Sunday, April 17, 2011

Lotus Herbals PHYTO Rx Regimen

PHYTO-Rx™ Daily Deep Cleansing Face Wash is infused with potent organic ingredients that deep cleanses skin’s pores without stripping it of its essential nutrients. Basil, Thyme & Turmeric provide a unique potent formula for good, healthy and blemish-free skin.

Price : Rs 145 for 80g

 PHYTO-Rx™ Clarifying and Soothing Toner is made with the purest and most potent holistic plant extracts that calm, revive and hydrate the skin with pure botanical waters. This unique formula instantly invigorates while restoring essential moisture for healthy-looking skin.

Price : Rs 195 for 100 ml.

PHYTO-Rx™ Deep Moisturizing Crème instantly replenishes moisture in areas where the skin needs it most. Its long-lasting, hydro-soothing effect is due to its effective organic ingredients that act at the very core of  moisture reserve in skin by correcting and treating the causes of dehydration. It helps skin  regains its suppleness thus improving the texture while making it appear radiant and healthy.

Price Rs 345 for 50g.


PHYTO-Rx™ Anti-Blemish Crème
A unique formulation containing precious herbal & botanical extracts that
helps to remove blemishes & acne scars, lightens pigmentation. Its blemish-
fighting ingredients is safe for sensitive skin. It is a complete treatment which
 helps restore skin's balance and clears blemishes while preventing
 appearance of future discoloration. 

Price : Rs 395 for 50g.

PHYTO-Rx™ Anti Ageing Crème
Its innovative formula with a powerful combination of herbal extracts that accelerate the cell renewal process, effectively reduces the depth of fine lines and wrinkles on the face and creates greater amounts of collagen. Also, it adds surface hydration for smoothness and collagen protein for a healthier cellular matrix.
 Price Rs 395 for 50g.

Treatment for ACNE

A proven tool in treating acne, open and congested pores. PHYTO-Rx Clarifying pimple & Acne Crème is made of holistic plant extracts that includes Sage, Thyme, Clove and Tea Tree which have excellent  pimple & acne-fighting properties.
Price Rs 225 for 20g.

 PHYTO-Rx™ Herbcomplex Daily Protective Lotion SPF 15
An everyday moisturizing sun protector with SPF-15 that not only locks essential moisture but also works as defense system for the skin by protecting it from ill-effects of the sun, wind, UV radiation and heat. It helps heal minor rashes and sun burns while moisturizing skin. 

Price Rs 225 for 100 ml.

Review of the PHYTO-Rx™ Herbcomplex Daily Protective Lotion SPF 15 coming up soon. :)

Disclaimer: The above information was provided by the brand.


  1. :D I like what I'm using as of now! :)

  2. I have had such a bad experience with all things Lotus... that I wont risk using it.... even if GOD writes a review and gives it 5 out of 5... :P ........

  3. haha seriously? why? what did you use that didn't work for you? I just checked your blog our! Its very cute!:D
    I have liked most things Lotus, It was just the kajal that dint suit me. It stung my eyes. But the same piece was absolutely fine for my friend.. so.. :|

  4. I am waiting for some reviews before I try this one. The packaging looks quite professional and good though.

  5. That was exactly my reaction. I have the herbcomplex daily protective lotion, and o far so good. :D

  6. Oh good! I will be waiting fro your review then :)

  7. :* okay...I'll do it soon! :)

  8. Gillion, thanks for sharing this. :) will check the link out.

    Maha, :*


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