Friday, April 22, 2011

Look What My Mumma Got Me and more. :)

Yes yes I'm so excited, I was squealing with joy when mum and me were getting back home.
Oh why you ask?
Its a long store, I say.. but well you come here , you read my stories right?
Okayyyyyy so... this was a week ago, I was returning from office when something terribly bad happened. Like very bad. So much so that I decided I wont get out of home ever. Never without my driver cum bodyguard. :| I'm not kidding. We have one of those. He drives mum's car and I decided I wanted him. and moms car. :| another story. (You know, its odd not writing the complete story but its a beauty blog with doses of madness.. and I don't want to write sad stuff here. Especially after Mitali and Mansi know of this blog and its on facebook and everyone can read. (err..Manu, Mit.. not that I'm trying to hide anything, :| I swear I am not. :P) :|  I don't know. You thinks its okay? please let me know.. :|:|)

So I had to go to office to get my portfolio signed and I was feeling very low about getting out of home. I just dint feel like it. So my mum decided to accompany me (Okay no, I begged her to, cause I knew it'd take time and I thought we could go to GVKOne which is close by).

So we go to office. I had awesome fun meeting all my friends. THAT is what I'm going to miss most... :) I love you all. R,R,S,K and M <3 Love you people to bits!

They all met my mum and and then we went to GVK for a bit where we had the following conversation-

Mumma: Are we going to MAC?
Ik: No, just shoppers stop. I need a belt.
Mumma: why are we going towards MAC? Are we going to MAC?
Ik: No mumma. This is how we go to Shoppers too.
Mumma: No, we could go that way too  (pointing towards the completely opposite direction) We ARE going to MAC... Aren't we?
Ik: Oh well.. There is Preeti (The superawesome  Store Manager). :D leddas goooo!!!! :D
Mumma: :grumble: :grumble:

We go. I see no Peacocky. I disappointed. I ask.

Mumma: Oh so no Peacocky? Okay lets go. Preeti, let Ik know when its out. will you? :)

Ik: OOOOhhh wait. I want to see this.

I sat and looked at everything I wanted. :P and I was ready to look around more when my mum decides to buy me something so I shutup and leave. :P

So my superawesomefantabulous mum bought me a red blush. :D called Fairly Scarlett. :)

Oh and the MSF Natural (I'm a Medium Plus) was available for once. I mean its always sold out otherwise. So I got that too. :D

But I realized now that the blush doesn't have enough lifespan.. so I'll return it and get another one tomorrow. :) I wanted Melba, but they dint have it. I think red looks better on me than pink.
I also tried a creemsheen lipglass in something I don't remember. Bright coral... was nice. Then I wore Cyndi Lauper. Its So bright, It was instant love. So I hope my *ahem* friend is reading this. So he can get me this for my birthday. :P I have the MAC Viva Glam Cyndi Lipstick... But the lipglass, I need.

Oh bdw, thats me wearing Fairly Scarlett, and the Cyndi Lauper Lipglass (It was much brighter than this). This is after and hour of wearing it.

So I'll haul soon if my boss decides to pay me. Otherwise , I'll just have a poor birthday. :'(
I hope my friends *ahheemmm* are*ahem* reading this. :| :D *angelic smile*

Oh Yeah, thats it for now.. have lots of work to finish before tomorrow. Its a big day again! and my childhood friend is in town so I'm meeting her. I'm waiting for Monday. My jury is then. I want to get done with everything, these last few days feel like such a burden I am dying to shrug it all off!.
 I'll be free after looooooooooonnnnnngggggg......!!!!!!

Oh and I need to thank Shrutilaya from Materialistic Obsessions  for the versatile blogger award she gave me. It means a lot sweetie. I have already done the rest in my previous post! and Shrutilaya, You have no idea how happy it made me. You totally made my day and brought me a smile! :)

Ps: Sorry for the bad photographs, I'm not too well. Dint have a steady hand or camera. Papa, reading this? :)


  1. I hope you get over what happened and do share it with us. How sweet of your mum to buy MAC in order to elevate the mood!!!

  2. :D aww thanks so much Nivedita. yeah she got me this cause I was planning to spend more time there and she just wanted to get done with it!:P thanks for everything you said.. :) I guess I'll be more open about talking about such things now on.. :)

  3. :D will let her know! thanks!!:)

  4. You are looking soo coooooooooooooooooooote Ikkyyy!!! And your mommy is sooooooooooooooooper awesomeee!! :jaiho: :jaiho: :jaiho: :jaiho: :jaiho: :jaiho: :jaiho: :jaiho: :jaiho: :jaiho: :jaiho: :jaiho: :jaiho: :jaiho: :jaiho: :jaiho: :jaiho: :jaiho:

  5. :D thank you Calllliii!:*:*:*:*:*:* will let her know! moral of the story- irritate mom till she buys you something!:D

  6. hehe you look great on your photo. I can feel your excitement and giddyness through your post! It's great.


  7. Nicola, thank you!:* hehe
    I was too excited not only for this, but for loads of other reasons. Its almost feverish! :D

  8. I have Frankly Scarlet, my mom bought it for me too :)

    its gorgeous, no? :)

  9. :D Its absolutely gorgeous!!!

  10. Ikkuuuu get well soon baby :d
    and somehow Im getting this feeling that my next MAc is going to be the mineralized skin finish.... the blush looks yum too... and ure sooo cute :)
    loved ur skin

  11. :D thank you Bee!:* I quite like it. get it. is really nice!:D thank you once again!:*:*

  12. Hey Ik, I hope u r feeling better, nice to see you smile after being low...Btw time to call Big Bro Zorro to task to handle anything from pesky bosses to roadside romeos I'm sure there's nothing Zorro can't handle. Cheer up girl :)

  13. :D IBC, I love you for saying that! actually its something I dint think of at all!! hehe Thanks a tonne for it! :) It IS time for him to come out and beat the sh*t out of these people!:D

  14. It actually might even help us to be cautious. Good to see you okayish again

  15. Whatever bothered you, forget it Ikky :* :* And you can have Zorro as your bodyguard :))
    Adn now fro some go green time :smug: The blush looks super gorgeous and the lipglass :hypnotized:
    Adn MSF seems to be a cult favourite!
    You are looking super cute Ikky :)) Kudos to your lovely mom for getting you such lovely stuff!

  16. So sweet of your mumma....and you looking pretty gal :-))

  17. Ikkkuuu kya hua? u take care pls i get worried :(

    Also good u told me there is no peackocky on GVKOne so i can save myself the trip today as its pretty far =/

    Also when you meeting me ogree =*

  18. awww.....such a sweeeet mommy... and don't worry ikku..everything will be alright :-)) <3 :*

    Hehehe..Me have a red blush too..*jiggy* *jiggy* *jiggy* and also the MSF natural *yahoo* :P

  19. Fabulous gifts! And you are gorgeous! Congrats on the award! <3

  20. Ik, Hope you are doing fine! Your mom is so sweet, keep irritating your mom on every trip :))

  21. Nivedita, a childhood friend of mine was Nivedita Biswas.. :D and thank you so much. :)

    Maha, thanks!:* Zorro said he'll take care!:D
    Oh and me louuu the blush and MSF is absolutely gorgeous!!! TRY IT!:D you'll love it!!:D
    Oh and thanks again!:D

    Poornima, thankyouuu!!!:* here be youu???

    Debbu meri jaan!!! You meet me whenever you want to meet me. I came to the Infosys campus yesterday. I come that side soon again to meet you!:* I'll tell you. nonsense on road happened. :(

    Siri, thank you sweetie!!:* I have a maxfactor ka cream red blush too. But this one is wayyyyy prettier! :D :P and yayyyy for the MSF!:D

    Red Lips Black Hair, Thanks.. :) thank you so much for dropping by.. :)

    Uzma!!!! I'm fine.. I guess.. :| hehe yes works all the time!:D :*

  22. Lucky you :)

    You look very very pweety :)

  23. i am having a giveaway on my blog, that is perfect for spring&summer! a RAD BIKINI by a young Mexican designeer! check it out, you wont be disappointed ♥ i promise!

  24. Aarthi, thank you so much!!!:*

    Carolina, :) will

  25. hey girl... watever happened just forget it... everything will b alright... :)) .......

    u look so cute in the pic... :P ...... I dnt have a blush can u believe it urgh!!.. got to get hold of a blush soon.. :))

  26. :D Thanks Rashmi. Go get blush!!!!:D:D You dont need it though.. :P You're in THAT stage of life. permanent blush!:P

  27. yaar i dint knw that they exchange mac stuff once bought in India too. i bought select cover up cache in the wrong shade. its been two weeks, u think they'll exchange now..... :/ i feel no bad..

  28. arey.. if it was by mistake you got the wrong shade yo9u could exchange it.. as long as you have the bil.. if you picked it up.. then I dont think so.. did you use it? cause this blush as you can see, I dint even get it out of the box.. and I checked the exp date when I just got into the car.. I immediately called them and asked them if i could get it back tomorrow. do ask them... take the chance...

  29. oh and I dint return the blush... apparantly powder based products have no expiration mif used the right way.. :D

  30. Hey, hope you're feeling better abt whatever happened. Did you remove the pics? I can't see your FOTD:( And your mum's real sweet :) My mum does this too! The blush looks so pretty...want to see you wearing it.

  31. Where did my comment go? :| Hope you're good now Ik! Where's the FOTD..i don't see any pics..Want to see Cyndi and the blush on you soon!
    ps- You're mum's real sweet :)


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