Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I found an alternate Profession! I can cut hair now!! :D

I have found an alternate profession. Bleh. :P No no seriously. Being an architect doesn't pay much!. :P

Okay maybe I need to practice a little more before I go pro! :P I chopped my mums hair! :P yayyyyyy

I was sent the Crea Clip for a review sometime back and I was just too scared to use it. I mean yeah it looked easy. But hair is serious business. So I took a chance with mom. :P
[Ermm..No, I am not a bitch. my mum always had short choppy hair, but she let it grow so  she could tie it and save herself from summers. But you need to look good right? and a nice daughter who would chop your hair for you. :P cause well you are too busy to go for a haircut!:P]
So anyway, cut to the part after convincing mum. [Pa, you were helpful. :* and mumma you were a darling about it.] :| okay.

So, I practiced on my hair a little, I cut my face framing layers. :D and then I moved on in life to cut my moms hair. :D

Okay so all I can say is, It actually is as easy as it looks. :D and I thought I'd start with cutting bangs, then I decided to go all the way ( :| ) and just get it done with. :P

Okay so I'll describe what I did mainly and I will do a step by step tutorial when I find someone else's hair to cut. Or Just cut mine one of these days.. :| after May 10th:P

There are 2 clips in the set. A small straight clip (blue) and a large curved clip (white).
I presumed the smaller one was meant for bangs and the large one for the rest of the hair. 
But all that matters is the length and thickness of hair. 

The clip has a central part that has some liquid filled in it, that has 2 lines marked on it , and there is a bubble that forms because of the liquid. Now all we have to do is to make sure the bubble stays in between the 2 lines. This means, the clip is straight and balanced and we can lock the clip on the hair and chop away. :D

My mothers hair is short, straight and very very silky. I couldn't use the large clip on her hair since all her hair would slide out of the clip. So I chopped away with the short clip and put more layers since lot of her hair wouldn't fit in the small clip. [I dont have before/ after pictures. sorry. :( ]

The clips also have bristles on both sides to hold hair in place. Once you set it right on your hair, you clip it.

Sturdy clip

So, I not only cut her hair, I cut her hair in layers. It looks awesome now !:D
I don't have pictures cause well I was busy cutting her hair and I dint have anyone to click pictures and I was unsure of the result (mom, please don't kill me. And in my defense, I did tell you half way through that I had no idea what I was doing. :]

I cut her hair and forgot to click pictures immediately. She had to wash it the next day again and then I scrunched it. I'll add more pictures later, But this is it for now. :)

Thanks for being such a sport! :*
Materials Used-
oh and loads of clips!!!:)
  • Okay so all in all, Crea Clip is a great product if you like to do this yourself. 
  • I'll use it to cut my bangs and my face framing layers which grow out soon, and need frequent trims.
  • I think its a great option to have, In fact, it is pretty easy, so you can cut your hair on your own.[more on this after I do]. :D
  • This is effort. I mean you're cutting your hair here. This involves blood and sweat! :P lol okay no... just that it is freaky the first time cause you don't want to mess up but then you get used to it working and its super-easy after that! :)

It is easily available online here.

Price 29.99 $ that is around Rs 1335.

But then this is a one time investment and I am only too happy to have it handy. And I spend around Rs 1200 for a hair cut and get it done twice or thrice an year after feeling very guilty! So now, trims are for free. :D
I have seen some very useful youtube tutorials after I cut mums hair. :P Will try it out that way on my hair. :)

I would definitely recommend this to people. If I could use this, everyone can!! :)

Oh and the best part? I throughly enjoyed using this!!!

Disclaimer: The product was sent to me by the company for me to review.



  1. am growing my hair out .. you practice ache se .. by the time i see you , i wannt a professional haircut :D :D :D

  2. hahah I can give!!! :D I am pretty happy with my first attempt!:P

  3. Ik, the hair cut looks great :) If this is your first attempt, then a little bit of practice will definitely make you a pro.Start using this on your frens hair, they'll love you :)

  4. good luck for the alternate profession :)
    btw have tagged you for a handwriting tag. hope you would do it :)

  5. Hey IK, me too tagged you for the handwriting tag, do check :)

  6. Bhumika, :*

    Uzma, Thanks!!! My friends are running away already! :P and thanks for the tag. will do it soon. :)

    HoF, thanks!!! :D Thanks for the tag! will do it definitely!!:D

  7. Heard a lot about it and it does look easy, but for me getting a haircut is like shopping I love all the pampering which I'll never give up :)

  8. haha that I completely agree with. I wont use it for my entire hair unless I feel very adventurous! But I would be happy cutting my face framing layers and bangs with this.

  9. I've been hearing so much about this product! And now that I can see you have done an awesome job on your mom's hair, I am even more convinced to get one for myself :D

  10. :D Its really good if you like doing things on your known.. or even trims and stuff. :)

  11. Yeah in fact when we go to the parlour for a trim, they cut more than we ask for. I think with this one, we can trim as little as we desire :)

  12. Its great that your mom volunteered for it, i mean the end result is fantastic..:).. i wish zorro had longer hair..

  13. if my hair wasnt so godbless curly i would volunteer as well :D

  14. hey this looks really nice!!i am so tempted now!i have cut my hair a few times and it turns out well but i have cut my fingers a lot an the process is exhausting this looks it can be very easy to work with!!nice review!!

  15. Maha, absolutely!! :) thats the best part. and I am so over paying Rs 900-1200 for a trim!! :P

    ginger, yeah, she sure is a sport! :) haha Zorro with longer hair would look super adorable!!:D

    Debu, :*

    Apoorva, hey thats great. yeah this is easier since you can clip t in place and chop away.. :) but this is almost as exhausting!!! :D

  16. Thanks for the detailed write up Ikku..Have been seeing this product in various blogs for a while now...Guess it will be a good buy for trims..coz me too guilty of spending close to 1.5K everytime i wanted a trim :-((

  17. Poornima, where were you all these days?!!?!?!? its good for trims. :D


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