Friday, March 25, 2011

L'Occitane Introduces Fleur Cherie Collection

Good evening ladies,
How is the week treating you so far? Its been a slow relaxed week with balmy days for me. I am not complaining at all. :)
And with that, I have something equally relaxed to share  with you all. :)

L'Occitane brings to you its range from Fleur Cherie.The orange blossom is a much-loved flower throughout the Mediterranean, a perfume and beauty legend. Its essential oil, neroli, has such a subtle and delicate aroma that it became the signature scent of a certain princess.

L’OCCITANE celebrates these small white flowers through its new fragrance and products.

Solid Perfume :10 g: Rs 600.00

The Fleur Cherie fragrance is also available as a solid perfume held in a pretty,heart shaped case.
The perfect gift for any woman.

Fleur Cherie EDT: 75ml : Rs 2,795.00

All the fragrant magic of an orange blossom, captured in a rich, sparkling floral scent, and enhanced by a soft woody trail. A vibrant, carefree fragrance.

Hand Cream:30 ml: Rs 495.00

This feather-light cream glides over the skin like a caress,leaving hands soft,beautiful,and subtly perfumed.

Flowers soap:75g:Rs 350.00

This plant-based soap for the hands and body produces a fine,subtly perfumed lather that cleanses and pampers the skin.

Body Lotion: 250 ml:Rs1,595.00

A cloud of creamy, satiny softness that envelops the skin. This indulgent body lotion leaves skin supple and perfumed with a beautiful, sparkling, floral scent.

The products are available at :

L'Occitane Store

69 A, Khan Market
New Delhi - 110003

Ph : 011 43084695

DLF Promenade Mall
Shop no. 130 A, Ground Floor
Vasant Kunj
New Delhi - 110070

Ph no : 011 41042450


G 48, 
Selcect Citywalk
New Delhi

You could visit their website at-

I have never tried a solid perfume! I am really eager to try this out. So cute in the little heart shaped case, I feel this is the best thing to start with! :)

What caught your fancy?

Disclaimer: The above information was sent by the company for PR.


  1. everythg looks nice n tempting na..

  2. yesss... I want it in Hyderabad! :( supertempting especially the solid perfume!:)

  3. no store in Mumbai ?! The solid perfume looks interesting.

  4. I knowwww!!!!! it looks edible-y yummy!:P and no store as far as I know... will find out still. :)

  5. The solid perfume looks interesting & packaging is so nice :-)

  6. I knowwww... I just wish we'd get it here. :(

  7. hey Ik any views on solid perfume? how are these?

  8. Hey Shalini, I have never tried any solid perfume, but i am very intrigued! I really want to try this. Guess I'll ask a friend from Delhi to get one for me!:P

  9. solid perfume..hearing it for the first time ikky ...wanna try...let me know h u find it :)

  10. Will Varshini.. :) if I ever get to lay my hands on it. Unfortunately, It is not available in Hyderabad. :( so its going to take sometime.:(

  11. ooohh nice. so ur from hyderabad.. great blog sweety.. followin you. say HI to Zorro..

  12. Yes Hyderabad! :) been here ever? thanks a tonne.
    Zorro says Hi too.:)Where are you from?

  13. Your blog is lovely! I'm looking forward to the makeup collection which will be released with the fragrance - it looks gorgeous :)

  14. Aw.. thanks a tonne. :) I am waiting for it too.. but then we get everything super-late here in India! :( I hope they release it soon too. Thanks for dropping by. :)

  15. We have the same problems here... With everything - at least L'Occitane stock on everything, while other brands simply import selected products :(

  16. really? thats really bad.. They don't have L'Occitane in my city though so I never got to try anything from them yet..
    We get everything much later and still half the things are not launched in our country! very annoying. :(

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