Thursday, April 28, 2011

Rest Your Eyes on The Nature's Co. Eucalyptus Eye Pillow

Errr... rather Let the pillow rest on your eyes! :)

It took me forever to review this eye pillow cause it was taken away by my dad and he claimed all rights on it. So this review today is from his perspective as well as my opinion.

The pillow says (yes it talks to you. :P)-
 Rest those tired eyes with uplifting Eucalyptus oil.
It will relieve itchy, irritated eyes and provide relief from sinus, cold & blocked nose.
For cooling relief, chill it in the refrigerator (in the pouch provided) for one hour, or put in the freezer for 5 minutes.
Remove and gently place the pillow over the eyes for a tranquil experience.
Store it in the refrigerated to preserve aroma and something( I couldn't read this cause something was printed over this. :| )

Price Rs 345, and the shelf life is one year.

Weight 250g or 8.8 Oz (cause you're putting it on your eyes!!!)

Okay so this is what I think-

  • The first time I used this was after a horrible day, I cried a lot and my eyes were sore. Then I stared at my laptop for the whole day pretty much and by the end of it, I was only too happy to have this. So the first thing I noticed after wearing this was the weight. It was perfect. I am somebody who cant close my eyes easily when tired. I know weird. I sleep on my tummy and bury my face in my pillow cause I cant sleep without that weight. It seems so strange typing it. :| :P I do it all the time. :P This on my eyes gave me the perfect weight on my eyes. Actually, It covered half my face and came down till my nose.
  • The eucalyptus smell is something you cant ignore. To me, Its very relaxing. I have eucalyptus oil that I rub on my temples when I'm having a headache and stuff. I also like the tea tree fragrance. Not many do. So keep that in mind, cause its pretty much in your face, errr nose. :|
  • The pillow is made of soft cotton, its actually a very porous material.
  • The pillow takes the shape of your face. and it settles perfectly.\
  • This actually reminds me of those pillows they make for infants with mustard seeds or flax seeds? I dont know I've seen those.
  • I tried this on after refrigerating, and I loved it.
  • This did cure my puffy, itchy, irritated eyes. But then there was a problem. I was so relaxed, I slept with it on, and THAT, gave me an ache. You know the kind between your eyes.. :| I dunno.. I woke up later and removed it and was fine when I woke up. Considerably refreshed infact.
  • To see if it was too heavy for my face, I left it on for an hour on my face. I dint sleep. But this time around, It gave me no ache. Infact, it only relaxed me more. So, I guess previously, it was just the headache transferred. But I'm sure you cant leave it on for long. DO NOT SLEEP WITH IT. It sounds funny, but its very difficult. its so relaxing, You WILL fall asleep.
  • I am happy it doesn't  claim to remove dark circles and stuff. But I have a feeling its helping me with it. The flax seeds gently massage the eye area. real good. :)
Fuss free. No false claims. Eucalyptus oil. :D. I like.

This is what my dad has to say-
  • He faced no headache whatsoever. He slept with this on. :|
  • It relaxed him completely. (He sleeps on his tummy too). :P
  • It definitely helped with itchy eyes.
  • I guess he likes the eucalyptus oil too.
  • Oh and I never got it back from him. So I guess he loves it.
I know not everyone will share it with people. :| I need to buy some more of these. :|
But even for you to keep using it on yourself (eyes) over and over again, You need to be able to clean it. which you cant. Well it certainly helps that it comes in a ziplock pouch, But I wish the pillow was open-able :| so I could replace flax seeds or wash the cloth and add my eucalyptus oil. I dunno. You tell me?

Well, this time around it doesn't even come pricey, So that wont be a problem. ;)

All in all, a great product. Highly addictive once you have it.
I will buy this for the family and myself. :)

Ps: The product was sent by the company.


  1. Me too can never close my eyes easily even if I am damn tired :( And I am putting my eyes through all kinds of torture. I think I need to get this before anything else. And be cautious not to share it with anyone :D

  2. hey its made in Dehradun!! i am from dehradun. yeaaaaaahhh.... sry just feel too happy when i meet someone from there, even if it is just a talking eye pillow.
    NIce review!!

  3. I love eucalyptus oil relieves my cold in jiffy...didn't know that it helps with headaches too so will try that from next time!!!Ah...such a pillow looks so refreshing especially when I am so tired right now :D

  4. Maha!!! :* I lou you!:P Get it! I need to get it too!:P

    Ginger, hehe I can totally understand! you dont live in Dehradun? :D I get very excited when anyone mentions any place I've lived at!:P oh and talking eye pillows ARE special!

    Swati, :D I love it for my chota mota headaches. try it. it does give me relief.
    The pillow is awesome! I love it. the material its made of and its so soft! I loveee it!:D

  5. hey Ikky...where do you buy eucalyptus oil from in hyd??? I used to use eucalyptol tablets till now...would love to have oil though...

  6. Hey Swati, a friend got it for me from somewhere near his place.. I'll find out and let you know.. :) eucalyptus tablets? :O you in Hyd??

  7. yup me in Hyderabad...sure do let me know...yup you get eucalyptus tablets...they are useful for steaming purposes for cold...

  8. heyyy thats aw3esome!!:D we should meet up sometime!:D oh and I think he got it from somewhere near safilguda.. :| i think. after sainikpuri,, rk puram,,... somewhere there. hes not in town so can findout only after tuesday:P will pakka let you know1:D

  9. Ikky :* :* Yeah we'll get it and not share it with any one ok? :D :D

  10. sure Ikky...where do u stay???

  11. Wow.. Eucalyptus in eye pack.. best thing I'd say :)

  12. I totally loved the read Ik..more than the product, the way you described things..LOL


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