed it cause well, there isn't anything that I remotely dislike about this. :)



  1. the foundation looks so good on you :) thanks for visiting my blog- following you back!

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  3. hi Ik whts ur skin type...mine is combiantion oily and am currently using satinfinish (Liquid)
    will this work for me??
    also how does one know that it is oxidising on your face??
    My recent post

  4. The foundation I've tried from MAC is their studio fix fluid and I find it just okay. But this foundation looks really good on your face! It's flawless :)

    Thank you for stopping by my blog.

  5. I'm your 99th follower on GFC - do I get a prize? LOL

  6. Foundation has really blended well and looks so natural .... great

  7. I should try this the next time. I have Studio Fix Fluid in NC 43.5

    And its just as gorgeous. = )

  8. @Amy, thank you so very much. =D

  9. Dr Shivani, I have dry- normal , a little sensitive skin. I am pretty sure the other foundations would dry me out. I am not sure if this will work for you as it is cream based. You'll know if this is oxidizing on you if it turns darker on your skin after some time.
    I would suggest trying it out once at the store and keeping it on for a day. :)
    In my opinion, this could be a great winter foundation for you. Do give it a try. :)

  10. Every day Makeup blog, thanks =D
    I have just tried this and the studio fix compact? the powder thing. Hope I'm getting the name right. :S
    This is a medium coverage foundation, maybe thats why.. and I am not comfortable seeing my face flawless:P so this! :) You've got a lovely blog! :)thanks for dropping by mine. =D

  11. Shalini, thank you so much! I am a novice and superscared of foundations, but this a dream to blend! I <3 it!!!

  12. Shrutilaya, thanks for dropping by. :)
    Do give this a try! I love how MAC has shaded for EVERYONE! I want to try the pro longwear once but i think I'm just going to come back to this forever. :D

  13. Ling!!!! :*:* thank youuuu!!! You are so special to me now! haha :D :*

  14. Thanks for great review. I will certainly check it out :)

  15. beautydiva, thanks a tonne sweetie. :) Do check it out! It is brilliant!:D

  16. Awesome finish. BTW your cheeks are rosy rosy, are in love or what? :P

  17. Yessss I'm in love with my foundation!:P no boy could get this glow and happiness to me!:P lol
    Thank youu sweetie!!:*:* The 2nd picture was from the blush review, hence the gloss and rosiness. cause it was a flash photo and cream blush. :P

  18. iikkuu.... this looks soo good on u girl :) lovee the glow its giving :)
    acha, hav u tried MAC studio tech too? is it any diffrnt from dat??? me was planning to buy studio tech na, tabhi asking.. :) :)

  19. Thankuu Nupur!! :* :D
    I havent tried Studio Tech Nupur.. As far as I can recollect, it is a foundation for oily skin na.. Mine is dry to normal, but sensitive. :(

  20. ohkiesss....
    me finding this rather interesting coz of the mineralise angle :p :P
    acha ikku, y dont u try coastal scents brushes...
    thy r prtty comparable to MAc ones n wud cost u half ,evn including shipping :) :)

  21. yeah Nupur you are right, infact I really want to try those and Sigma but I don't have a credit card. :| :( I know sadness. is there any other way to get those?

  22. hey d 2nd pic is maxfaxtor cardinal pink blush wala na....d foundation looks nice..but u knw I was thnkg evn studio tech is nice na n has similar creamy finish..jahnvi always recommended studio tech na..

  23. Ikky, this looks awesome on you! Doesn't even look like you are wearing a foundation! And ahem.. all the shy and coy poses.. looks really cute :))

  24. Bhumika, yess it is!!:D hehe
    thanks reyyy.. yeah Janhavi did recommend it.. I never tried it. I will though sometime. but she mentioned it was for oily skin.

    Maha,hehe thank you so much!!!:*:* no no not shy coy poses. they were all taken for different reviews:P EOTDs, Blush review and all. :P you can see those posts if you click on the pictures. :) :* thank you once again!!!

  25. hey ikku, theres a way out, infact i just helped jinal too as she didnt have a credit card... i sent her this gift card for coastal scents n she shopped whatevr she wanted... she transferred me the amount via net banking... simplest :) :) :)

  26. your skin looks so gud and healthy with this foundation..beautyyfulll :)

  27. Aww.. Sumitha, thanks so much. :)

  28. heyy ik..this foundation makes ur skin look healthy..its just awesome when u find a nice foundation that matches your skintone..i'm still on my way to find my perfect shade :(

  29. err..i commented the same thing twice..:P may be i liked your foundation very much

  30. heheh thank you Sumitha. I love this foundation. MAC mineralize SPF15 has loads of shades!! do try this out. :)

  31. Me saw the posts and me didn't see any of these there :( Guess you removed them from there!
    And 2 thank yous in one single comment? :-0 Thats it! No more compliments for you :P Me write all meanie comments :P

  32. hehehe nooo:'( you know me is upset:P okay no,. ::P:P me be mean too!:P yeah i did remove these from them..:P I used to be(still am) very uncomfortable putting up mu pictures like this. I'll remove these also:P in a couple of days:P tehehe

  33. heheh.. ok both be meanies :P

    And abt the pics, I can understand :) But at least we regulars here get to see Ikky until the pics are removed :))

  34. Ijjy love ya cho muchhh...2nd picy the bestest

  35. heheh yessss:P:P:P I louu you tooo!!:*:* :D

  36. look at how gorgeous you are!!! Love your blog mama!!

  37. Its giving you such a beautiful glow! What blush , gloss, lipstick r u wearing? Studio fix was good for me when I bought it but since then my skin is shifting to combi/normal from oily and its beginning to dry me out a little. Also NC 40 is beginning to look darker (my orange lippie post), it has begun to oxidize on me also, weirdly though when I'd tried it on for a day before purchasing, it has remained flawless and perfect the entire day! The MAC MUA at another store told me I am NC 37 not NC 40. It is so much product I don't know when its gonna get over! :( But it does get amazing coverage!

  38. Lil Lina, Thank you so much!!! :* :)

    Ankita, Thanks ya. :) I' wearing the Maxfactor blush in the second picture, click the picture to see that post, First pic, I am wearing Lakme blush. I'll swatch it for you. :) Lipstick is the TBS lipstick in the second picture.(the pink one)

    Hehe I have the same problem too. you know the MUA told me to get NC 40 and I was convinced NC 42 was my shade, I tried both and 40 was right but I dont know what happened, I forgot about it and picked up 42 when I went next. :P I like my medium coverage. I'm comfortable you know, feels like my own skin.. :)I want to try Pro longwear next then come back to this!:D

  39. Thank you so much Ritika! :D

  40. wow this looks so good on you you are glowing an d all!!!and i am so happy i finally get to see your picture that too so many you are sooooooooooo pretttyyyyy and shooo cuteee!!awww :-* :-*


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